Weekly Weather December 19, 2011
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Weekly Weather December 19, 2011

The Solstice takes place this week on Thursday as the Sun stops for three days at the Tropic of Capricorn. The Sun stops and turns to begin his slow journey back toward the equator. The length of the days shift, growing longer in the northern hemisphere and shorter in the southern hemisphere.

The solstice marks the beginning of Winter in the North and Summer in the South. As the Sun stands solidly still in the sky, we each begin a new season in our lives. Two days later, on Saturday, we have a New Moon at 2 Capricorn which starts another growth cycle and aspects the eclipse point of Thanksgiving‘s New Moon, November 25. The Moon is moving fast so she is processing and making connections rapidly. And it will feel like the week simply flies by.

The next five New Moons, over the next five months while Mars is in Virgo, will wake up the eclipse point, like a giant cosmic jigsaw puzzle. We are each asked to solve the riddle or puzzle before us in our lives. Or perhaps a better analogy is scavenger hunt? Gather the clues from this New Moon and tie the clues back to the emotional events of Fall of 92, 73, 54 and to 1982 when Saturn was last at this degree ending or beginning or both regarding  an important emotional relationship.

Venus changes signs on Tuesday entering Aquarius and become idealistic, emotionally cool and detached, communicative and smart. She’s looking at the patterns and whispering in your ear. Listen to her counsel ~ particularly around relationships, money and love. It is a good week to pitch ideas that you want to go out into the world.

Jupiter slows to a stop at 0 Taurus. He turns direct on Christmas day and heads full steam ahead through your Taurus house, expanding it and helping it grow.  But this week  he stops asking us to look our relationships to the larger collective and communities of which we are a member. He rules the principle of relating to the community. He also rules fathers so we can expect to see and hear about good fathers.

Each of these planets, Sun, Venus and Jupiter are going to roll through the early degrees ~ with Sun and Venus doing it this week ~ and set off all the planets found at the early degrees of the signs.

At the risk of blowing out your emotions and energy portals yet again after the powerful and life altering eclipse season we just went through, now we turn and go through the quivering energies with a firmer level of Consciousness. We are going to see stuff we never noticed before. Sun in Capricorn is eminently practical AND he wants us to accomplish things. He brings a level of focus and practicality which will come into help us. Right before the Sun lights up things so you see them, Venus dances through and blows gently in your ear that the ONLY thing that matters is love. The rest of the stuff is actually meaningless ~ nice but meaningless. Then the Lord of Abundance, Jupiter, stops, turns and looks at you, quietly. He sighs and asks why you are sad when the point of life is living. Living. Are you living? Or are you going through the emotions? Are you going through the motions?  Emotions ~ motions ~ wow draw the correlation in your life.  What is that fear in your heart all about?

When we truly live, and I mean truly live, in the present moment, and pay attention to the most important things, we realize that it comes down to the relationships, the love and the amount of laughter in our lives. The rest of the stuff is only a shallow substitute. And when we take the time to laugh and enjoy our lives, we find we have all that we could ever need or want.

Christmas time is often a lonely or sad time for people. We remember holiday celebrations, the Christmases and Hanukkah’s from our past. We miss people that we loved and who have left our lives. We remember. We are supposed to be “jolly”. But, truth be told, Christmas, Hanukkah and the Solstice mark the end of a year long cycle. And they herald the beginning of a new cycle. Take time this week to celebrate the ending of the year’s cycle in your life.

Think back, with love, on all the people who have passed through your life ~ good, bad or a mix of both. Hold them with gratitude in your heart for the experience they gave to you. Thank them and their soul for the lessons you learned from them ~ easy or hard lessons. Notice how you’ve grown, learned and figured things out. You are a never to be repeated person traveling on planet earth…. And, the time you are actually here goes by so very fast…

Void Moons This Week:

4:49 am EST December 20, Tuesday to 5:33 am EST

4:49 am EST December 22, Thursday to 7:03 am EST

6:36 am EST December 24, Saturday to 8:47 am EST

Moon’s Day Monday December 19 finds Moon in Libra with a closing square to Venus suggesting overdoing on the emotional relationships. We are just rocking and rolling lately! Sun has a working and productive aspect with Saturn so we can get a great deal accomplished. We can work well with our authorities and the people we find ourselves being responsible to or for. There is a whoosh feel to the energy today as former road blocks don’t seem as formidable any more. Venus is feeling might practical and she is working with Neptune as she prepares to shift out of Capricorn and into Aquarius ~ there‘s a secret message passed between them or a removal of a blind spot. Venus knows something you need to know so listen to the counsel you get from women in your life (or from people who love you). Something you had not seen before is suddenly clear. No fighting with your creativity. Just push forward toward your dream.  And when you are 95 will it really matter?  It is all about the love.

Mars Day, Tuesday December 20 is rocking and rolling with oodles of aspects. Moon in Libra aspects a bunch of planets making it a mighty bad night for sleeping ~ you’ll be talking, traveling, arguing, tossing, turning and doing all sorts of work in your sleep. Venus wakes with a bad feeling in her heart ~ a sense that things are going to change and never be the same. Moon enters Scorpio and aspects all the earth planets at the early degrees, making fertile earth to grow things. She also argues with Uranus offering an unexpected change, seemingly out of the blue. You knew about it on some level as things have been rocking below the surface. That said, it still feels a bit shocking. Venus changes signs mid-day, leaving Capricorn and expanding her choices and possibilities while in Aquarius until January 13. Venus squares Jupiter, offering the opportunity to over do, over spend or over emote and just plain over over in all things. It is the holiday season so there seems to be food falling out of the walls every place you look! And it is all delicious food too! Love is all about connections with people who are part of your shared tribe. Vesta, the planet of home and hearth, enters the mushy, creative sign of Pisces, suggesting cozy comforts are sought and appreciated. There can be bad news about a child or a project that you wanted. Mercury is working with Pluto suggesting new ideas to expand your reach or work with power struggles. Sun has his last working sextile to Neptune, wrapping up a 14 year journey that began in 1997 when Neptune entered Aquarius. Our dream of a collective, tribe, and search to find our people started back then. We’ve formed our tribe, for better or worse. Now we move to the next phase of our creativity and life ~ Pisces. Neptune is where we connect with the divine in our life, where we find little or big g ~ god. Neptune will soon ask us to connect with a dream that inspires us.  Neptune will ask us what our particular rainbow of life looks like ~ what is that pot of gold at the end of our rainbow? Get your answer ready!  A brand new chapter will start that run for the next 14 years about the heart dream, spirituality, our soul’s evolution and the 164 year cycle’s conclusion. You begin to wrap up a dream today. A new dream is coming in February ~ get ready for it by finishing up this ending dream quickly. Do it now so you are ready for the new energy arriving, the new life partner, the new relationships forming. All these changes are guiding you to your next chapter.

Yuko noticed my online puzzle addiction was interfering with my life and performed a much needed intervention…. Thanks Yuko! Parental controls have been established….

Every year, my mother encouraged us to make practical, created with love presents for our relatives and friends. She did the same ~ true to her Virgo Venus and Leo Sun. All year, mom saved the Maxwell House coffee cans. She covered them in red or green velvet contact paper and put in a pound (or two if you were lucky and got a BIG can) of her homemade Fudge. Every day in the weeks before Christmas, my mother made batches of fudge. We kids were allowed to eat the “cuttings” ~ the smidgey stuff left on the side of the knife. A bow on top of the can and a “With love from the Ortelees” card completed the gift. The cans of fudge went down to the basement refrigerator to await a December 24 delivery by my dad and us kids. Mom’s fudge was eagerly anticipated by all who ate it. In honor of my deceased mother’s memory and because Christmas marks 29 years since she last made fudge for those of us who loved her, I am offering you my mother’s Fudge recipe to share with those you love. It is hard to believe it is 29 years….29 Christmases… since she last walked on earth. Measure your life in love.

Donna Ortelee’s Fudge Recipe

5 C sugar
13 oz can pet milk
1/4 pound butter

Bring to boil.

Keep medium boil for EXACTLY 7 minutes. Stir occasionally.

In a large bowl, place
1 package Kraft small marshmallows
two small or one large package chocolate chips (semi sweet)
1 T Vanilla

Pour boiled mixture over above in bowl.
Beat till creamy. Pour in buttered 13 x 9 inch pan. Chill




My student Christiane delivered a jar of Rosemary Cashew Nuts as a Christmas Present. I ate the whole jar in one sitting. Be warned ~ this recipe is VERY addicting…. Maybe even MORE addicting than online Puzzles!

Rosemary Cashew Nuts.

This recipe is almost directly from the Bar Nuts at Union Square Cafe in New York City and its wonderful cookbook of the same name.


1 1/4 pounds raw cashew nuts
2 tablespoons coarsely chopped fresh rosemary leaves
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3 teaspoons dark brown sugar
1/2 teaspoons salt
3 tablespoon melted butter


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Place the nuts on an ungreased baking sheet and bake for about 8-10 minutes until they are warmed through. Combine the rosemary, cayenne pepper, sugar, and salt. Toss the warm nuts with the butter. Sprinkle and stir in the with the rosemary mixture until the nuts are completely coated. Serve warm.

Wednesday Mercury’s Day December 21 Moon in Scorpio continues to ignite our passions. The solar year is ending tonight as Sun reaches the solstice point and appears to stop for three days. Hanukkah begins today, the festival of lights. Light candles and welcome back the Sun. Inspire him to return to brighten our lives. Mercury talks to Saturn so you’ll say farewell to a situation that you’ve come to enjoy.  Sun connects by declination with the Nodes of Fate ~ pay attention to who you meet or connect with today. They can become part of your life for the next while. Lots of tossing and turning tonight too as you solve the problems and release the energies built up in your body over the past year. Venus squares Jupiter offering an abundant and connected day ~ if one that is a bit over doing or over done.  Enjoy. Life is short and we need laughter.  Clean out or decorate your nest ~ Jupiter wants to work with you to create a space that nurtures your being. Venus next sextiles Uranus offering a creative outlet or series of ideas to take with you on your journey into the new season before you. Venus has an adjusting aspect that encourages us to end things in clean and clear manner.

Thursday Jupiter’s Day December 22,   Moon in Scorpio is void for a few hours early in the morning before entering Sagittarius.  Sun enters Capricorn, casting a chart that we live with for the next year. It is a chart that promises profound and deep foundation and fundamental changes for the United States this year. I got a bit political with my solstice analysis so check out the analysis below in the mundane section. Uranus squares Hades today so some secret gets unearthed. Sun has an earth trine to retrograde, stationary Jupiter offering a sense of continued restrictions financially. Venus is sesquiquadrate Mars so love and money are in the mood for stress and action ~ especially actions taken behind the scenes. Sun squares Uranus towards the end of the day offering us unexpected changes that we didn’t see coming. And Moon ends the day joining up with Mercury suggesting you hear from someone unexpectedly.

Friday  Venus’ Day December 23  Moon in Sagittarius has a positive closing aspect to Neptune and only one aspect today of a square to Mars in Virgo mid-day. That Mars in Virgo is thin skinned and sensitive under all that dirt as my friend Cathy likes to say so we can all feel a bit stressed emotionally. It is a few days before Christmas so that adds to the emotions. And Jupiter is slooooooowwwwwing down to station and turn direct ~ so the jolly joy giver is preoccupied with other matters. We are on our own for seasons of joy and laughter. Sun opposes Hades illuminating what was dug up earlier in the week. You’ll intellectually process it. Sun has aspects to Chiron and Vesta offering an awareness that things are shifting and changing into new forms.

Saturn’s Day, Saturday December 24 The Moon enters Capricorn and forms a new Moon with Sun that is linked up to Pluto and aspecting the eclipses and all the planets strung together like a giant necklace around the chart ~ Saturn, Sun, Venus, Neptune, Vesta, Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter. That is a GREAT DEAL of cross talk in the chart. Lots of activity in the heavens means lots of activity here on earth too. Chiron joins with Vesta offering an understanding of how the early childhood wounds, acquired at the hearth of your home, still linger in your being. When Neptune gets into Pisces in February, he will help you start a new dream. For now, notice the old dream shifting and ending before your very eyes.

Sunday Sun’s day, Christmas December 25  Merry Christmas as Jupiter, the jolly big guy above our heads stops and turns direct in the heavens. There is a lovely earth trine invoked during his station. Pallas talks to the Nodes of Fate suggesting you notice the patterns before you and make new puzzles or solutions from them. Mercury pushes Venus and gets a bit critical by declination ~ try not to discuss the hot topics as Mercury in Sagittarius can be a bit bold and brassy ~ not paying attention to what Venus actually wants.  Moon trines Mars late in the afternoon and encourages us to take a new approach or focus on a different activity.

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Mundane: The Solstice chart cast for Washington, DC at the moment that the Sun enters Capricorn finds him joined with Pluto and stuck at the very bottom of the chart ~ straddling the Imum Coeli. That means Sun/ Pluto can ride the elevator up to the top of the chart ~ making it a powerful year for transformation.  Uranus, in the 6th house and square to the Sun in Capricorn and Pluto suggests continued protests by workers. The string of planets at 0 are all talking to each other in a cosmic game of telephone ~ Sun, Venus, Vesta/Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter. Mars is the highest planet, hidden in the 12th house of undoing and secret enemies. Mars, in the sign of workers is found ruling the house of money and the house of open enemies suggesting the workers will have enemies that secretly undo them. The ruler of the Chart, Venus in Aquarius is captured in a t-square between Jupiter and Saturn suggesting we are at a crossroads. None of them, Venus, Saturn or Jupiter are particularly happy by sign or house placement.  Jupiter’s station adds power to his side of the story so he gets a slight advantage. The North Node joined to Mercury in the third suggests great deal of information that we really don’t want to hear but need to listen to any way. Apply critical thinking to all that you hear~ question the facts, look at the data and ask yourself if it makes any sense. If it doesn’t make sense question it.

In the chart cast for Washington, DC, there are seven t-squares and four Hammers of Thor, and a Cardinal Grand Cross involving the angles, Sun, Uranus and Pluto ~ we are going to be evolving this year!  It suggests we are going to have a rocking and rolling year of excitement, action and change.

The Sun and Moon have no relationship in this chart ~ suggesting the leadership, Sun, is separate from the public, Moon. Virtually all the planets are below the surface of the horizon suggesting much hidden activity. It is a night chart, giving Moon rulership as it is a nocturnal chart.

The chart Midheaven is Cancer, ruled by the Moon in her fall in Scorpio, placed in the second house of finances and money suggesting the retirement accounts or pension funds are next up for revelations about ponzi schemes, theft, and fraudulent activity. You don‘t think it is just the mortgages do you?  What we have going on is a giant robbery of the middle class of the United States ~ first outsource all the jobs, then take the houses, and, finally, go after the retirement accounts, unions, pensions and security.

We do have an opportunity to change it. As the nation’s fabric unravels right before our eyes, the government and multi-national corporations are breaking their trust with the governed.  We, the people, created them. We, the people, can un-create  them. They govern us with our consent. Once we figure out the extent to which the game is rigged, we don’t have to play any more. Nothing is too big to fail. Nothing. Look at history ~ empires rise and then they self destruct when they become oligarchies. We are an oligarchy. Too big to fail ~ That is such hubris that I am surprised Zeus hasn’t hurled a few lightening bolts already! They said the Titanic was unsinkable and named her after the Titans in a similar act of hubris. And that was just a boat.

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