Farewell To The Summer Eclipse Season, & Onward
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  • Post published:22/04/2021
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Dear all,

Welcome to the eighth and final week of our Summer Eclipse Season! Yes, we are almost at the finish line!

Use this week — leading up to the New Moon next Monday — to get super, super clear about where you are going and what you are manifesting next. Yes, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. But even if you’re locked in your apartment, you can take a few minutes sometime this week to get your New, Big, Juicy List o’ Dreams down on paper.

Start launching on the New Moon next week, when Structural Saturn will be ready to lift some of the weight off your shoulders.

The days between now and Monday aren’t easy. Eris stations to go retrograde this week, bringing in an extra helping of Discord. Mars meets up with Chiron, triggering the wounds (psychological or physical) that we received around age nine.

The Sun and Moon, meanwhile, will both oppose the Capricorn planets that I have been calling the “COVID Clump” (Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto), helping us see clearly (the Sun) and emotionally process (the Moon) what’s happening around us.

For more information on the aspects this week, please check out today’s AstrologyHub interview. I also invite you to sign up for my webinar on Sunday.

Thanks to all who wrote and attended the town hall this morning on abuse and harassment in the astrology community. In case you couldn’t make it, video will be posted online; stay tuned for that. The astrologer Laura Nalbandian has kindly offered to organize this project: please email her here if you would like to volunteer, make a suggestion, or be added to the mailing list. (For those who emailed me about this already, I have passed on your contact information to Laura.)

Our plans so far include the creation of an ethics pledge for astrologers, some kind of review board, PSA’s about best practices for astrologers and clients, and more things yet to be determined. It’s an exciting new chapter in the astrology community. I welcome you to join if you’d like, or just say a little prayer for us.

We are entering the Age of Aquarius after all! Here’s to a fairer and more equal world going forward.

Big hugs,


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