Weekly Weather January 17, 2011
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Weekly Weather January 17, 2011

The eclipses are leaving! The eclipses are leaving!

First up, this week we get the wrap up chapter which ties the Venus retrograde story together and helps us make sense of it on a much deeper level. So the story from last fall, specifically Mercury’s retrograde and Jupiter’s reentry into Pisces, September 6 to 12, added to Venus’ station at 13 Scorpio on October 8, mixed with November 6’s New Moon at 13 Scorpio and stirring in early December’s Uranus station, Mercury station and Mars entry into Capricorn between December 3 and 10 unite this week to provide us with a grand conclusion!

The grand conclusion, taking place this week, will launch us forward into the next chapter of our life. So get ready! It all happens this week! Your job as the events from the various dates in your life link up is to stay open, relaxed and wait for illumination. Some of the news might be difficult as Mercury joins with Pluto on the degree of the Mercury station in Capricorn and trine to the Mercury station at 5 Virgo last September. Events from September arise and combine in a magical elixir with the October, November and December dates. Isn’t the correlation amazing?

Mercury’s union with Pluto firmly snaps us back to reality. We get it and see it now. No escaping the pattern in THAT story! Hard news is hard news. However, it is also kind of karmic as the Nodes of Destiny were involved last week when Mercury linked up to them. Your Gemini and Virgo planets are plotting a bit of a betrayal right now. So focus. Pay attention.

Juno stations to go retrograde so unions, partnerships and marriages are challenged and pushed. Expect a couple of “big” breakups in the news. We also will see formerly broken up folks reuniting as Juno apologizes and promises to never never do it again. Jupiter opposes her right before he rolls into Aries. Juno doesn’t really WANT to end it, she just wants his bad behavior to stop. Or maybe she DOES what to end it. How tired is she of his bad behavior? At any rate, Juno stops in the sign of fixing, fussing, doing and taking care of everything Virgo. Juno, she who chased down Jupiter’s conquests and tortured them instead of dealing with the big guy and the real issue. Of course, Juno will want to do it again. Or be tempted to. Jupiter is not going to change. But SHE WANTS TO CHANGE. So let her change this week. Give her a break.

And, of course, you can reunite, reasonably happily, until the final pass of Uranus opposite Juno when you are going to have to make a firm and final decision. So go back if you are so inclined and they “PROMISE TO NEVER DO IT AGAIN!”. Part of why we have people in our lives that do the things that drive us crazy is to get clear on why we get driven crazy. We have a choice in the matter. We sometimes forget that little detail. Choose wisely.

There is yet another full Moon at the last degree of Cancer ~ release, release, release. We’ve now has 4 releasing full moons in Aries, Taurus, Gemini and now Cancer, each taking place in the last four months. One releasing moon for each element! Oy vey! Have you released what you need to release? These releasing moons are taking place in the most sensitive parts of our chart ~ the deeply personal signs of the first quadrant in the anima mundi and the most personal of the developmental signs in our individual chart. We‘ve been developing! So release, release, release.

Sun enters Aquarius and gets WAY detached, cool, calm and collected. We are in the middle of winter now in the Northern Hemisphere and middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Aquarius asks us to look at the greater good of the collective. We will feel the energy of our Sun wanting to coordinate with our greater purpose on earth. We all become a bit more progressive, inventive and independent when the Sun rolls through Aquarius. Connect with people you’ve misplaced or lost in the bustle and hustle of the fall. Get that 20,000 foot vision of what is important to your life.

And last but most certainly not least, Jupiter enters Aries to begin a new 12 year cycle in each of our charts. Aries is the first sign of zodiac commences a cycle that echoes and resonates with April 1951, April 1963, March 1975, March 1987, February 1999, and you had a brief glimpse of the new cycle last June 2010. If you think back to those earlier years in your life, you’ll find you started a new 12 year cycle in your life. Cycles with Jupiter often begin with a “bang!” as Jupiter loves the fire energy of starting a new journey or adventure. And everything in your Aries house(s) as well as all your Aries’ planets stand up at attention. You start another 12 year cycle this week that ends in May 2022.

It is going to be a fun week on planet Earth. Where does the time go? Days posted on Monday! Happy Martin Luther King Day! It is a holiday in the States!

In the News: As many of you wrote expressing concern about the astronomer announcing that your astrological sign turned into the sign before you, I am addressing it in the column.

No it didn’t. If you were born an Aries you still are an Aries. Etc. No worries. But it IS pretty funny if you didn’t want to become the sign before you! The only signs who seemed to WANT to change were Cancers who got to become fun loving Geminis.

The astronomer (note astronomer NOT astrologer) was talking about a phenomenon known as Precession of the Equinoxes. You’ve heard we are in the age of Pisces (sign of the fish ~ Christianity and marked by ocean explorations) and entering the age of Aquarius? (the sign of airwaves, Communication, technology, space travel etc) Our SOLAR SYSTEM ~ meaning our Sun and the planets in orbit around our Sun moves, rotates, spins, backwards, as an entire unit, through the zodiac at a rate of 1 degree every 72 years or so, taking 25,920 years to do the complete rotation. That 25,920 years is the equivalent of our SOLAR SYSTEM’s DAY. Here on earth, we rotate and look at every sign in the zodiac every 24 hours. Our SOLAR SYSTEM, like a giant spinning lazy Susan, does the same zodiac spin ~ it just takes the SOLAR SYSTEM 25,919 years and 364 days longer to move all the planets the complete rotation and look at all the zodiac signs.

Our Sun‘s looks at each constellation, in order, backwards. Right now, we are the back end of Pisces entering the age of Aquarius. And, so, Some 2160 years ago we were in the age of Aries ~ swords, fighting, metal, worshipping or sacrificing the Ram. The old Testament times. Another 2160 years back, we were in the age of Taurus ~ the fertility goddess of the many breasts, worship of mother earth, agriculture, learning to work with the land consciously and planting seeds. Another 2160 years earlier, was the age of Gemini ~ written language appeared, communication and trade began between distant tribes. And in the 2160 years before that, was the sign of Cancer and living in the Caves, complete with cave drawing on the walls and the beginning of tribes and families. You get the idea. Our solar system is moving backwards. This is called the sidereal zodiac. It is used by Vedic and Chinese astrologers, among other astrology systems.

However, here on planet earth, in Western astrology among other astrology systems, we notice where the Sun is relative to the equator, and tropics of Cancer and Capricorn to determine which signs rule which planets in your chart. It is called the Tropical zodiac. Astrology on earth is related to the growing season. Each sign marks a phase of a plant, animal or human life ~ as well as influencing the weather, describing the works and projects needed at each time of years.

I’ve studied Tropical Zodiac Western astrology (the kind I read most client charts in) since 1994 and Sidereal Zodiac Vedic astrology since 1999 ( the kind I use for harmonics, past life and karma work). Both astrological systems work. Both astrological systems get to the same information, in slightly different ways and using different techniques and methodologies. Both focus on different paths to the same answer for the student of the heavens. Western astrology is more focused on HOW to work on your stuff in this lifetime and get what your chart and soul want to accomplish. Vedic astrology focuses on the current life as well as your karma and reincarnation status so it includes other lifetimes (and those earlier life time sins, errors, omissions and commissions that are causing you problems in this life time). Vedic astrology is also based in a religious structure or framework and a caste based society, offering ameliorating chants, prayers, stones and approaches to help you pay off your karmic debt and elevate your karma.

The other part about a 13th sign is a bit of manipulation by our Scorpio friends. We love our Scorpio friends but they do like to cause trouble. They took part of Scorpio out and are trying to make a 13th sign. It is simply an accounting trick ~ once a Scorpio /always a Scorpio

There are 360 degrees in a circle… divide by 12 signs to get 30 degrees per sign ~ what we have always had.

The NEW Zodiac proposed:
30 Aries
30 Taurus
30 Gemini
30 Cancer
30 Leo
30 Virgo
30 Libra

9 Scorpio
21 Ophiuchus (Ooh-FEE-yew-kus) the Serpent Bearer ~ spelling varies but healer sign holding a snake over his head. They don’t want to be Scorpios any more. But Scorpios ARE some of our best docs, healers and shrinks.

30 Sagittarius
30 Capricorn
30 Aquarius
30 Pisces
Totals to 360 in a circle

See what I mean? Its an accounting trick! But if they REALLY want to change their name, we can call them Ophiuchusians or Ophiuchusites or Ophies for short.

Twitter! I am twittering interesting aspects with the help of my assistant Rose. So sign up for my twitter ~ anneortelee ~ to get hot aspects sent to your phone, ipad, or email! I’ll be sending dates and times with a brief description ~ particularly of those pesky void moons that are so hard to keep track of. You’ll get an alert when the moon goes void and enters the next sign so you can use the energy productively and proactively.

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