Weekly Weather February 27, 2012
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Weekly Weather February 27, 2012

We continue to get in touch with our feelings and deep flowing passions during the week ahead.  There is a strange combination of difficult yet clarifying energy in the heaven above our heads.  The only planet of thoughtfulness and communication is Saturn in Libra and he is going backwards and answering to an angry feminine energy….

There are 5 planets in Water ~ Pisces ~ connecting us to the deep, merged, emotional, intuitive, unspoken, chthonic, and often abandoned or orphaned energy of the last sign of the zodiac. We are each in touch with our motherless child part ~ the sense that we are alone in the world with no place to go. The sensitive, quiet part of our being that allows us to connect and unite with all other souls on a spiritual level is feeling unconnected and alone.

Mercury is in Pisces ~ he’s answering to Neptune newly entered into Pisces. That makes your brain more “mushy”, “psychic”, “ungrounded”, “not focused”, “free floating”, “swamped”, “adrift”, “afloat”, or “swirly”.  Think water words. Think Ocean words applied to your mind’s ability.  We’ve NEVER experienced this before as no one alive on earth has ever experienced it.  All the planets as they enter Pisces are going to be very waterlogged or swampy feeling as Neptune is in Pisces for the first time in 164 years.  So take time to let the water swirl and swell around your brain as you are attempting to move towards an idea.

There are 5 planets and the Node of Fate in Fire ~ mostly Aries ~ initiating, passionate, irritated, argumentative, fiery and burning with fervor, fever or desire.  All that fire can be mighty mean and angry too ~ disguised as passion or fuel for the fire.  There are 3 planets in earth ~ forming a grand trine in practical or physical efforts asking us to take it down to earth and be practical ~ to ground the water and fire in some reality that we can touch, connect or relate to. There is only one planet in the heavens in air ~ Saturn retrograde in Libra ~ so the intellect, intelligent, communications or the very idea of how to reframe the energy will be minimal.  Saturn, answering to Venus in Aries is NOT in his happy place either.

We’ll swing between fire passion and deep water emotions combined with the desire to DO something practical or down to earth~ even if it is staying home or hiding out after slamming the door and running tearfully away.  Not much thought this week.  The absence of air or ideas means you need to make time and take time to think or ponder.  Missing energy excites the other planets to run wild in their particular fashion.  Missing Air means people will be speaking faux pas, Freudian slips, the truth even if it hurts. It IS true ~ at least from THEIR perspective.

Additionally, Venus in her detriment in Aries is making Jupiter and Saturn do stupid things. Jupiter and Saturn govern how we behave in public and the greater community. We don’t drink out of the orange juice container or lick our plate when someone else is in the kitchen.  We might when alone. We don’t double dip our carrot or celery in the hummus when at a cocktail party.  That is the effect of Saturn and Jupiter!  When Venus is in Aries, she pours the last glass of juice for herself and she takes the dip on her lap to eat it all.  Venus is in the mood to pick a fight and have at it with someone with the two of them, Jupiter and Saturn, acting as body guards.  Both Jupiter and Saturn are in signs that Venus rules.  So with Venus acting as a mean girl, she’s able to get the two big guys of the zodiac to do her bidding and be mean boys right along with her.

All the angry fire energy is all about you.

All the emotional and abandoned energy is all about you.

Our relationships are simply mirrors of our own soul.

The universe is trying to get you to see something!

Our relationships are reflections of our own beliefs about ourselves and what we can or can’t have.

Trace the anger and emotions back to their core. Find the core value that is pissing you off.  Or try to figure out what is pissing the other guy off is someone is angry with you.

Anger is your soul’s life force speaking out against injustice and unfairness.  When you get angry, your OWN Mars is speaking a truth about what you believe, what your ego wants, what your emotions feel, and what your desires covet.

Unfortunately, most of us are not taught how to effectively work with our Mars when it goes off and becomes angry.  We get shamed (Saturn), punished (Pluto), sent to the time out corner (Neptune), broken (Uranus), humiliated (Saturn), or beaten up by a bigger force(Mars/ Pluto or the authorities) for being angry.  Anger, though a difficult energy, is actually a very clarifying anger.

Watch where you are really feeling Angry with a capital A this week ~ note it. Follow it. Dig down to what it reminds you of.

I am taking a Dream course at the Jung Institute in New York. The teacher, Maxson McDowell, riffed on relationships the last few classes. He said when a child is a baby, they think Mom exists only for them. Around age 2, the child realizes there are other people that Mom is involved with, loves and plays with besides them.  Of course, I hear MARS RETURN! when I heard the number 2 years.  Perhaps a sibling arrives. Or the child realizes Dad is a rival. At any rate, whatever or whoever the child perceives as taking Mom away, we have a setup for a big old narcissistic wound at age 2. At age two, when we have our Mars return, we also learn to express ourselves and say NO. Whomp, a wound just as Mars comes around for us to become conscious of his energy for the first time.  They don’t call that phase of life the “terrible twos” for no reason.

At any rate, Dr. McDowell says NONE of us successfully navigate that first wounding, none of us escape without a little shot to our soul about how loveable we are when we realize Mom doesn’t just adore us, and us alone.  Mom has other relationships.  And we have to SHARE her.  We form relationships of all types, committed and otherwise, to work out that soul wound of not being the one and only.  The safety of the commitment in the relationship is how we are able to go back to the wound and work with it successfully to help it heal.

Right now, with Saturn going backwards in Libra answering to Venus in Aries we are in an exceptionally primal place about our relationships and plus any and all wounds around them. Mars is back in the Uterus ~ He is in Virgo answering to Mercury in Pisces is the 12th house!  We can feel how these wounds are preverbal, possibly even from a past life, and certainly wordless, deep, rip tide current ridden, and over our head. We can feel like we are going to drown in the energy. We can be infuriated with passion and anger at the primal call of energy.

No worries. You are NOT going to be in this state forever.  It is just for a few more days.  Note it and understand how and why the relationships in your life mirror and reflect the area of your life that you need to grow in and accept responsibility for. In fact, the relationship IS a perfect mirror of your soul’s issue.  If you are in the relationship for financial security, that will be called into question.  If you are in the relationship for safety, that will be challenged. If you are in the relationship to be seen, right now, you won’t be seen. The universe is a bit of a fun house mirror right now.  So ride with it. Laugh at it. See how it perfectly reflects what and who and how you need your relationships to change.


Void Moon’s This Week

2:46 pm EST Tuesday, February 28 to 10:27 pm EST

8:14 am EST Friday, March 2, to 10:08 am EST

5:17 pm EST Sunday March 4, to 6:18 pm EST

Monday, Moon Day February 27 Moon in Taurus is all about what we own, posses, create or feel is ours or what SHOULD be ours. Venus owns Taurus and when she is in Aries, she’s in her own 12th house. Venus’ desires can undo herself.  With the opportunity to completely undo yourself today and tomorrow, be careful about how you let your Venus out for a run. She’s in the mood for a fight and Jupiter and Saturn will join her. That means relationships can blow up today. The closing aspect is a sextile of the Moon to Mercury so pay attention to the emotions swirling around your insides. Just don’t act on them. Let them swirl. There can be a desire to disappear and stay in bed all day.  Not a bad idea. You will have more energy at the close of day than you do at the beginning as Moon trines Mars, offering productive actions that help clarify relationships. Venus joins with Cupido today so a desire to form or find a family is heightened.  It is a great day to clear out your house or clarify what you want in it.  Mars has a biquintile aspect to Eris meaning the Anger or Action that he wants to take will be a gift of illumination and clarity. Mercury’s opposition to Astraea means the illness you’ve been struggling with ~ that weird lung thing ~ should start to clear up.  Let the extra emotions speak to your inner being. Don’t act on them. Note them. Clarify them. Watch them.

Tuesday Mar’s day February 28 Moon in Taurus is void in the afternoon to late evening. Sun offers you profound dreams about power and clarity and compassion.  Pay attention to their messages. Remember dreams serve as the inner psyche, inner wisdom, or soul’s connection trying to tell you what you need to know. Pay attention. Chiron’s square to Juno suggests there is a needed change in partnerships which is timely if overdue. Chiron’s union with Pallas suggests you see how the pattern before you contributes to your wounding.  Sun’s square to the Nodes of Fate offers us a choice of how we want to proceed.  You hear about something ending today. It is time for it to end. You’ll be okay. Mercury’s opposition to Neptune by declination suggests the news of an ending can take you to a very deep and dark place. Neptune’s currents are swirling and carrying you into a deep heart place.  Go with the flow. You won’t drown or disappear. You need to go deeper to figure this out.

Wednesday, Mercury’s day February 29 Moon in Gemini answers to Mercury in Pisces ~ still swimming and floating. Once every 4 years we have a Leap Year so today my friend Molly officially turns 13! She’s  a teenager for the first time in her 52 years of life! Venus is arguing with Jupiter so you want to double dip the carrots ~ be careful. Venus is NOT in her best state right now. Pallas trines Kronos offering you a new perspective on the patterns with the dreams or ideas you have today.  Venus is quite the crabby girl today so watch for the feminine to be ENRAGED!  Go back to your Psyche tasks from last week to help her ground a bit.  How can you sort the seeds? What tactic can you take that allows you to get the task accomplished by thinking outside of the box or routine approach? Who can help you with the tasks before you? What can you do to take care of yourself and nurture your inner being. Remember we are working with a narcissistic wound ~ so be a healthy narcissist and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!  Enough time has been spent nurturing or caretaking the entire world or your relationships that need to change in a strange, unusual or twisted attempt to get yourself what YOU want. Just give it to yourself for heaven’s sake! You can do it! Out of the lower forms of relationship and into something more conscious!  The Mercury energy of health is shifting and wanting to take care of you better ~ so let it. Mercury has a gift of consciousness from the South Node ~ so notice where you are obsessively attached and let it go!  You will feel SO much better. Mercury is not sure it is that easy.  It is. Let it go. Push off. You are ready to shift it.

Jupiter’s Day, Thursday March 1 finds the Moon in Gemini with a closing square to aspect to Mercury. Words spoken under this Gemini Moon can get you into difficulties.  Mercury has stressed aspects today as he is inconjunct to Saturn answering to Venus in Aries. People are in the mood to fight and not care what is said. Mercury in Pisces knows how to say things that deeply hurt or reverb through your being. So be conscious and careful. Better to note what is said. Know that it is true FOR THE PERSON SAYING IT. It might not be true for YOU. But for the person speaking to you, it IS THEIR TRUTH.  Believe them when they say it. That joke said in humor is how they feel. The Freudian Slip is not a slip ~ it is the truth. Mars is also in the mood to fight with nurturing principle of Ceres. On some level, we want to kill off the “bad nurturing” energy in our relationships ~ even if they weren’t trying to be a bad nurturer.  We actually are trying to reclaim our OWN life force, our own anger, our own agency, our own ability to get what we want and be equal in relationship.  Mercury is in the mood to cause a scene and shout out at others, particularly where he feels he was not cared for or disrespected.  Watch that energy. Notice how it is what YOU want, not what they want.  We all are motherless children with Mercury in Pisces ruling the Gemini Moon of trickster.


Friday, Venus’ Day March 2 finds Moon in Cancer and feeling volatile.  Today is a rocking and rolling day. It will probably be one of the bigger emotional days of this year.  Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries where he is NOT chill and has a rather sharp tongue.  Moon in Cancer rolls through all the planets in the cardinal signs over the next two days, causing eruptions and rolling flows of energy.  It seems all the energy of the last few months culminates today and Saturday.  Sun is moving closer to his opposition to retrograde Mars so the feelings are swirling, swirling, swirling. If you can’t figure out how to proceed you are right where you are supposed to be. Let the tides carry you.  Float on the energy. Watch what is being brought to the surface.  Sun’s union with the Nodes by Declination means you can make important decisions about how to proceed with your life. Words can cause permanent endings as Mercury squares Hades right before he enters Aries. Stand in a place of emotional wholeness if you can. Or at least wrap your arms around yourself and comfort your heart’s sadness. Mars has a stressful semi-square energy with Saturn asking us to watch out for our blind spot. Even so, we can still feel blindsided by the news.  See the pattern before you even if there isn’t much you can do to change or modify it.

Saturn’s day Saturday March 3 Moon in Cancer continues to be very sensitive and emotional.  Mercury moved out of Pisces in Aries so he’s attempting to kick a bit and direct his boat. Sun’s culmination of the opposition to Mars is a bit more directed as Mars now answers to Aries and can kick a bit and guide things.  The wounds are old. The absence of mother is acute.  Or perhaps the absence of mothering?  A 97 year old woman while dying called out for her mother. The need for nurturing never leaves us. But we need to nurture ourselves under this Cancer Moon. Venus is in the mood to squabble with Mars and he will give it right back to her so the relationship principles can feel a bit stressed today. We aren’t in sync.  Uranus wants to clear some stuff out of your home or office space ~ release and let go. If it doesn’t serve you and you don’t love it, pitch it. Let it find a new home. The clearing out will help.  Consider burning things too…. Or exploding them….  Or breaking stuff into a 1,000 pieces.  Sun is sesquiquadrate to Saturn ~ sensitivity to the structure in a stressful way that you can take action to resolve.  But be gentle with yourself and with them.

Sunday Sun’s day March 4 Moon in Cancer continues to be extra sensitive and emotional. Venus is opposite Saturn so separating is called for ~ Venus at her last degrees of Aries can do it in a mean or nasty way as she opposes Saturn in Libra.  On some levels, if the argument is very old, or has been going on for a long time, there might be a need for a scorched earth policy.  On another level, redoing everything or at the least voicing your discontent is possible.  If you never complained before, they might not understand the depth of your discontent. Venus wants respect. Saturn, while answering to her is not in the mood to give it to her.  Sun in Pisces is very expansive and seems to swirl with unspoken needs or angers or desires. Know that these are part of what you need to connect with to get clear on the future of your life. All this is to help you. Own the anger. Look at it. Figure out where it is coming from. No, you probably can’t do much about it BUT you CAN understand where it comes from. And that knowledge is priceless.  Only a few more days and we shift into the next phase of development. Hang in there!




Introduction to Astrology Weekend taught by


Presented by Bodhi Consult


April 27-29, 2012

The Wilburton Inn


Manchester Village, VT



The Introduction to Astrology Weekend includes:

16 hours of Astrology Instruction,

Two nights at the Wilburton Inn,

Friday Night Welcome Reception with Light Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch and coffee breaks on Saturday and Sunday

An Astrology Introduction Book for use and reference after the Weekend.

The Opportunity to Understand Your Chart in greater depth by studying with Anne


Weekend Schedule


6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Welcome Reception with light dinner

7:00 – 9:00pm Introduction with Anne

A bit of history about astrology, how everything under the Sun and in our world is included in astrology, what is a horoscope? A picture of the hour you were born.

Basics pieces of the language of the stars- Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects.



Workshop with Anne 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Anne will cover in Saturday’s  workshop what each planet does both personally and collectively,  how signs behave both in both the public arena and personal life, how to analyze horoscope charts and put it together by looking at a “mystery chart” as well as your own.   There will be time to practice these skills with direct guidance from Anne.  Breakfast is included for those staying at the Inn.  Lunch, and two coffee breaks are included for all workshop guests.  Participants are on their own for dinner tonight in the quaint and historic town of Manchester.



Workshop with Anne 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Today we put it all together and explore a chart in depth.  What is the myth and ruling planet in charge of your life?  Where to look to determine your life’s path, how the planets talk to each other (nicely or not so nicely) and the Aspects between them, how to see the basic health information provided by the horoscope chart, and find out where to get free charts on the internet.  Breakfast is included for those staying at the Inn.  Lunch and one coffee break is included for all.


Contact for more Information about the Introduction to Astrology Weekend:

Beth Shaw
Phone:             (802)379-5775


[email protected]

[email protected]


copyright (c) 2012 A.C. Ortelee

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