Weekly Weather August 13 2007
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Weekly Weather August 13 2007

Many new beginnings this week as we have five conjunctions between various personal planets and Saturn! We have twelve Mercury aspects, not counting the ones the Moon makes to Mercury. Mercury finishes his journey in Leo to enter one of his favorite, list making, detail tracking, counting, paying attention and figuring out the pattern and what it means signs, Virgo. Mercury will begin to create a master list of tasks that he and Saturn plan on starting and accomplishing while they both journey through Virgo. Every thing we do starts with a beginning conjunction, an Idea (or twelve of them this week) and a to-do list. Even if that to-do list is in our head!

I know, it is summer. You want to lie on the beach and read that juicy page-turning book of yours. You have finished Saturn through Leo. You are done with it. It is time for a rest, recreation and serious, long, uninterrupted lounge chair sessions. So, go right ahead. Sip your water. Turn your page. Doze a bit. The Universe is busy, thinking, plotting and planning. It is talking to you. It is buzzing around inside your head. It is making plans while you sit there, basking and baking in the hot summer sun of August. You do not have to do much of anything. Just think a smidge when you look up at the ocean waves or turn over to make sure your tan is even. You will hear mighty interesting ideas in that head of yours this week. Notice them. You don‘t have to do anything else right now. Do notice the ideas Mercury is bringing your way. Maybe write a few of them down if you find a spare pencil and a piece of paper?

Mars is not bothering anyone or doing much of anything this week besides squaring the nodes in Gemini bringing up more ideas rather than definitive actions. The Sun is hot. Sun is pointing stuff out through his aspects as he joins with both Venus and Mercury to start new cycles. Pluto and Uranus both have aspects of profound brilliance to creation and partnership respectively. Yep. Profound brilliance.

Often in our busy, busy lives, we do not give ourselves time and space to lounge, rest or think. I always liked the phrase human doings when I am bustling about. We are human beings. So “BE” this week. BE with yourself. BE with your thoughts. BE with your ideas. Hang out with Mercury. Let those ideas all burble around in that brain of yours as you rest and recreate. Notice your dreams too. Pay attention to all forms of Mercury ~ including siblings, neighbors, cousins, books communications of any sorts.

Monday, Mercury has an aspect of adjustment to Uranus in Pisces. It is a Virgo form of adjustment, requiring a physical shift of your perspective or being. Gotta DO something to make the adjustment. Not a big adjustment but a shift of some sort. The shift between Mercury and Uranus is echoed by Sun opposite to Neptune. On those hot summer days near the beach, you often wake up to fog formed by differences in temperatures between land and water. Sun comes along and burns off that fog. Today the Sun passes Neptune so you will see clearly the structural changes in your life from the Saturn- Neptune opposition. Grief, sadness or depression will shift as the Sun passes Neptune. Venus retrograde joins with Saturn in Leo. She has not finished with her story in Leo for a bit more ~ she is reviewing her desires. Review your desires. What desire do you want to create ~ Saturn joining with Venus in the sign of Leo says stay tuned for further creative, lovely, delightful developments after she goes forward mid-September in Leo.

Tuesday, Mercury moves to stare Pluto in the face by declination. My mother used to say, “As long as I hear it from you first, I won’t be mad.” You might hear something today that makes you mad. So be it. Mercury is the only god who could descend to the underworld and hang out with Pluto unchanged. He recognized something most of us do not like to know, information changes your perspective. So take the information you hear today and let it change your perspective. Mercury also clears his opposition to Neptune today. Oh baby, you are not going to like that information! On some level, you have known about it. On some other level, you wanted to ignore it. Well, now you have to make a decision. Another Mercury kind of word. You do not have to make a decision right this second but I bet you are crystal clear about what you WANT to decide. Pluto and Neptune have a way of doing that when they hang out with Mercury.

Wednesday, Venus trines Pluto in fire. Aside from an opportunity to get a major sunburn today, that trine to Pluto is a backwards moving energy. Revisit and revise your deeper desires. They are pulsing in you. If they stay inside, they will burn you up. Let them out ~ gently please. Sun joins with Mercury as Mercury aspects Juno ~ what do you want to collaborate with? What is your new idea that you would like to move towards? Venus with Pluto supercharges the energy of it ~ so forward you go. Did you spill a bit of your drink on your book leaping up to write that idea down? Good! That is the kind of energy we like to see on a hot summer day.

Thursday, Pluto and Neptune make aspects to Ceres today as Mercury pushes off by declination from Neptune. One of the things we forget in our busy world and lives is that the things we find in our world are composed of thousands of actions and activities that have been nurtured by our environment and our energy. That which we send our attention and energy towards is created in our world. We spend time and energy on the things we love. So what do you love? How can you spend more time nurturing and creating it? If your life were to end tomorrow, would you change what you are doing? What would you do instead? Do it. Do just a bit of it today.

Friday, Mercury joins with retrograde Venus as Venus pushes off by declination from Uranus. Consider how you have collaborated with your life so far. You have a limited number of years on this planet and then, whoosh, off you go into the ethers or dust to dust or back in a cosmic line to reincarnate yet again and learn something new. When you arrived on earth the last time, your chart said what you were coming into form to learn about and experience. How are you doing? Do you get it? Do you understand what you are here for? Is it a bit clearer now that Saturn finishes his journey in the sign of what you love? Do you see how everything that has happened in your life has brought you to this moment of consciousness and time? The good, the bad and the ugly, the joys, the laughter, the tears, the hurts, and most especially all the love have combined to create you. Today’s aspects of Venus and Mercury and Pluto and the Sun and Saturn and Uranus and Juno rather create a giant, swirling energy form of “Wow ~ this is how it happened. This is why it happened. This is what is it for!” When I look at a chart before a reading, I always ponder what the chart says the person wanted to do or be or experience in this lifetime. What did you ask for when you were sitting up on that cloud getting ready to come into your cute little body? You had something in mind. You had been here before. You had looked around. You had noticed stuff you thought was cool or not so cool and asked for it, or for understanding or experiences or whatever you asked for. So how are you doing managing the planetary energy in that chart of yours? Have you embraced it and claimed your Saturn for your own? Are you getting the rhythm and hang of how the world works? Time to turn over or your chest will be red as a lobster from a pot.

Saturn’s day. So…. That is the trick of it eh? We come into form to do our charts. We live our chart. We love our chart. We hate our chart (at times). We experience the energy of our charts as a symbolic map of our lives. We can live our charts in higher or lower forms of the planet energies described in them. Nevertheless, live our charts we do. Mercury’s union with Saturn says, “Hmmmm, well if THAT is what is go
ing to happen, I might as we
ll make a list of all the possible ways that my chart can create and get busy doing, living and being the best expression of energy I can be!” So what are your dreams of your best life? How can you move toward it?

Sunday, Mercury enters Virgo. Sun trines Pluto ~ forward we go. Can you see it? Do you have the vision of what you want to create in your head? Time to transform and move toward your dreams. Make your to do list. Listen to your dreams. Hear your ideas. What does your Venus desire? Move towards your life and embrace it. Hug your toes and your fingers. Stretch. This, right now, is the only time you get to go around in a chart of yours. Therefore, you might as well love it and have the best time you can possibly have as the planets continue to dance in the sky and foretell your future.

Copyright © 2007 Anne Ortelee

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