Weekly Weather April 23, 2012
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Weekly Weather April 23, 2012

It’s a fast moving forward week. Shout Wee-HAW!! Wave your hands in the air and get ready to move on out! Think cattle drive out in the old Wild West or outback of Australia! You are a cowboy or cowgirl, riding and steering the herd on the way to your future. It is time to roll on, get up and get moving! Like a cattle drive, there is much to do, not a lot of time to do it in and lots of distractions that can cause you to lose a cow or two. So pay attention to your tasks this week. Focus on getting them done, finished and out the door. Don’t let others distract you from your own work. Do your stuff first. Look at their stuff later.

Sun in the bull sign of Taurus moves forward, slow and sure, but forward. There is a lovely and VERY productive Grand Trine in Earth with Mars, Pluto and the Sun in Virgo, Pluto and Taurus respectively. It is a marvelous week to move forward with plans for the future and to get things launched and out into the world.

Mercury in Aries leaves his recent retrograde shadow on Tuesday, wrapping up that nasty retrograde journey he had between February 26 and now ~ water, fire, water, fire, ~ Pisces, Aries, Pisces, Aries ~ jeez, he could NOT make a decision and stick with it! Plus he alternated between depressed and sleepy and frenzied. Mercury made the Virgo and Gemini planets and houses in our charts absolutely crazy for the last two months. Now, FINALLY, Mercury has figured it out! No more indecision! Mercury’s gotten his act together. Mercury’s made up his mind. Mercury is not moaning or mourning the past. He’s ready to go forward. Mercury is getting moving out of his shadow of indecision and into brand new territory.

This week, Mercury is going to give you an alert or foreshadowing of what your upcoming Uranus square Pluto journey will be between now and the summer of 2015. Uranus and Pluto have SEVEN, count them, SEVEN opening squares of crisis of consciousness, creativity and choice. Mercury talks about the journey yesterday, on Sunday, with Uranus and argues about the journey with Pluto on Wednesday. Next week, I will start writing about the upcoming Uranus and Pluto square in earnest. In the meantime, rent and watch “Whale Rider” an independent movie from 2002 where a young girl dared to confront the past, change the present and determine the future. Watch Whale Rider to get ready for your own upcoming journey of learning how to ride the Whales in your own life. As you are going to taking a journey similar to Pai over the next three years, it is good idea to get for it ready. Or just add the movie to your “to watch” list on Netflix because as you are going to be might, mighty busy this week. .

Mars the planet of action is starting to pick up speed. His Virgo presence is answering to Mercury in Aries and ready to rock and roll towards the future. Mars is hard working, focused, on point and directed towards what he wants to do. Venus is Gemini is also answering to Mercury in Aries, encouraging us to take action in partnerships, relationships or with our siblings to move things forward. All hands are needed to get things rolling forward. Just like in a cattle drive, there is no room for slackers.

There are not many difficult or harsh aspects in the week ahead. The Taurus New Moon last Saturday leads us into a highly productive week. Moon in Gemini answers to Mercury in Aries making Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday fly through the to-do list. Put on some Santana or good rock and roll music to encourage yourself to keep up with the energy. Moon in Cancer on Thursday and Friday is highly creative and abundant while Moon in Leo over the weekend is back answering to that fast moving Taurus Sun ruled by Venus in Gemini with Mercury in Aries flare. So much. Way fast. Super quick. Ultra-productive. It will be a fast week energetically. We feel like we can conquer the world. It is a great week to negotiate and ask for what you want. Ask for MORE than what you want. Push for deals to close. We can be completely inspired by quite a few quintile and bi-quintile aspects too….the brilliant 5th harmonic aspects that seems to make virtually everything possible, doable and attainable. Listen to how the universe inspires and talks to you. Answer back with a loud YES! Ask. Ask. And Ask again!
It all begins with an ASK.


Void Moons This Week
1:10 pm EDT Sunday April 22 to 1:05 pm EDT Monday April 23
4:31 pm EDT Wednesday April 25 to 1:42 am EDT Thursday April 25
3:05 am EDT Saturday April 27 to 12:10 pm EDT


Moon’s day, Monday April 23 has a Taurus void moon in the morning and a Gemini Moon with lovely closing aspects in the afternoon on the east coast of the USA. Sun is aspecting the nodes of fate by declination ~ you can meet people who are important to your future today. You can make amazing progress or come up with a brilliant concept that inspires you towards your next big chapter. A bit of a nagging health issue requires your attention. Pay attention and take care of it. Sun enters into a Grand Trine aspect with Mars and Pluto this week, starting today, making the energy incredibly productive and life nourishing or pushing forth like sprouts do from the ground. The world wants you to say yes. Pallas has a gift of brilliance as she sees how the past created where she is now. With that in mind, she knows what she needs to modify or adjust going forward to make the required changes in her life. Mercury is very frustrated with whining or feeling sorry for myself or negative / complaining energy. Everyone has difficult times. And not being inside the other’s life, you don’t know exactly what is going on. And you are fooling yourself if you think you DO know. Focus on your own stuff and get responsible for how you are living YOUR life. Gemini often wants to distract us with other people’s dramas or problems. Don’t take your eye off the ball. Go for your dream.



Mars Day Tuesday April 24 Moon in Gemini is dancing creatively and happily through the fire of Mercury and Uranus offering inspiration and a fast paced energy to the day and your dreams. Inspired, make sure to say yes. Sun asks you to adjust your expectations to meet a differing vision that has more freedom in it. It is your life. Give yourself permission to push for what you want. Sun has an adjusting energy with the nodes of fate ~ North Node in Sagittarius wants to inspire and scatter the energy while Sun wants to bring it down to earth. Live in the moment. Don’t worry about the future. It isn’t here. You can’t do anything about it. You only have now. Let go of the fear of consequences ~ good or bad ~ and allow the dream to speak its truth out loud so at least YOU can hear it. Enough with stomping that vision out ~ let the flame take a bit of fuel from the energy and grow.



Mercury’s day Wednesday April 25 Moon in Gemini is super, duper fast and processing at a mile a minute with lovely closing aspects of a trine to Saturn. Dreams about fights can wake you and cause feelings that are a bit disturbed. Nurturing is hard today as there is a desire for independence perhaps past what is allowable. We have to let things go before we want to. Today is such a day. Mars fights with partnerships and relationships ~ it is a throw off the chains that bind kind of energy. Mercury argues with Pluto so watch for power plays, guilt trips, or triangles about and around control. Open it up to a higher authority if you can. This is probably what you are going to be working on with the Uranus Pluto square for the next 4 years. Make adjustments to plans as needed or when offered firm information. There is stress around groups of people or friends that you consider to be your family of choice. Sometimes you don’t see a situation until it gob-smacks you right between the eyes. This is a gob-smack day. Productive but gob-smacking!



Thursday Jupiter’s Day April 26 finds Moon in Cancer with a passel of happy and creative aspects combined with a couple of doozies that can stun you in their simplicity and raw energy ~ either good or bad. You will fly, simply fly, through your work, your to-do list, your chores. It is a happy and creative day for the most part. However, the closing aspect of a square to Saturn suggests once items leave your hands they won’t return back again for any kind of question or negotiations. This is a no-revision type of energy so don’t send out information that can cause people to misinterpret your intentions or think you are trying to fight with them, unless you ARE trying to fight with them. I had a friend once who loved to pick fights with people. She was a hot-headed Aries, who had been frequently and severely beaten as a child by her father, causing her to simply leave her home to never return or contact her parents. AS she moved through her solitary life, periodically, she would “kill off” one of her friends, kind of like Bluebeard did to his wives. She’d stash them in the “dead friend’s closet”. She’d start a fight, over virtually nothing and use the fight as a pretext to end the relationship. Her cruel streak was so strong she never saw or made the inner connection that her fighting and killing off people she was friends with was exactly what her father had tried to do to her. He beat her because she wouldn’t do what he told her to do. She killed off friends because she thought they were weak or because they did something to violate her standards or unwritten rules. Cancer Moons can offer us an unconscious replication of our child hood experiences ~ Moon’s square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto today can cause a relationship to end suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere today as the energy seeks to replicate, like my former friend did, an early and unresolved experience. Simple in its intensity yet blindingly clear in the delivery, you understand something like you never did before. You make the correlation between your own childhood and the situation before you. It is your path for the next three years to tame and understand this energy. You see the roots that formed in your early life experience and draw the deep connecting lines to the situation before you now. All to the good! Consciousness is a process. Don’t be upset by it. When I would suggest that her “salting” of snails or pulling the legs off spiders at a friend’s country home or seeking out disturbing images of rotting animals on the internet was tied to her father’s early treatment of her, she told me I was weak because I DIDN’T do or look at similar things. We have a marvel of contrasts this day. Understand where your motivations and behaviors come from. It is always deeper than you think. Take time to explore that energy swirling inside of you. What we feed we grow. Be conscious what you feed in your being. The home and hearth creates the beliefs you have and thus your approach to the world. You can change it with a bit of analysis and consciousness.



Friday Venus’s Day April 27 Moon in Cancer has lovely aspects of growing and expanding, fertilizing and creating productive earth as it waters the grand trine in earth ~ it is hard to imagine how things could get MORE fertile and abundant. Venus has an aspect of brilliance to Uranus offering inspiration about and around things and people you love. If you meet people today, it will be exceptionally productive. Mercury has a desire to remove limitations on his thinking or thought processes ~ allow him to expand his mind and knowledge. Chiron argues with Ceres offering a wounding around the maternal energy and how we connect to our own source of life. You do the best you can. That is all that you can do. No guilt over what you can’t do or can’t control. Neptune connects into a deep nurturing place and continues to sprinkle that productive Taurus energy with life giving moisture. Astraea offers healing through not wanting to be irritated any more…. If it makes you sneeze, itch or scratch it probably isn’t good for you. Sun offers a healing opportunity so take advantage of it.



Saturn’s Day, Saturday April 28 afternoon’s Moon in Leo has a lovely closing aspect of a sextile to Saturn making today’s productive and accomplishing energy available to harness. You’ll feel proud of what you’ve tackled and undertaken. Sun works productively with Chiron to offer a creative and solid healing opportunity. Mercury’s opposition to Zeus allows you to harness the wisdom around you. The void Moon in the morning makes the early part of the day perfect for catching up with friends, connecting with your spirit or delving into the deeper mysteries of life. Kick back and enjoy the refreshing rejuvenation of the Moon.



Sunday Sun’s Day April 29 finds the Moon continuing to be creative in Leo. Sun has a trine to Pluto forming highly productive companion energy to Thursday’s trine to Mars. The productive, solid, reliable energy of the exceptionally fertile grand trine in earth this week culminates today offering you skills, talents or accomplishments you can use in your future. Vesta has an aspect of brilliance to the Nodes of Fate suggesting you meet or connect with people that will be important to your future. A nagging health issue can be resolved today. Jupiter is aspecting Zeus, combining to accelerate connections, consciousness and learning. Sun’s sesquiquadrate to Pallas offers us a spiritual connection that inspires us past our usual vision of things. Take a risk today and encourage yourself to expand your horizons.



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Give yourself a lovely Taurus present, use that terrific grand trine in productive earth and come join us. If you are a complete NEWCOMER, it will be fine. You’ll learn how to navigate your chart and start to speak a new language by the end of the weekend. If you know a bit or a middle amount of astrology, you’ll learn very cool things that deepen your knowledge and take you to the next level. The class is designed to start you on the path to deeper knowledge of who you are and why you are here! So say yes and come join us! It will be great fun! Lots of laughter. Excellent food. Delightful people. Say yes to your life and learning about the heavens above you!



Introduction to Astrology Weekend taught by
Presented by Bodhi Consult
April 27-29, 2012
The Wilburton Inn
Manchester Village, VT

The Introduction to Astrology Weekend includes:
16 hours of Astrology Instruction,
Two nights at the Wilburton Inn,
Friday Night Welcome Reception with Light Dinner
Breakfast, Lunch and coffee breaks on Saturday and Sunday
An Astrology Introduction Book for use and reference after the Weekend.
The Opportunity to Understand Your Chart in greater depth by studying with Anne

Weekend Schedule
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Welcome Reception with light dinner
7:00 – 9:00pm Introduction with Anne
A bit of history about astrology, how everything under the Sun and in our world is included in astrology, what is a horoscope? A picture of the hour you were born.
Basics pieces of the language of the stars- Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.

Workshop with Anne 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Anne will cover in Saturday’s workshop what each planet does both personally and collectively, how signs behave both in both the public arena and personal life, how to analyze horoscope charts and put it together by looking at a “mystery chart” as well as your own. There will be time to practice these skills with direct guidance from Anne. Breakfast is included for those staying at the Inn. Lunch and two coffee breaks are included for all workshop guests. Participants are on their own for dinner tonight in the quaint and historic town of Manchester.

Workshop with Anne 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
Today we put it all together and explore a chart in depth. What is the myth and ruling planet in charge of your life? Where to look to determine your life’s path, how the planets talk to each other (nicely or not so nicely) and the Aspects between them, how to see the basic health information provided by the horoscope chart, and find out where to get free charts on the internet. Breakfast is included for those staying at the Inn. Lunch and one coffee break are included for all.

Contact for more Information about the Introduction to Astrology Weekend:
Beth Shaw
Phone: (802)379-5775

[email protected]
[email protected]

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