Weekly Weather January 21, 2013
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Weekly Weather January 21, 2013

“God gave us Memory that we might have roses in December.” J.M Barrie








Last week turned out to be a bit more difficult than I expected… both the Sun and Mercury traveled over the last degrees of Capricorn squaring the point that Saturn in Libra stationed on last January and September/October. Ah, memories, memories and not all of them good. Sun and Mercury looked back at those times, with a detached yet psychological eye. Sun and Mercury called up Saturn and Pluto at that degree in 1982 for good measure to remind you of the old yet new relationship dynamics operating in your life. For quite a few of us, these dates represented the end of or significant changes in our relationship(s) that were important to us. By now, we realize we may have broken up, changed or moved on to new things but we still carry with us the memory of that relationship. No matter where we go, we carry our self with us! Heck we even carry ALL of our memories with us…. the important thing is how we USE those memories…









David Goddard wrote in his newsletter: “God gave us Memory that we might have roses in December.” We all have dreams that cannot be realized, but then we also have so many dreams that CAN be realized. So, why worry about those that can’t be? Let the dead past bury its dead. Start life afresh each day, with a new mental attitude: “That was yesterday . . . today is another life!” You would be a much happier person if you do this.


“It is a terrible thing to chain yourself to misery, with the invisible fetters of memory. Now, of course, heartache and disillusionment cannot be forgotten in a day; there is pain. But if you accept the reality that you have to live with it – for the time being – then you will find that, each day, the pain lessens. And a day will dawn when it falls into its true perspective: an unfortunate experience that has taught you something.


“All you need is the wisdom of experience and the never-forgotten pain of what certain lessons taught you, so that you may empathize with and advise others who are going through similar ordeals. “



This week the Finger of God continues to pulse through the heavens as Vesta stations on Saturday under the light of the Full Moon at the apex of the Finger, right next to Jupiter in Gemini. Vesta is the hearth keeper, the memory holder, the fire tender, and the sister or brother energy that remembers you from way back when. We have unique relationships with our siblings as they are our earliest side by side relationships. Our siblings are our litter mates. Our clan. Our pack. Our tribe. We look out at Mom and Dad from the shared space of the other children (or our lack of other siblings) in our family of origin. This week we will be immersed in our sibling stories to help us clarify some of our earlier impressions. Our siblings often remember “other” things or “different” parts of the same story from our shared childhoods. Sometimes they don’t remember an event at all. Other times, their memories illuminate a shared experience in a brand new way, allowing us to see the memory in a different format or with different eyes.


So, I “gave” my brother to my father for Christmas by paying for his air fare to Florida to visit our shared dad. When you get to be 83, you don’t need much “stuff” any more and most of the “pleasures” seem to be much less pleasurable. They both had a great time. My brother posted about his trip on Facebook which is how I hear from him lately. My father called me to thank me. My aunt read about the trip from my brother’s Facebook posting and called her brother, my dad, to talk about it. This circle will probably have a few more parts or people in the family weighing in this week with Vesta stationing at that apex of Saturn and Pluto’s shared inconjunct aspect. Watch for family stories to surface in your life.


Remember we are clearing out and doing deep psychological work on the rules we put down for ourselves between the ages of 4 and 11 this winter and spring. Our siblings were our co-witnesses. They saw the stories that shaped us. Or they heard about them at the dinner table. Or they went through them with us, side by side. And if you don’t have siblings, pay attention to cousins, other side by side relatives or old childhood friends from that critical period of your life. And, acting proactively, you might even consider calling those people as they will be in the mood and mode to share something illuminating and profound with you to help you on your journey.


Mercury and Sun entered Aquarius on last Saturday, starting a new phase of 17 and 30 days of experience respectively. Mercury in Aquarius is simply brilliant, exalted in fact. Mercury this week is moving quite rapidly, soaring at 20,000 feet, able to notice the facts and synthesize the details into a cohesive whole. Mercury travels between 5 and 14, stimulating all the planets in your chart between those degrees and at those ages. Mercury sets off Uranus in Fire with a sextile, inspiring. Then Mercury simultaneously trines and contraparallels Jupiter in a push me pull you kind of manner encouraging you to take action to right a wrong or follow a dream denied even if you are not exactly sure how to go about doing it. You have to coordinate your action like the Pushme-Pullyou in Dr. Doolittle did. At the same time, it doesn’t feel quite “right” or “correct”








Mercury next takes a hit to his blind spot from Chiron in an entirely HELPFUL and skill building or enhancing way. Remember when you learned to ride a bike and they wanted to take the training wheels off? Perhaps you had a bit of a panic mode BUT VOILA soon, you were riding the bike just fine and NOT using the training wheels at all! But you didn’t believe it was going to work at first? That is Mercury’s next energy but he actually KNOWS more than he THINKS he knows. Consult with a sibling about this as Mercury next talks to stationing Vesta. You know more than you think you do. Or other people think you know more than you do.







Then Mercury zips further into the Finger of God receiving yet another blind spot aspect from Pluto and with a square to Saturn on Friday. Maybe you aren’t ready to take off those training wheels just yet? Pluto talks some trash to Mercury stimulating him to reconsider what he thought was true. Mercury is NOT happy. But he DOES see the big picture. Then Mercury has a square to Saturn which demands action oriented thoughts even if you are psychologically resistant to taking action or saying what you need to say. You have to step up and do it. Go to bat for yourself. No backsliding. No slippage. No lost condoms. You know what you need to do and you have to do it. You need to get protection for yourself psychologically and then you need to do it. It is a take action aspect. Finally Mercury aspects the Nodes of Fate on Sunday suggesting you have a breakthrough idea or connection.


The Sun in Aquarius asks you to step back and detach. Look at the world from a distance. He has similar aspects to Mercury but is moving more slowly. This week he talks to Uranus and Jupiter ~ he’s looking for the big picture. Mercury is scurrying ahead of him, advising all that the Sun is coming, the Sun is coming. They are all cleaning up and preparing for his arrival. Sun’s aspects to the Nodes of Fate by declination suggest you see something you had never noticed before. Sun in Aquarius is best when it is taking a big picture approach and detaching from the petty emotional stuff that so often rules our days. Allow yourself to detach and see the world from a distance. You’ll be surprised how that 20,000 view helps you notice the patterns in things.



From a distance the world looks blue and green
And the snowcapped mountains white
From a distance the ocean meets the stream
And the eagle takes to flight

From a distance, there is harmony
And it echoes through the land
It’s the voice of hope,
It’s the voice of peace
It’s the voice of every man

From a distance we all have enough
And no one is in need
And there are no guns,
No bombs and no disease
No hungry mouths to feed

From a distance we are instruments
Marching in a common band
Playing songs of hope,
Playing songs of peace
They’re the songs of every man
God is watching us,
God is watching us
God is watching us from a distance

From a distance you look like my friend
Even though we are at war
From a distance I just cannot comprehend
What all this fighting is for

From a distance there is harmony
And it echoes through the land
And it’s the hope of hopes,
It’s the love of loves
It’s the heart of every man
It’s the hope of hopes,
It’s the love of loves

This is the song of every man
And God is watching us,
God is watching us
God is watching us from a distance
Oh, God is watching us,
God is watching
God is watching us from a distance


We are going to be living with the Finger of God until the end of March. It DOES get easier as we get used to it. It is all about living in the moment. Mars and Venus are both pretty stressed out this week, particularly at the end of the week. Concentrate your efforts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mars and Venus are unhappy so that makes relationships a fraught area emotionally. Agree to disagree. Negotiate NEXT week when the closing aspects are better. Thursday and Friday are all about emotions while Friday and Saturday are all about MOI! Me not YOU! When you are really working to clear up and get clean on your own stuff, you don’t have as much time or patience for the other guy’s or gal’s stuff, dramas and needs. Let them know you are out of pocket and go do what you need to do.





















There a Full Moon on Saturday at 7:24 Leo/Aquarius. It harkens back to the New Moon on July 30, 2011. You’d just come off Saturn stationing at 10 Libra for May, June and July in the summer of 2011. Now the Full Moon carries you back to that time and ties the story from THEN into the story of NOW and the story from your CHILDHOOD ~ can you see how they are all linked up across time and space? The continuity of your issues around relationships carries back to when you were between 4 and 11? A cosmic mosaic of time and space interconnected and related! How cool is that? Now apply David Goddard’s suggestion: It was an unfortunate experience that has taught you something. Or Bette Midler’s song: From a Distance, there is harmony. It’s the hope of hopes. It is the love of loves. It is the song of every man.



The Sabian Image for the Sun is BEAUTIFULLY GOWNED WAX FIGURES ON DISPLAY. Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the image follows:

Commentary: ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures on Display’ pictures a situation of the enjoyment, even the glorifying, of physical beauty, shape and form. When we see ‘Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures’ it can be rather startling, as we may get caught out for a moment, thinking they are real flesh and blood. These ‘Wax Figures’ can be like “mannequins” in a store window or they can be people who fuss and care about how they look more than care how they relate as real human beings.

Oracle: It is not enough to just look and play a part; we must know and live that part as well. Although there may be the desire to present one’s self in a beautiful and manicured way, it is also necessary to know how to “walk your talk”. Being well rehearsed and fully aware of fulfilling one’s role can lead to people being pleased and impressed with this ‘Display’. This Symbol can also show elements of a situation that are too superficial, driven externally by society or events, or have only been allowed to have a shallow influence. Something, or someone, may look good on the outside for some time, but what’s truly going on inside? Are issues of ‘Beauty’ involved, here? Or “heart-less-ness”? There’s often the choice of hiding one’s internal feelings in a display of elegance, beauty or fashion, however, being stiff, uncaring and robotic can lead to people being alienated or disillusioned. External appearances need the heart’s warmth to give life; is warmth missing in this situation? If there’s plenty of substance involved, the display of ‘Beauty’ will bring nothing but good.

Keywords: Setting standards. Exemplars of social ritual. Superficial values on display. Superficial beauty or avatars of fashion? Not showing true feelings. Beauty salons, modeling. Judging a book by its cover. No substance. Pretty on the outside. Positions of power and privilege that feel unreal. Models. Beauty and its allure. Store dummies. Money spent on appearances. Always having to look good.

The Caution: Putting on a false front. Expecting to be noticed. Acting “wooden” about something. Not contributing anything of real value. Beauty that has no “voice”. Store dummies. Lack of depth and integrity. Fake responses. Acting for social acceptance. Bloodless realities. Lifeless figures. Obsession with beauty and fashion.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Coco Chanel


One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. Oscar Wilde


People see you as an object, not as a person, and they project a set of expectations onto you. People who don’t have it think beauty is a blessing, but actually it sets you apart. Candice Bergen


Fashion is a potency in art, making it hard to judge between the temporary and the lasting. E. C. Stedman


Nothing’s beautiful from every point of view. Horace


Clothes make the man. Latin Proverb


It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes. Henry David Thoreau


Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society. Mark Twain


You may turn into an archangel, a fool, or a criminal; no one will see it. But when a button is missing, everyone sees that. Erich M. Remarque


The Full Moon in Leo’s Sabian Image is AN ACTIVIST IS STIRRING UP DISCONTENT BY SPREADING HIS REVOLUTIONARY IDEALS. Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the image is:

Commentary: ‘An Activist is Stirring up Discontent by Spreading his Revolutionary Ideals’. He has had some enlightening or disturbing insight into what’s going on in society. He wants people to listen to his message and, probably, influence and change their way of thinking. The ‘Activist’ feels that he has the answers to how life should really be and what rights people are entitled to. To some people, his beliefs, or his radical ways, may be somewhat confronting and threatening to their everyday lives. To others, his ‘Ideals’ may fit in with what they’ve wanted in their own lives; he can be a beacon calling out for action. His message can be challenging, stirring or misleading.

Oracle: Society often looks down on those who have bright and burning ideas of revolution, when in reality they should perhaps be thanked for having the vision, or foresight, to see the need for these revisions. On the other hand, somebody may be forcing their ideas on others – what one person thinks is not always right for others. And, of course, ‘Activists’ are not always spreading useful, or practical, ideas. They can be extremist and unrealistic. The striving for the ideals of equality for all in society tends to be more relevant to those in a disadvantaged position. Those who live safely within the comfort of society rarely rebel against what’s happening; however, there are exceptions to this. There may indeed be the need for a change to the status quo. This must come from someone who is prepared to sacrifice personal comfort in order to remain true to his or her ideals and fight for the common good. You may feel that you have had enough of the situation and that you have no power. If so, you probably need to enlist the support of others if you wish to succeed. It is through the promise of equality that power will be won.

Keywords: Unwavering and unbending intellect. Burning passions. Revolutionary ideals. Change for the sake of change. Making one’s ideas and passions known. Standing on a soapbox. Greenpeace and other radical groups. Anti-capitalism. Entrepreneurs. Working hard to wake others up. Challenging authority. Demonstrations. Placards. Rejecting oppression. Soapboxes.

The Caution: Political brainwashing. Finding things to be dissatisfied with. Extremism. Religious fundamentalists. Street preachers. Cult leaders. Terrorism. Breeding hate. Challenging powerful institutions. Propaganda. Animosity.

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Chinese proverb
A man may be poorly dressed and penniless, yet his burning desire can bring him the opportunity of his lifetime. E Barnes


There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Niccolo Machiavelli


The people must fight for their laws as for their walls. Heraclitus


The first duty of a revolutionist is to get away with it. Abbie Hoffman


I hate the idea of causes, and if I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. E. M. Forster


A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising. David Ruggles


All movements go too far. Bertrand Russell


It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.
Oriah Mountain Dreamer



We all have to become Daydream believers! Believing in our day dreams helps us follow our path!


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Anne’s Weekly Weather: The Finger of God pulses above our heads! A Full Moon at 7 Aquarius. Lots of Sun and Mercury aspects! Illumination!


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The Mary Anne Show: Mary and I are on vacation! It is Martin Luther King Day!


Access Astrology: Heather, Mark and I talked about the week ahead and took calls from listeners.


Venus Unplugged: Llorraine Neithardt continues to tell the ancient myth Of Amour & Psyche.
The myth of initiation into the mysteries of the feminine continues ~this week’s episode was Psyche’s Death – Marriage. The coming week Psyche and her Envious Sisters. The plot thickens!!


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Void Moons This Week!

Moon goes void Trine to Mars on Wednesday Jan 23 2013 at 06:42:45 am EST and enters Cancer on Wednesday Jan 23 2013 at 10:01:04 pm EST
Moon is void all day Wednesday.

Moon goes void opposite to Venus on Friday Jan 25 2013 at 03:36:04 pm EST and enters Leo on Saturday Jan 26 2013 at 09:21:20 am EST.
Moon is void Saturday afternoon and evening.


Moon Day Monday January 21 is Martin Luther King Day and a holiday in the states. Moon finds itself is busy and productive Gemini with terrific closing aspects of a trine to action taking Mars in Fire. Communications and great ideas seem to pop out your mouth, mind and heart. Listen to them! Take action on them. Sun’s semisextile to Neptune suggests some are dreamy ideas but they all have validity. Sun’s parallel to Pluto encourages each of us to step up and move into our power dynamic. Find the Pluto in your chart and do some work understanding your ideas about power: good, bad or indifferent. Health matters move to the forefront as Astraea is quite active today. There is an inspired idea about not being subservient to a difficult situation anymore. Take action on it. Pay attention to health matters rather than ignoring them. They will get worse if you ignore them. Moon occults Jupiter tonight suggesting extreme emotional reactions ~ good or bad ~ but extreme.

Mars day, Tuesday January 22 Moon continues in Gemini connecting, communicating and taking action. Mercury sextiles Uranus making it a great morning to start new rituals or meditations. Dreams can be particularly inspiring upon awakening. Follow your heart! Mercury has a sesquiquadrate aspect to out of bounds Ceres inspiring the nurturing feminine or mother figures in your life to not want to take it anymore! They will be kind of stressed and probably quite irritated. All for the good. Mars is sextile Eris. Interesting that aspect happens today which is the 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, the Supreme Court decision that permitted women to obtain legal abortions across the land. Back when the decision was handed down, on January 22, 1973 at 10 am, Eris and Chiron were joined in Aries in the first house while Jupiter in Capricorn ruled the Pisces ascendant. The Eris and Chiron union suggests the ongoing punishment and wounding of the female for seeking to end an unwanted pregnancy was being addressed. Mars ruling intercepted Aries in the first house, residing in Sagittarius in the ninth house and trine to Eris and Chiron is the ongoing religious fervor around the topic. This year and next, as Uranus rolls over those points and Pluto squares them, we can expect the abortion wars to heat up and become even more contentious. Back in 1973, 1 in 6 women who sought to end an unwanted pregnancy died as a result of the illegal abortion procedures. Today, in Mississippi, there is no place to go to obtain a safe and legal abortion as all the clinics are closed. Mercury is super busy today with oodles of aspects pointing out things you need to see, hear and understand. Mercury is in super outgoing mode ~ connecting, relating, processing, networking and schmoozing. Make and take the calls!

Mercury’s day Wednesday January 23 finds the Moon void but still quite active in Gemini. Moon is void all day long. Finish existing projects from yesterday up but wait to send them off into the world. Mercury is super busy again today. Lots of dreams from last night linger in your psyche. Words can be spoken that wound today. Yes they meant it. And Yes it was on purpose. That be some jealousy you are seeing….. it might be wrapped in a nice outfit but it still is jealous. My mother used to call it the “green eyed monster”. It is a force to be reckoned with. See the pattern. Understand it. Accept it. And allow yourself to move toward what you want to move toward ANY WAY! Flu season should start to peak now that Astraea enters Capricorn today and leaves the wild and wooly Jupiter in Gemini. Or at least it will begin to settle down. Go home early and go to bed today ~ it will just make you feel better. There is a sense of exhaustion floating around in the ethers.

Jupiter’s day Thursday January 24 finds Moon in sensitive, emotional and very teary Cancer. Moon has a tough closing aspect of an opposition to Venus so what we want and what we need are two very different things. Moon also moves through that Finger of God in an EXTREMELY sensitive manner. Moon has troubled sleep, wakes with a start to bad or unexpected or startling news with her square to Uranus. Then Moon rolls through the rest of the day a bit rattled to come to an opposition with Pluto marking a difficult emotional power struggle. Next up, a trine from Saturn calms her down but Saturn also can be a bit condemning of her emotional state. Moon is emotional and stimulates Saturn to be Unemotional. Mercury’s trine to stationing Vesta encourages you to call a sibling or some dear friend who knows you forever to get a bit of perspective on the matter. Mars squares the nodes asking you to pick ~ either up or down~ you have to pick. Yes or No. Go for your higher good. Push yourself toward the thing that requires you to evolve rather than sitting in the safe and known. Sun or Ego is pressing on Ceres, the principle of how you nurture yourself to evolve. No right or wrong here. Just notice the pattern. Understand your role in it. Decide if you want it to stay the same or change. Mercury has an aspect of brilliance to Eris…. All those “BAD” behaviors have some kind of payoff. The BAD behaviors get you something. I had a friend whose son whined. Whine, Whine, WHINE! Drove all of her friends simply crazy. HOWEVER, when he whined, his mother couldn’t take it either so she gave him whatever he wanted. One day, I noticed he never whined with other adults, only with his mom. That bad behavior of his completely paid off ~ notice your own or the other person’s bad behavior. Look for the pay off. There always is one. Mercury links up with Pluto by declination allowing you to understand the bad behavior for what it actually DOES. It accomplishes things. Mercury was the only god who could go to Pluto’s realm unscathed… the BAD behavior keeps you from being hurt too. Sun’s sextile to Uranus encourage you to shift, change and go for what your ego wants in a creative and productive manner.

Venus’s day Friday January 25 find Moon in Cancer, going void late in the afternoon. Again, Moon has to struggle between what she wants for nurturing versus her desire nature. Today the desire nature is hammered even more as Ceres weighs in with “Well you know if you do THAT what will happen!” Sun has an aspect of brilliance to the Nodes of Fate encouraging us to move toward the transformation we need to make. Don’t talk about it. Just do it. Silently do it. Get it done. Mercury’s square to Saturn encourages you to take action rather than talk ~ talk is cheap. Put your money where your mouth is… Mercury pushes back at Admetos and wants to go for what he wants. Remember he is brilliant and able to get all sorts of information out of people. Throw away the papers you no longer need. Or get them out the door. Clear your space, your ideas, and your mind. Allow your mind to talk to YOU and suggest things. Meditate. Sit silently. Accept the good idea or suggestion that comes from and unexpected quarter. Sun trines Jupiter creating an exuberant energy of expansion tonight… make sure to exchange cards and move toward what you want. No fear. And No trying to boss the other person around. Let them figure it out on their own.

Saturn’s day, Saturday January 26 find Moon in Leo with difficult closing aspects of an opposition to Mars… a damned if you do and damned if you don’t aspect. So do what you want to do. It is a selfish Moon anyway… often people are accused of being selfish on this Moon as they do what they want to do without regard for what the other person might want them to do. And when someone tells you that you are being selfish, it often is because you are NOT doing what THEY want you to do. Venus is square to Eris so discord reigns bright and early ~ start your day off with an irritating argument ~ maybe a fight with the bus driver or at the grocery store or perhaps an argument with your partner or child. Delays, irritations and very crabby crabby cakes. You get the idea. Sometimes it is one of those days when you should stay home and not talk to anyone, answer the phone or open the door. Sun converses with the Nodes suggesting you bring consciousness and think one, twice or thrice before you open your mouth and make it worse. Silence is encouraged. Vesta stations. The Moon is moving toward Full and emotions are swirling. Connect with your inner child and just comfort them. People are not happy campers. Mars and Pluto have a semi-square so even THEY are irritated and weighing in. This is a day when things can quickly go awry ~ fights escalate rapidly. So if you find yourself slamming dishes and pots… and watch out for knives! Venus is semi-square to Chiron so this has a domestic violence component to it. Try and keep your ego out of it.

Sun’s day Sunday January 27 finds Moon in Leo and creative if still a bit argumentative. Lots of tossing and turning dreams. Home and house situations end today. You can’t do it a minute longer or deal with the current state of being. Venus’ trine to the South Node and sextile to the North Node pushes you to expand your idea of what is possible for yourself. Venus is on the world axis so information coming in can take you into a very public place. Give yourself permission to explore things you are interested in doing. Mercury links up with the Nodes of Fate too ~ encourage you to stretch your definition of what is possible for yourself. See the potential. Open up the possibilities. Venus in a quintile aspect to Pallas lets you understand the deeper story operating just below the surface. There always is a deeper story. Bad behavior gets rewarded! Don’t reward bad behavior. Your own bad behavior or their bad behavior. Push to evolve. Venus is quintile to Saturn helping you understand the reward for this bad behavior too. There is always a reward. Saturn encourages you to see the bigger picture for what it is. Mercury is stressing about how to tell what has been going on but should take a deep breath and relax. Venus in quintile to Uranus has a unique approach to the situation ~ make sure to try it out. You’ll be surprised how good you can actually do it! You don’t need training wheels anymore! Adjust partnerships where you are not being valued for who you are. Speak up for what you need. Take time tonight to settle in with some inspiration ideas or literature.

Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission. Check her out at SabianSymbols.com.

Copyright © 2013 A. C. Ortelee

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