Weekly Weather July 12, 2011
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Weekly Weather July 11, 2011

We have a quiet week ahead of us. Three all day long Void moons, not much in the way of drama in the heavens and an emotionally outer oriented approach to the world as the Moon goes through Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius ~ three get down to business and don‘t take stuff personally signs.

Sun in Cancer is always about processing emotionally as it nurtures us to take the next step. Sun in Cancer is in outward and other oriented signs so we are not taking things so PERSONALLY right now.

We still have a bit of settling down to do from the eclipses in June. As Mars moves through Gemini over the balance of the month and sets off the eclipse degrees ~ like he did last week ~ he stimulates us to take action and make choices. So take action. But take actions that can be changed if things don’t work out the way you planned. Hedge your bets as you can. Contingency plan. Once Mars gets into Leo, you’ll be acting with more confidence. Right now, you’ll probably have to fake it for the time being ~ that confidence just isn’t flowing right now.

Mercury forms two fast moving Hammer of Thors in the sky early in the week and over the weekend to hammer home the point that you were meant to clear up or come to a better understanding of with the eclipses. Mercury also works with Uranus and Pluto who are asking for deep, fundamental changes to the status quo ~ below the surface, profound transformations. Window dressings don‘t work any more. Watch for old emotional reactions to familiar stimulations. Choose a different reaction. Mercury enters his Shadow, preparing for his upcoming 3 week retrograde in August. Watch for the story that surfaces in your life mid-week as that will be what you are revising, redoing, revisioning and re whatever word you can think of as Mercury retrogrades next month

Venus in Cancer finishes her time in the cardinal t-square with a psychological adjustment this week as she squares Saturn on Wednesday. Think back to last August, when she and Mars met up with Saturn, all fresh and perky, as they entered the cardinal t-square for the first time. She’s had a hard slog over the fall, winter and spring. NOW she is CLEAR! Make sure to listen to her! She‘s speaking to you from her heart… love and partnership relationships under this aspect are challenged, tested and can be pushed into a good, old fashioned fight.

We have a Full Moon on Friday at 22:28 Capricorn taking us back to January 15, 2010’s Solar Eclipse and New Moon which started the cycle culminating this week. Capricorn asks us to account for how we measure up and the quality of growth in our own life. Think back to winter of 2010 and watch as the changes in your new project or great idea.

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Image for the Full Moon at Capricorn 23: A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. We often need to be acknowledged for the issues or causes we’ve fought for and the battles we’ve endured, whether we come out on top, or not. In your situation, your efforts may be recognized with some show of appreciation or compensation. It may be that you need to recognize another’s achievement, behavior, or ‘Bravery’. Perhaps someone actually made it through by admitting defeat and pulling out when the time was right. If we’ve been wronged by society in some way, and shown ourselves to be strong and able to stand up to difficult or threatening situations, there may need to be reparations paid, money or rewards of some kind to make up for any trauma, lost opportunities or loss of family or social life. There’s a warning though, of the feeling of being desperate to win, regardless of the cost. Sometimes people will fight over who is the most deserving for being battle-scarred and who’s the braver or the stronger or there’s a struggle over who deserves the ‘Award’, who put in the most effort, and who has come out the victor in a situation. It can be discouraging and disappointing if we feel we have to go into ‘Combat’ to prove the merit of our deeds, our life or our beliefs. Sometimes we have to cut our losses before we end up plunging into ‘Combat’ once again. Was the outcome worth what went into it? If you can see the ‘Awards’ in a rewarding light, however they manifest, you can turn your life into a victory showing your power, strength and bravery.

Keywords: Desperate striving for recognition. Rewards for involvement in tough situations. Medals and trophies. Tributes, acknowledgments and benefits given or showered. Award ceremonies. Posthumous awards.. Giving thanks. Compensation. Insurance and legal claims. Recompense for taking action.

The Caution: ‘Awards’ as Band-Aids to assuage guilt produced in war. Expecting money or other rewards for doing anything that one doesn’t want to. The ills, social and otherwise, of combat fighting. Neurotic seeking of praise or acknowledgment. Rejection lines. Bribery.

So, how are those rewards going? Have you found lately that things are falling more into place? That things are coming together? Perhaps there’s a situation that you have to put an end to in order to move towards more success, happiness and peace of mind. Combat can be very draining of resources on every level and one’s opponent (whether it’s an emotion, a thought, person, event, circumstance or whatever) can be an interesting mirror into what’s going on your life. Are you acknowledging others and appreciating their contribution? Do you find yourself in a one-way situation with you doing all the appreciation and not getting much back? The ‘Two Awards’ can speak of both sides ‘winning’. No winners = no losers. Check out Lynda Hill’s work at www.sabiansymbols.typepad.com

Otherwise, the rest of the week is quiet as befits lazy summer days. Both Astraea and Hygeia are active this week so illness ~ that summer cold or allergies or just tired and wiped out ~ can roll in if your immune system is feeling a bit under the weather. So take time to nurture yourself and be early to bed to get enough sleep. You are still releasing from the eclipse through the Full Moon so be kind to yourself.

Void Of Course Moons ~ Get your Void Moon Projects Out!

8:21 am EDT Tuesday July 12 to 10:14 am EDT Wednesday July 13

2:40 am EDT Friday, July 15 to 4:30 pm

8:23 am EDT Sunday July 17 to 5:47 am EDT Monday July 18

Al H. Morrison explains Void Moons: “Every couple of days there comes a time which is best used for subjective, spiritual, non-material concerns, like prayer, yoga, play, psychotherapy or passive experience, sleep or meditation. This period may last a few seconds, or it may be three days and nights in a single session. Decision making in such periods turns out later unrealistic. Creativity diverges into unplanned directions, improvisations, false starts, error. Business moves fail to generate profits or meet unexpected difficulties. If you buy any object it usually fails of its intended use.”

Debbi Kempton-Smith: “Think of the Void Moon’s time period as a tunnel. You enter the Lincoln tunnel in New York. When you drive through the tunnel, the radio doesn’t work. The moment you leave the tunnel you are in a new state—New Jersey. Learn to make your schedules around void Moons; leave leeway for emergencies, cancellations and goof-off time. Do your routine tasks, and take a long lunch!”

Monday Moon Day July 11 finds the Moon in free visions, charge into the future Sagittarius, seeking a higher vision of how to relate. Nice closing aspects make today and Tuesday days when words deliver emotionally. Ceres enters Aries so the principle of Mothering or Nurturing is quite FIERCE and aggressive ~ wanting to make changes and perhaps frustrated if she can’t. Moon trines Uranus so take a unique approach to emotional changes. Yes, you are going to be fine. Sun is against the group energy ~ wanting to leave and be off on his own. Mercury sextiles Mars to make action taking and going for what you desire around ideas and visions very productive. Take a chance and try it out. You are the captain of your life!

Mars Day, July 12, Tuesday A void moon all day, it still is in productive Sagittarius so follow up or take care of legal, publishing, writing, public relations, and producing philosophies, plans or beliefs that guide you today. Don’t finalize them but work on them. Get yourself out the door to move, compete and climb mountains. Venus, the principle of love and money is feeling a bit besieged as she moves into harsh aspects with time and seeing patterns. You’ll see patterns this week that you don’t much like. And you’ll be made aware that time is marching on, with or without you. Get marching! Venus is also in her last stages of moving through the cardinal t-square making a closing psychological square to Saturn in Libra. Venus square Saturn aspects require us to ask for things we are probably not going to get ~ however WE HAVE TO ASK to KNOW what is going on. WE HAVE TO ASK TO GET CLARITY. Rather than setting up some bizarre test to see if they care about you or worrying about what “their behavior means” with your friends, just ask them. Or tell them. Today is a great day to set boundaries, at least in your own mind, of what you are going to do or not do going forward around relationships that aren‘t working for you in the way you want them to. The first Hammer of Thor forms today with Mercury as the handle to the hammer of Ceres and Pluto in a square. Time to change HOW you’ve been nurturing and doing things. New approaches are called for. Transformation of caretaking or nurturing ~ take a psychological approach. The old way wasn’t working any more ~ so try something new!

Mercury’s day, July 13, Wednesday Moon in Capricorn with harsh separating aspects of a full moon to nurturing Cancer Sun extends the story into the next chapter. Think back to January 2010 to see the seeds of the first story getting planted and culminating now. Any changes needed? Venus squares Saturn in Cancer to Libra suggesting new approaches to partnering. Remember in EVERY RELATIONSHIP there is some kind of PAY OFF or PAY BACK. The relationship and the dynamic in it exists for a reason. Understand the payoff in the dynamic and you have the key to the relationship. Venus rules both relationships and payoff or paybacks as part of her domain. So while the payback or payoff may seem BIZARRE or WEIRD or NOT WHAT YOU’D WANT ~ something about it appeals to the OTHER person which is WHY they are IN the relationship in the form that it is it. Some how the structure or format of the relationship WORKS for WHAT THEY WANT. Believe what you see and figure out today. If they say they are a rotten person who no one can love, THEY BELIEVE THAT. You won‘t be able to convince them they are loveable. They don’t want your love. Stop trying to change their mind! Move on. If they go back into a bad relationship situation, after complaining about their Rotten Partner to you, THEY GET SOMETHING from YOU when they complain about their Rotten Partner to you. AND, they WANT TO BE IN that relationship to the Rotten Partner ~ they get something out of it too! YOU can control how they relate to YOU ~ you can say “I don’t want to hear about Rotten Partner any more. Obviously, you get something out of being in relationship with Rotten Partner.” Let them go play in the sand box with Rotten Partner. Stop listening to their complaints about Rotten Partner. YOU are HELPING them STAY in the relationship WITH Rotten Partner by listening to them complain. They discharge all their bad feelings about Rotten Partner into YOUR lap and go right back in, refreshed and released to get more stories to tell you. Stop playing! Venus’ declination aspects to the Nodes suggest today is a great day to implement changes in how you go about relationships. Change in ways that SERVE your higher and their higher good. Let them stay unloved or in the relationship with Rotten Partner. They want to be there. You can’t fix them. You can only adjust your response to you.

Jupiter’s day, July 14, Thursday Moon in Capricorn continues as a releasing and illuminating Full Moon builds in energy. Mercury is opposite Vests suggesting you can clear stuff out of the house and home to reorganize or restructure. Venus squares Zeus ~ he did what he wanted regardless of consequences. Most of us have something we want to do regardless of consequences ~ today is probably the day to do it as you are clear. Be aware that you might permanently end something or change something with this energy. That can be a good or bad thing. Saturn and Zeus are traveling through the heavens together making the principle of EXCESS in RELATIONSHIPS ~ including the ones that are bad for us ~ dance around the room. Before we get clear on what we actually want or need we tend to have a bit of excess. Sun’s aspect to the Nodes requests that we figure out our emotional payback or payoff in the relationship. Why are WE in the Rotten Relationship? What is the pay off or pay back for US? Do you feel good solving their problems? Fixing them up? Reinforcing what your parents said or what those childhood messages were? Do you think this is HOW you are supposed to be rather than WHAT you want? Dig around a bit in the payback or payoff in the relationship for YOU too! Mars in Gemini’s aspect to Uranus allows for brilliance in understanding. Remember there is a payoff or payback in the difficult or problematic relationships you are in. You CAN change that dynamic once you understand it. Jupiter’s aspect of Stress to the Nodes of Fate suggest that even the old big guy is tired of the way he’s been living. He might be willing to change but you have to stand back and give him room to do so. No more shouting out instructions. Stand quietly by while he figures it out himself. We never take advice on the important stuff until we are ready and willing to hear it!

Venus’s day, July 15, Friday Most of the day the Moon is void in Capricorn. There is a lovely Full Moon in Capricorn as the second Hammer of Thor or Fist of God forms. Yep God is in the mood to hammer home the points that you are still not getting. This hammer is more fierce that the one that formed earlier in the week as it involves Mercury as the handle with Uranus square Pluto. We get that our definition of relationship comes from our families of origin ~ we like what they did or don’t like what they did. We form OUR own relationships accordingly. We do what we were taught. Then we grow up. We get to turning points in our lives. Saturn in Libra says we are at a turning point in our relationships. Uranus square to Pluto says ~ change and evolve or die doing what you are doing now. Yes, it is as simple as that. If we don’t change, we will continue to do what we’ve always done ~ and continue to get the SAME RESULT! And we will keep doing it till we die. Wow!! Harsh message from the heavens but crystal clear! So look at what you are doing. Change or die. Evolution baby! Darwin noticed that you had to modify to fit the environment or you went extinct. Survival of the fittest ~ that means the critters evolved to FIT the environment they wanted to be in or found themselves in. Don’t like where you are? Evolve. You have to change. Change or die. You are going to die one of these days anyway so why not try the change before you go?

Saturn’s day, July 16, Saturday Moon in Aquarius shifts back into the big picture. Moon works productively with the big picture. Seen at 20,000 feet you get a different perspective which actually is more true than the one you’ve been operating at. Venus softens up a bit ~ boy those last couple of days were harsh in their messages ~ as she aspects Neptune. Think of it from your Soul’s perspective! The people before you that you are in relationships with were brought into your life to help your soul evolve. Are they helping you evolve? Are they enhancing your life experience? One of my wise Pisces clients said “I gave up Alcohol because Nothing Good came out of my relationship with it.” If you have a relationship with something that is more bad for you than good for you, directly steer the energy toward making it more good rather than bad for you. If that can’t happen, by September 19, you need to cut it loose and move on. Saturn is giving you until he leaves his shadow, on September 19, to get this whole mess worked out. So get busy. When YOU change, they change. Stop asking, hoping or wishing that THEY will change. Not your job. YOU CAN CHANGE. And when YOU change, THEY change. Happens all the time. Try it. Experiment on the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Pluto laughs at the idea of you evolving ~ humans NEVER change he chortles ~ so prove him wrong as he works with Mercury and pushes off the pattern maker of Pallas. No letting that cosmic dwarf get away with laughing at you!

Sun’s day, July 17, Sunday Moon is void in Aquarius all day offering us a visionary version of reality. Fly high and look at your patterns. Sun aspects Neptune offering you a new vision of how to make the needed changes in your life. Mars says take a different approach. Remember he is in playful Gemini so he CAN be flexible in how he does stuff. Change your approach. See what happens. You can do it. I promise you will like the outcome. Give them a chance to evolve. Adjustments around the home and hearth are inspired today. So give yourself permission to change it up. Mercury works with the Nodes of Destiny inspiring a new approach to your fate. Change up your beliefs about how the world works. Try a different approach to elevate the energy to its higher form! You can do it!

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