The New Moon in Leo, Kicking Off Eclipse Season
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  • Post published:23/04/2021
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Dear all:

We have a New Moon coming up just before sunrise on Sunday — July 23rd, 2017 at 5:45 AM Eastern US time — at 0 degrees, 44 minutes Leo.

The Sun, Moon, and Mars are tightly conjunct one another in the First House of the East Coast chart: so the God of War lends some of his personality to the Sun and Moon, putting us all in the mood to assert our individuality and take action in an aggressive, direct manner. We are determined to get what we want, to regroup and keep moving — in the wake of the shocking events triggered by the Sun and Moon’s squares to Uranus earlier in the week. It’s a doozy.

This New Moon also marks the beginning of our summer Eclipse Season. Yes, the Eclipses are coming! As always, they will herald change and strange revelations; this time, they’re especially potent for those in the US, as the Solar Eclipse on August 21st crosses the face of our country, for the first time in 26 years. 

This New Moon in Leo is also unusual in that — because it falls within the very first degree of the Sun’s journey in that sign — the next New Moon that occurs will ALSO be squeezed into Leo, at the very last degree. (This is why my upcoming Leo New Moon webinar is subtitled “The First of Two.”)

The chart itself has several interesting features. Saturn in Sagittarius — still forming a leg of the Grand Trine in Fire with Uranus in Aires and the North Node in Leo — is conjunct Rasalhague, the Fixed Star associated with deviance and kink. So Saturn, the God of Karma and Comeuppance, is conferring with Rasalhague, while also being energized by harmonious relationships with the planets of Chaos and Destiny.

As I wrote back in January, Rasalhague is prominent both in Donald Trump’s natal chart and in the chart of his inauguration. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but based on this chart I wouldn’t be surprised if the alleged “peepee tape” were to come out sometime during the upcoming Eclipse season. 

This interpretation is bolstered by the fact that Mercury, God of Communication, is parallel to both Saturn and Rasalhague in the New Moon chart — while Venus (i.e. sexuality) is trine to the South Node of Loss, which is in the Eighth House of Secrets. 

So prepare for all sorts of reveals, illuminations, and requests for change — in your own life as well as upon the world stage. Expect revolution, especially in the area of life associated with the House where the degree of 0 Leo falls in your natal chart. Your job is to stand in your most honorable, brave, and heart-based space . . .  all Leo keywords! Integrity is the best policy. 

And for more information and analysis of the chart: I’m teaching a new webinar on Sunday night, shortly after the actual New Moon, during which I will discuss all this and more. If you think it might be helpful, I would love to see you there.

Big hugs,

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