Weekly Weather July 8, 2013
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Weekly Weather July 8, 2013


Full steam ahead! 

Starting this week, Saturn goes direct!

Your life takes off!!




Saturn, the old ringed craggy big fellow in the solar system stops on and turns direct on Monday, July 8 at 4:49 Scorpio ~ bringing up the story from last November 14 as he stations on that degree.  Saturn also correlates to August 31, 2012 when Mars triggered the same degree. (Remember your Mars in Scorpio List from last summer? ~ time to dig it out again! ) Over the past year, Saturn got as far as 11:32 Scorpio or September 11, 2012 in your Mars List.

Saturn will be charging ahead, until March 2, 2014, when he stops at 23:19 Scorpio. He will be working with us to build all sorts of new structures in our lives.  He’ll be asking us to firmly, passionately and permanently commit to our futures. We are being asked to commit to our path, our partner, our life, our creativity or something else of a life altering nature between now and March of 2014. Saturn in Scorpio is a fixed sign ruling sex, death and taxes.  So in the same way a child is a permanent commitment, death marks a permanent shift of the life force or your tax return documents forever with your government your prior year’s earnings, Scorpio is a sign that keeps track of things ~ forever.  No joke that we learned the NSA is keeping track of our phone calls and emails while Saturn was in Scorpio.  YOU might not remember who you called last week but Saturn and the NSA DO remember.  And they have a record of it too!

Since November of 2012, Saturn has been working with you to clear out any resistances, fears or blocks to the commitment you are being asked to make now.  The blocked, fearful or resistant areas you were clearing out were formed in your childhood between the ages of 4 ¾ and 11 ½ .  As you were a little kid, with a limited amount of power and efficacy, often those blocks represent areas where you don’t feel comfortable or confident. In fact, you can be absolutely terrified to face or work with them.

However, to have the kind of life you want for yourself, you have to figure out a way to get past, around or over the block from your childhood so you can commit to the life you and your Saturn want and desire. Sometimes it means sitting with the anxiety until it abates and then proceeding. Other times you might need a cocktail, Ativan, hot bath, therapy or intervention to get there.  Saturn’s been doing something with you since last November to help you get over your block(s). Keep working with the big guy as he turns and retraces his steps for a third and final time.

Saturn enters his shadow again on November 26, 2013 so things built between November 26, 2013 and March 2, 2014 might be revised.  However, ALL the stuff we are building NOW until November 26 will stay the course and last for 29 years or subset there of.  Remember we are working with Saturn here!  His minimum commitment time is 2 ½ years but he prefers increments of 7 ~7 ¼ , 14 ½, 22 ¾, and 29 years. Notice all the major changes in your life that resonate around Saturn’s timetable.  He’s the big guy we all report into regarding the karma and structures of our lives.

Look to your natal Saturn by sign and house placement to see the karma of your life.  Look at the houses ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius to see the area where Saturn governs. We are all afraid where our Saturn is by sign and placement.  On the other hand, Saturn IS our work in this life time.  We HAVE TO DO OUR SATURN.  Willingly or unwillingly, Saturn keeps on our case, working with us, nudging us, pushing us and asking us ~ nicely or not so nicely ~ to get with the program and do our life’s work.  Ready or not, FULL STEAM AHEAD ~ no holding back on your life! Saturn says it is time to go forward!












The Week’s Planetary Highlights ~ Saturn stations and turns direct with more PIVOTS!

Mars is out of bounds until August 3, 2013. Mars enters Cancer on July, 13 2013 at 09:22:09 am EDT for 45 days of emotional reactions every time the Moon changes signs. Expect over the top actions when the Moon’s sign changes and more PIVOTS until Saturday! Pivots! Mirrors!

Ceres is out of bounds from Nov 21, 2012 to July 20, 2013

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer until July 20, 2013.

Saturn turns direct on July 8, 2013 at 01:11:30 am EDT on 04°Sc49′.  Saturn PIVOTS ~ who knew he could do THAT?  Full Steam ahead, building your life until March 2, 2014!

New Moon on July 8, 2013 at 16 Cancer at 3:14 am.

Venus inconjunct Chiron on July 8, 2013 at 06:25:44 pm EDT.  Wounding words which are meant, mean, healing and yet true at the same time. Adjust and move on.

Sun inconjunct Juno on July 9, 2013 at 01:56:08 am EDT allows for change in partnerships. Embrace a new format in your relationships so they allow you to grow strong and true.

Sun joins Mercury on July, 9 2013 at 02:41:07 pm EDT.  Everybody thinks they are right. So let them. No arguing about it. Get on with your life, already.

Venus squares the Nodes of Fate on July 9, 2013 at 04:50:39 pm EDT on the world axis offering you a fated choice that is very public. Give yourself permission to go for your dreams even if they scare /square the heck out of you.

Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes void joined to Mercury on Monday July 8 2013 at 07:44:47 am EDT and enters Leo on Tuesday July 9 2013 06:49:12 am EDT.  Moon is void all day Monday.

Moon goes void sextile to Mars on Thursday July 11 2013 at 03:55:34 pm EDT and enters Virgo on Thursday July 11 2013 at 06:12:54 pm EDT.

Moon goes void sextile to the Sun on Saturday July 13 2013 at 11:26:57 am  EDT and enters Libra on  Sunday July 14 2013 at 03:41:39 am  EDT. Moon is void all day Saturday.








We are entering an accelerated time with a Grand Trine in Water forming between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Now that Saturn is turning direct, that Grand Trine is going to take off. Jupiter and Saturn form a closing trine with each other once every 20 years or so ~ they trine each other all summer. Jupiter, exalted in Cancer, will support Scorpio Saturn in making the needed structural changes in your life as the psychological blocks about and around commitment shift. However, most importantly, we are adding Neptune into the mix!  Neptune forms a Grand Trine to Jupiter and Saturn, filling in the Pisces Leg.




Neptune in our charts describes where we find god, the divine, our soul and seek to escape the ties of earth or merge with the rapture. Putting Neptune into a mix with the two generational planets, Saturn and Jupiter, means we are forming very important and key dreams about our future with the two planets charged with our relationship to the world and our community of choice. Neptune forms a grand trine with Saturn and Jupiter very rarely. I literally sat and moved backwards through time, month by month, to find when the three of them last had a grand trine. In September 1966, they formed a grand trine in water, with Saturn in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer.  In January of 1929, Jupiter was in Taurus, in an out of sign trine to Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in late Leo/Early Virgo, the fire excesses setting the stage for the stock market crash while Mother Teresa went to Calcutta to begin her work with the poor. Before that, in July 1834, Saturn in Libra, Neptune in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini ~ Darwin went on his famous exploration, slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire and Mount Vesuvius erupted ~ New ideas and volcanic soot were in the air!

ANY Grand trine is both good and bad. The planets “get each other” as the energy mix is compatible in the same element. That said, grand trines can be too much of a good thing. With Grand trines in WATER, it is most important to go with the flow. Don’t try to control things. It is a bit like white water rafting when you fall out of the raft. You’ll catch up with the raft and your friends after you get through the turbulence ahead. Keep your feet pointed down river and your head upriver. Watch out for rocks and whirlpools. Float, flow, use your hands as mini-paddles to steer you ~ very little energy is required to adjust your direction ~ you are going where the current takes you. Trust the process. Water trines, particularly those involving overdoing planets like Neptune and Jupiter make drug and alcohol overdoses much more likely so careful with any  substances.

Extreme emotional flexibility as well as lots of water issues will be the keywords of the summer. Allow yourself to dream. Neptune entered Pisces, his favorite sign, in Feb 2012. Now, he’s working with Jupiter and Saturn to give form and substance, plus a nurturing growth spurt of sustained abundance to your dreams for the next 14 years.  Jupiter is back where he was July 2001 to August 2002, ready to expand your life and your understanding of community and family. Who is your tribe? Saturn is back where he was from September of 1983 to September of 1984. Combine the dream, the hopes, the structures required, the work, the fear, the connections and community to see where you are going next. Add a twist of the elapsed years to see what expands. Add the informed issues that you’ve resolved or come to understand since last November. Make sure to dice in the essence of your fears that have pivoted or cleared as those are most important. The essence of your fears will act like a yeast and make the whole thing rise into a delicious loaf of bread to bake for your upcoming life.

This summer contains the most profound transitions of your life since 1966. It is, quite literally, time to work to make your dreams come true.  Your dreams are being sustained, fed, nurtured and supported by Saturn and Jupiter!  If you were a youngster or were not born yet, the summer is even more important in anchoring and launching your life in the direction of your soul’s path and your heart’s dream.  Embrace the energy. Fly with it. Full steam ahead. Life goes by in a blink of the eye.  Enjoy Kenny Chesney’s song, “Don’t Blink.”  He sums up beautifully how fast it goes and how amazing it is. Embrace your dreams and make them come true this summer.



There is a New Moon on Monday at 18 Cancer which begins a new 2 ½ year cycle as well as a 30 day cycle.  The lunar phase family for the New Moon is Opening Quarter on April 7, 2014, Full Moon on January 5, 2015 and Closing Quarter on October4, 2015

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is THE SEED GROWS INTO KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE.  Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbol is

Commentary: ‘The Seed Grows Into Knowledge and Life’. The process of the germination of the ‘Seed’ is slow and progressive, and must start from the very beginning. This ‘Seed’ may be an idea, a relationship, a process, a job or a course of study, etc. From the germination of the ‘Seed’ comes ‘Knowledge and Life’. Remember the maxim: Think a thought and sow a seed; sow a seed and do a deed. Do a deed, create a habit; create a lifestyle.

Oracle: The important thing to realize is that something of value has the opportunity to develop, but will need nurturing, attention, fertilization, care and hope. Things grow and, with time and nourishment, flourish, eventually providing further ‘Seeds’ for the future. However, at first, you may feel as though you are not growing or developing properly, or fast enough. Maybe there is dissatisfaction regarding your perceived progress. Perhaps you feel that everything will take too long if you start at the beginning. There are no shortcuts with nature-things have to grow at their own pace and in their own time. It is important to start small and let things develop from there. Even if you feel as though there is no time to “baby” along the situation, in the long run it will be for the best. Sacrifices may be necessary to ensure the development is complete. This can indicate pregnancy or the inception of a new idea. In a broader context, there may emerge a whole new and inspiring approach to, or participation in life. It could eventually lead to the birth or the growth of something. The time is fertile for the process of growth to begin.

Keywords: Small and careful beginnings leading to a beautiful flowering. Seeding things. New ideas bringing fulfillment. Pregnancy, childbirth and growing up. The growth of knowledge. Embryonic cells. Giving and receiving lessons. The urge to grow. Germination. Reaching towards light. Fertilization. Nourishment. Tender care. Genetic engineering. Transmutations.

The Caution: Rushing and missing vital parts. Arrogance about how much one knows. Being afraid to start a project because of time constraints. Not giving small things the reverence they deserve. Grabbing the fast dollar.

The true purpose of education is to cherish and unfold the seed of immortality already sown within us; to develop, to their fullest extent, the capacities of every kind with which the God who made us has endowed us. Anna Simpson

The seed of God is in us. Given an intelligent and hard working farmer, it will thrive and grow up to God, whose seed it is; and accordingly its fruits will be God-nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God seed into God. Emailer Elkhart

Is life worth living? This is a question for an embryo, not for a man. Samuel Butler

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We can see a thousand miracles around us every day. What is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken? Rutherford Platt

In creating, the only hard thing is to begin: a grass blade’s no easier to make than an oak. James Russell Lowell


Continue to PIVOT, baby, PIVOT. Turn that mirror into a window and then into a door!


Anne’s Four Radio Shows Recap:  Listen in to the podcasts via ITunes or by the website links.

Anne’s Weekly Weather:  Saturn goes direct starting a forward MARCH until March 2014.  You’ll be surprised how quickly your life comes together now that you are ready to commit to it and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury is retrograde. Mars out of bounds changes signs into Cancer, sign of his detriment and changing emotionally every day as the Moon changes. Whipsaw emotions! Going to be another wild week!

Scorpios Talking:  We’ll took a vacation last week as Michael is cooking for his party of 100.  This week, Anne will attempt to connect from Fire Island on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed ~ Mercury is retrograde.

The Mary Anne Show: We had a heat wave break!  It is too HOT to think!  Back next week, weather permitting!

Access Astrology: Heather and Anne talked about the upcoming energy and how the recent events in the world are reflected in the heaven’s above.

Venus Unplugged:  Llorraine Neithardt with Venus lessons for all!! For Jungians, dreamers, poets and visionaries this podcast helps with your individuation.


Moon day Monday July 8, 2013 finds Moon in Cancer, full and ripe with juicy possibilities as he links up with Mercury in a closing conjunction. Moon goes void joined to Mercury at 07:44:47 am EDT. Moon is void all day so relax, float and flow with the energy of the day. Reconnect with folks that are part of your forward journey. Invite them to join you and walk along with you. Saturn stations and turns direct. For the next five days (and the past five days), Saturn feels stopped. The tension is quite high.  Know that this is part of the energy of transformation. Sun’s union with Hades by declination can make you feel quite literally like you are in hell. It is a temporary situation, easing soon, but the feelings can be quite intense. Venus, the principle of relating and Chiron, the wound that doesn’t heal are arguing. Due to that there can be wounded feelings. It was done on purpose. It was meant. It was probably mean but also healing and true at the same time. Adjust and move on. Nothing to see here.  You understand the greater purpose of the relationship now. Saturn is stationing! Time to believe! Reality is shifting. Let reality flood your being. While I usually include the Sabian images on lunations, the image matched the energy of Saturn stationing in Scorpio: A MASSIVE, UNCHANGING ROCKY SHORE RESISTS THE POUNDING OF THE SEA

Commentary: ‘A Massive, Unchanging Rocky Shore Resists the Pounding of the Sea’. This Symbol shows how strong the ‘Rocky Shore’ is, or needs to be, to ‘Resist’ the relentless ‘Pounding of the Sea’. The ‘Rockiness’ of the ‘Shore’ is the slowly built result of millions of storms that have gone before. The storms have gone without much of a trace, but the beach remains, its contours changing very slowly.

Oracle: The elements of this situation are rock-solid and any efforts to change them may take a long time and a lot of energy. With this Symbol one can feel under assault from a larger and crueler reality, but there is a degree of strength available with which you can resist. You’re possibly dealing with trying to change the face of the rock-hard and established reality of life. You may find that you are under emotional assault, however you are probably strong enough to take it. How can you really make any difference in this situation, especially if ‘The Pounding’ has been happening for so long? Sometimes it looks like the old and established is going to give way, but then stubbornness or resistance sets in and nothing changes-all remains the same. This can be good or difficult, depending on which side of this situation you are placed. If you want the status quo to remain and to keep things as they are, there’s a good chance that when the storm is over everything will go back to being much the same as it was before. That’s fine, if that’s what you want, but if you’re trying to make changes that’s a different and much harder story. ‘Rocks’ will only wear down after a very long period of ‘Pounding’ and battering. Consistent persistence can lead to the achievement of difficult outcomes and objectives. Perhaps love and compassion need to be employed. How long can things continue with the same energy? How long can people endure without changing? Consider your chances for success in your present situation. You may be ‘Pounding’ the wrong shore. Wait for the ‘Seas’ to calm and look at your true emotional motivations. How long can one keep doing this?

Keywords: Relentless, unchanging reality. The establishment. Feeling battered and bruised. The need to hold onto reality in difficult situations. Sticking with something no matter what the cost or how long it takes. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Pounding waves, rocks and sand. Unchanging realities.

The Caution: Stubborn acts leading to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations. Shooting yourself in the foot. Teenage rebellion. Fighting the elements.

The drops of rain make a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by oft falling. Lucretius

The sea complains upon a thousand shores. Alexander Smith

It struck me while I was sitting here; everything changes but the sea. William B. Davis

Life leaps like a geyser for those who drill through the rock of inertia. Alexis Carrel

When much dispute has past, we find our tenets just the same as last. Alexander Pope

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins-not through strength, but by perseverance. H. Jackson Brown

He was the ocean and I was the sand. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Constant dripping wears away a stone. Proverb

Deep in the sea are riches beyond compare. But if you seek safety, it is on the shore. Saadi of Shiraz

Mars day Tuesday July 9, 2013 finds Moon entering Leo at 06:49:12 am EDT. Moon in Leo with very frisky and forward moving aspect as she sextiles out of bounds Mars in Gemini….some times you just have to dance. Today quite a few energies shift. Sun links up with Mercury, forming a condition called combust. Everyone thinks THEY are correct. Don’t bother to argue. They aren’t listening any way. It’s a righteous kind of energy… Mercury is retrograde so they ARE probably wrong or the situation will change once the trickster Mercury goes direct on July 20. Allow for the reversal of ideas to inspire you. For the time being, don’t argue with them. They get to make the choices they want to make. It IS their life. Lots of dreams last night produced a night of little or troubled sleep.  Tune into the argument or separation imagery from the dreams to see where your unconscious thinks you are still partnering with a difficult choice. If you can, just let it go. Venus squares the nodes of fate offering you a fated choice of transformation and a new life or same old icky yucky.  Saturn urges you your Venus to go for the transformative new life even if you don’t know quite how it is going to happen. Choose love. Choose your heart’s desire. Don’t be afraid. Venus and the Nodes are on the world axis in their dramatic dance so expect big news about relationships arriving (the new baby princess in England perhaps?) or changing. Tempers can flare at 6:15 pm EDT as Mars and Ceres both have stressed aspects at approximately the same time.  Ceres out of bounds is NOT in the mood to be dissed, even if Mars out of bounds was just joking around. Ramadan, a month of fasting during daylight hours, begins for Muslims.

Mercury’s day Wednesday July 10, 2013 finds Moon in frisky and fun loving Leo. Today is quite creative. Moon works with Uranus to create change and excitement early in the day. Health matters take a turn for the chronic so take steps to address them. Partnerships and relationships need conversations that outline how adjustments can help or hinder things going forward. Remember Mercury is retrograde so there can be misunderstandings taking place. Clarify, echo and mirror what you hear. Ask again or repeat what you thought the other person said. There is so much swirling around, it can be hard to focus. When in doubt, choose love today. Focus on doing what you CAN do.  Do what you can do WELL, don’t pay attention or lend energy to the things that you can’t do anything about. Focusing on what you love and can do well grounds your chart and the charts of those around you.  Make room for some play time tonight!

Jupiter’s day Thursday July 11 finds Moon in Leo frisky and full of energy in the morning. Moon goes void sextile to Mars 03:55:34 pm EDT and enters Virgo at 06:12:54 pm EDT. Venus is working to redefine relationships today as she compares and contrasts connection and love with independence and freedom. They are not mutually exclusive situations however, today you might feel they can never be reconciled. It is about allowing each person to have their own space and their definition of connection and love honored. So often we want it our way. Today respect that they might know what is best for them.  If they feel they are unlovable, on some level, they ARE unlovable as they won’t let love into their heart. If they are emotionally unavailable, why do you want to challenge or change that? Let them be who they are. Saturn in Scorpio is about letting them be who they are.  If you are not sure what you want, why are you surprised when you are indecisive? Or in relationship with indecision or an indecisive person? Embrace what you are. Figure out where you stand. What is your position?  What is your policy? Stand proudly and say it out loud. Commit to yourself. Commit to your life. And if someone tries to make you feel bad about who you are or the choices you are making, remind yourself that this is YOUR life and these are your choices to make. Be the emperor or empress of your life.  Saturn in Scorpio wants you to commit to your life, your passion, your purpose, your souls’ work, your hopes and dreams. Get clear on them. No more fear. No more choosing a lesser life because you are afraid.  Jupiter’s union with the Black Moon Lillith resists being subservient to anything today. Only allow things you believe in to guide you. No other authority need apply. Sun’s harsh aspect to Neptune can produce lack of clarity around emotional issues or men but in some places you are crystal clear. Focus on those places.

Venus’ day Friday July 12 finds Moon in hard working Virgo with very productive closing aspects of a sextile to the Sun. Lots of dreams last night made it a toss and turn kind of energy. Chase down the images in your dreams and figure out what your subconscious (Saturn!) is trying to tell you. Mercury is retrograde so it’s a great day to reorganize EVERY thing that needs a new structure or home or binder on your shelf. Good time to dive into the “darker” realms of your home ~ the back of the closet, under the kitchen sink, the basement, the garage or that drawer of unknown unknowns or known unknowns. Mars aspects the Nodes of Fate so you are in the mood to clear out the cobwebs and rewrite the direction of your life. Time to soar. Mars is still out of bounds, at the last degrees of Gemini so you might have a major Pivot or two or three today. Remember the world is STILL mirroring what you are supposed to see. Health matters can flare up or cures can be found.  Mirrors and Pivots abound!  Thank Mars for his out of bounds, over the top connections that help you see clearly!



Photographer: Walter Naumann







Saturn’s day Saturday July 13, 2013 Moon goes void sextile to the Sun at 11:26:57 am EDT. Moon is void all day Saturday afternoon and night. Again we had a toss and turn kind of night.  It is a bit of a pain in the butt but those epic dreams of yours are doing important work in your mind while you sleep. You might wake up understanding that you don’t want to be a member of that group or family any more. It is okay to move on. It is time to change your tribe and connect with a tribe that works better for your vision. Apollon stations direct at 10:25:40 am EDT asking you to expand your life with a super Jupiter kind of energy. Go for it!  Ride the wave of changes!  Release the old blocks from 1982 and last fall as Apollon pivots on Saturn and Pluto’s degree of 28°Libra 09′.  Oh yes the ghosts of your past are SO alive right now. Talk to them. Look at them. Listen to their messages. Mars, still out of bounds, enters Cancer. Now Mars will more directly reflect the Moon’s changing energy instead of having it translated by retrograde Mercury in Cancer with unexpected screw ups. Expect more emotional break throughs, break downs, and break outs. All towards the evolution of your soul. Saturn parallels Apollon offering you a whoosh of moving forward energy… accelerating you towards your future.  Even Saturn is in a jolly mood tonight and wants to dance.  Or organize and alphabetize the spices!  After all the Moon IS in Virgo.

Sun’s day Sunday July 14, 2013 Moon enters Libra at 03:41:39 am EDT. Dreams are dark and profound in the morning as Moon squares Mars. There is a situation you need to clear up. Moon offers an overdoing emotional energy as she squares Jupiter mid-day. Moon squares Pluto and learns of a loss later tonight, as health matters deteriorate quickly. Mars and Ceres, both out of bounds, offer each other a boost as they connect by declination. The feminine, the maternal, mother nature, the principle of nurturing is highly stimulated and in the mood to fight, argue or protest.  Avoid pissing off the women in your life ~ they are NOT in the mood right now. Venus connects with the south node by declination. There is nothing scarier than the feminine scorned or angry. Expect strong news about the feminine or women in the news today. Yes, they WERE scorned and they ARE angry!  Make sure to watch the clip below as it shows things you might not have seen….


Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission. Check her out at sabiansymbols.com.

Copyright © 2013 A. C. Ortelee


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