Full Moon in Scorpio 2016
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This Full Moon in Scorpio perfects either late tonight or in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone – it’s scheduled for April 22nd at 1:24 AM here on the East Coast of the United States.

The Full Moon chart features a powerful Grand Trine in Earth formed by Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo, and Mercury in Taurus, all closely tied to the Nodes of Fate.  The Grand Trine promises a strong physical manifestation of what has been brewing intangibly under the surface.  Some of what shows up isn’t going to be pretty – but the good news is that, now that the situation is out in the open, you can work with it consciously and help it transform.

Jupiter and Pluto are both retrograde right now and Mercury will be stationing to go retrograde next week.  Thus, they are all asking us to go back and take another look at decisions made, actions taken, and commitments entered into.  Do you want to reverse or adjust the course?  If so, now is your chance.  And since everyone else is experiencing the same opportunity, expect the unexpected in the world around you.

Venus and Uranus are currently joined on the Part of Discord, inconjunct the North Node in Virgo.  Because they are both in Aries, they’re also answering to Mars – who is, of course, traveling retrograde till the end of June.  So women, men, groups, young people, relationships, partnerships, actions, commitments – pretty much EVERYTHING is being reconsidered or redone.  People start to change their mind about what they desire, and seek to break free of the “deals” previously agreed upon.

If someone wants to walk away or adjust the agreement, let them.  It’s in the best interest of everyone involved, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.  They were unhappy, or you were unhappy.  Things really do need to change.

This is an EXCELLENT time for researching, revising, and reorganizing – all the way through the spring and summer.  It will be full steam ahead at the end of the summer, when Mars and Saturn meet up, both direct, on August 24th.

For more insight about what needs to change or depart during this Full Moon, look back to the stories in your life that were initiated on October 23nd, 2014 (the corresponding New Moon) and July 24th, 2015 (the Opening Quarter).  Really trust that what leaves now NEEDS to go. These stories revised and released with greater psychological understanding on January 19th, 2017.

The Moon is traveling this week through the Via Combusta, the Path of Fire, which inclines us to express ourselves more passionately than might be in our best interest.  Watch that mouth!  Remember the proverb, “Never make promises when you’re happy or write letters when you’re angry.”  Keep your own counsel.  Sleep on it.

Use this time for deep self-examination.  Release any old psychological issues: unhealthy stories we’ve told ourselves, unprocessed trauma.  You’re probably going to have people from the past coming back – old lovers, or people and situations you haven’t thought about in a while.  Take time to connect.  They may give you new insight about what happened.

Below, I have included Lynda Hill’s Sabian images for the Sun and Moon’s degrees.  Her work appears with her permission.  You can check her out at www.SabianSymbols.com. It’s well worth it!

The Sabian images are evocative of this Moon and make wonderful subjects to meditate on as the Full Moon perfects.  They may also show up in the world around us.

From Lynda Hill:

The Sabian Symbol for 2 to 3 degrees Taurus is NATURAL STEPS UP TO A LAWN BLOOMING WITH CLOVER.

garden steps clover

Commentary: “Natural Steps Up to a Lawn Blooming With Clover” implies “Steps” that are inviting, promising and easy to climb. It feels as though they’re leading to the promise of beauty, greenery and repose. They are “Blooming With Clover,” which shows there is a reward at hand when those “Steps” are taken. Bees love “Clover” and “Lawns Blooming With It” ensures that the bee will make honey and therefore life will be sweet. Clover has long been believed to mean good luck, prosperous circumstances and luxurious surroundings. Also, the expression “he’s in clover” or “living in clover” comes from the belief that if you had plenty of “Clover” for your cows to eat, they would produce good milk, providing nourishment for everyone.

Oracle:  This Symbol shows that a time of fulfillment and completion is close, but there is still some small effort to be made to attain what you want or need. You must take the “Steps,” even though they may be simple, to achieve what you want or to arrive where you want to be. There is definitely a need to put some effort into getting what you want but it’s not going to be too difficult or hard going. Be on the alert for laziness and a “come what may” attitude. Regardless of what others are doing keep going the way you are, following your natural intuition and you will find, or achieve, what you have in sight. Rewards can be just a few “Steps” away. It may be worth remembering that this landing in the “Clover” may only be temporary, as there will be new things to do and further things to strive for. You may not have found your “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow” just yet, but you are most likely on the right path.

Keywords: Hopefulness. Inspirational possibilities. Gradually enlarging one’s vision. Harmony. Seasonal changes. Running around on grass. Bare feet. The beauty of greenery and flowers. Stability on the path. Steps that invite one on to bigger and better things. Abundance, nourishment. Making small efforts that can lead to large returns.

The Caution: Looking for the easy way out. Not making the effort to find what is just a few steps away. Being lazy when one should be going for the objective. Temporary success. Expecting everything to be laid out before you.

Like the bee that now is blown honey-heavy on my hand, from his toppling tansy-throne, in the green tempestuous land-I’m in clover now, nor know who made honey long ago. – Edmund Blunden

Sweet scents of summer air breathing over fields of beans or clover; the perfume of wet leaves or moss; the life of waving trees, and shadows always changing. – Charles Dickens

The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers. – Walter Chrysler

Talk to him of Jacob’s Ladder and he would ask the number of the steps. – Douglas William Jerrold


The Sabian Symbol for 2 to 3 degrees Scorpio is NEIGHBORS HELP IN A HOUSE RAISING PARTY IN A SMALL VILLAGE

Commentary: “Neighbors Help in a House Raising Party in a Small Village.” They come together to help each other out and to get to know each other better. By acting as a community, rather than as separate individuals, small, large, or even very difficult projects can be undertaken and completed more quickly and efficiently. People bring their individual talents and expertise with them. The sharing of these experiences will build community values and friendships. However, there needs to be a careful watch on how some people contribute, as unskilled labor can end up costing both time and money.

Oracle: In this situation, great things can be achieved if everyone works together. Any efforts directed towards giving value and stability to one’s community will be rewarded in some measure. Friends and those close to you can help you in any endeavor, big or small. Having faith in those around you can help bring a sense of belonging and relationship to your life. Sometimes a home or a community needs to be built or renovated in some way, with people coming together and everyone putting in their share of dedication, commitment and hard labor. There can be a feeling that there is so much to do on the domestic scene that other considerations have to be put on hold for the time being. People must all have a higher sense of purpose, otherwise some may work at cross-purposes, undermining people or even entire families. Is there a need for people to assist you because someone in your life has left behind their responsibilities? If you are in need of “Help,” making a wish for assistance to arrive may bring a bigger response than you expected!

Keywords: Cooperation. Real estate deals. Community concerns. Buying or building houses. Renting apartments and homes. Needing help to find shelter. The agreement of neighbors to maintain community harmony. “Raising the roof.” Parties. Dormitories. Having to consider lots of people. Match making. Community halls. Understanding what it takes to make a village of people. Communal governance or being blocked by rules, laws and regulations of bureaucracy.

The Caution: Taking advantage of generosity. Refusing to cooperate in group endeavors. Building bigger and better things. Bickering over who does what. Not trusting people’s input.

Light is the task where many share the toil. Homer Rome wasn’t built in a day. – Proverb

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

Build it and they will come! – Field of Dreams

If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. – The Book of Mark

Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. – Tai Shang Kan Ying P’Ien

The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray. – Robert G. Ingersoll

A city is a large community where people are lonesome together. – Herbert Prochno

There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. Everybody’s crew. – Marshall McLuhan

Imagine what a harmonious world it could be if every single person, both young and old shared a little of what he is good at doing. – Quincy Jones


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