Weekly Weather July 9, 2007
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Weekly Weather July 9, 2007

It is going to be a relatively busy week, even if it IS the middle of July and you think the planets should take a couple of days (or months) off. Mercury is stationing to go direct at two Cancer bringing old family and friend memories to the surface as he stirs up the ghosts in our lives. Venus enters Virgo and gets ready to station to travel backwards for the rest of the summer. She is starting to slow down in the heavens and bringing her detail oriented version of love and money energy into focus. Venus is triggering Saturn’s September entrance into Virgo for his two-year journey through the sign of service, habits, consideration and adaptability. Think of Venus as an advanced female scout for Saturn. She is gathering data and getting ready to advise him how to take action around love and money while he travels through Virgo. What kind of action is not clear just yet (and will not be for a while) but do consider the money, value, relationships and love situations in your life. What would you like those areas of your life to be like going forward? It is time to get ready to construct the terms of the deal with Venus and Saturn dancing together this summer. Be specific. The next chapter in your life is getting ready to form around two very important cosmic energies.

And with every cosmic step forward, we will have a cosmic half step backwards. Mars is our spoiler for the week ahead! He is making MANY, many crabby aspects to planets he does not much like or seek to work with. He’s in a sign he doesn’t much like so his power is reduced to fixed earth energy making him, situations, and actions VERY STUBBORN. Mars is not thrilled with his choices. Mars is cranky and crabby and wants to stomp around like a bull. No gentle chewing on the flowers in the field for Taurus Mars. I find it interesting that the Running of the Bulls through the streets of Pamplona takes place this week ~ it will be bloodier than usual as the bulls are going to be crankier than usual. Mars in Taurus is NOT in the mood to run through the streets chasing the foolish men who run before him and poke at him with sharp sticks. Watch out for the mad bulls in your life! They are NOT in the mood either. Or if you feel your own temper flaring and find yourself stamping your foot, digging your legs in, stiffening your back, snorting, shaking your horns and head or perhaps even mad as a bull, THAT is where Mars acting up in your chart. Be cautious around the energy, please. Tempers will flare as well as nostrils. Mad bulls are tough critters and do tend to break up those delicate china shops in our lives.

Now, why, after all the work we’ve done over the past few years first, getting clear on what we love and second on how to do our Saturn are we getting a cranky, crabby Mars aspect? Well, I like to think the universe has a sense of humor. Mars is rolling through our charts to show us how FAR we have come since the traffic jam of Fall 2005. Remember back then? Stuck in a cosmic traffic jam. Trying to figure out how to slay Medusa or avoid being the bull killed in a bullfight. Back then, it was Jupiter in Scorpio, Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Leo. Now Mars will be triggering all those planets again (and a few more) to see if you figured things out since Fall 2005. Mars is asking if you got it. Mars is asking if you are ready and willing to change your behavior to have a better life.

If you PASS Mars‘ test, you will get promoted and go on to Saturn in Virgo school to learn how to build on your various skills and craft, create and expand what you love. If you fail the Mars exam over the next few months, Saturn in Virgo will be much more difficult! A failed exam from Mars in Taurus means Saturn is going to be criticizing, picking at you, worrying and nagging you into doing your Saturn instead of increasing your skills with the polish and craftsmanship of Saturn. I know which version I want!

Of course, each of our Mars’ tests will be different as they take place in various parts of our charts. A few guidelines apply ~ move slow and steady. A bull harnessed, happy and well fed, plows the field and gets a lot done moving all the fixed earth into nice, neat furrows for planting. No charging headstrong into situations and snorting or shaking your horns! If you feel your neck tightening or blood vessels expanding in your forehead, that is the situation you need to address. You are going to have to figure out how to express yourself, even if it is not with the most perfect words. You cannot necessarily talk, but you can do! So do! Mars in any earth sign is about doing. Good food, sex and sensuality are fine distractions and diversions. Taurus loves “Meat, Malt and Mattress” so indulge your Mars in Taurus with those things when he is feeling out of sorts. And of course, remember to breathe. Mars in Taurus is primal. He fights to the death but he is not a thinking Mars. Use your other planets to help Mars work within the situation, consciously.

Monday, Mercury goes direct and the world starts to communicate effectively again. Yeah! Moon in Taurus gets all the planets Mars is going to affect emotionally ready for their journey by carrying his energy forward into the Sun and Uranus. Remember Mars in Taurus loses because he is SO predictable. Mars is in fixed earth after all ~ same restaurant, same meal, same order, same take, same approach ~ same old, same old. Well, please think of Mars as having a bit of an earthquake today. Everybody notices when the earth moves as the cups in the cupboard rattle and shake!

Tuesday, Mars aspects Jupiter and requests an adjustment to actions taken by Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Sadge is about the higher forms of justice instead of the Pluto kinds of justice we‘ve been working with and in since 1995. What is your vision of what is right or wrong? How have you been or NOT been acting in accordance with that? Time to make the adjustment. Mercury’s journey through Cancer and the events of the past few weeks have pointed out to you where your core is. How off the track are you? Mars joins with Ceres in Taurus. You know how there is that “happy hum” resonating in your soul when you are on the right track? Seek out your “happy hum” today. Just a little bit of “happy hum“ is needed, but DO seek it out. Put on music that helps you hum and makes you happy. Music that make your body and soul joyous. It will help you find your “happy hum”.

Wednesday, Sun aspects Uranus in an opening trine. The story from March and June is back active in your life today. What part of the story do you want to nurture? What part of the story don’t you want to send energy towards? Water and hug the parts of the story that support your happy hum. No, you cannot go back ~ perhaps you do not want to ~ but you can go forward with the new understanding. Part of it is related to your old habits and stuff. Part of it is related to their old stuff and habits. You BOTH have to change to get what you want. Maybe can we call it growth? You both have to grow. They are NOT going to change unless they want to. You can change as you are in charge of your stuff, habits, routines, rituals and patterns. See the new pattern. See the old pattern. What pattern will it take to help you go forward? Look ~ look for the pattern. Do you see how you take these actions out of habit or perhaps fear or because you simply do it? Life is short. It goes by so fast. When you are 95, do you want to look back and think you did live it? You have the skills to do it. You have been developing them all your life.

Thursday Vesta goes direct at two Sag ~ setting off by inconjunct the Mercury going direct at two Cancer. Yes, you can stay nice and safe where you are. No risk, no worry. Perhaps not as much of a life but heck, it is safe. Alternatively, you can take a teeny tiny step, using wise Venus in the very last degrees of Leo to apply that fine mind of yours to a plan to get what you would lik
e. (What you would love!) Yo
u are the only one who can say no to you. Now, I realize, you may have people in your life who will say no to you ~ but you brought them into your life for the express purpose of saying no to you. They are the No Sayers in your chart. Go toward the Yes Sayers. Say yes to yourself. What does your “happy hum” want to do? Go towards that ~ isn’t it a yes that happy hum of yours? Virgo calls to Venus as she arches in the last degrees of Leo and aspects Pallas. Our choices make our lives. Our patterns make our lives. We are creatures of habit.

Friday is a difficult day. Actually there is a good chance that yesterday was a difficult day too. Mars is a spoiler when he is cranky, crabby and digging in, refusing to move. Mars pushes off from Neptune by contraparallel. Mars is about to get past Neptune and see the world that Saturn has been seeing for a while. Once Mars clears Saturn (tomorrow), he is going to be mad as hell and not in the mood to take it any more. Alternatively, active and eager to go, Mars can plow that field in record time and get the list of tasks accomplished. One more day of cloudy visions and the fog clears.

Saturn’s Day: read the new moon column on this site for how to work with the lunar energy. This is a doozy of a new moon. Mars is joined with Saturn by Parallel and squares Chiron as Venus enters Virgo. You might find out something today that makes you very, very sad. While you cannot see the big picture (perhaps) right at this moment, please know that it is part and parcel of the evolution (or failure to evolve) of each of our souls, including the story before you. We have fate and we have free will. We get them confused sometimes. This is one of those free will days that feels like fate. Not really. Our fate is made up of choices we make using our free will. We call it fate when we do not like what it is. We made the choices to get to this place. It was an inevitable conclusion based on planet earth and the choices made in our earth bound bodies. We have arrived. We are here. Insanity consists of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. You have to change to have things change. We can see it easily if we look at our diet ~ if I over eat (eat more calories than I expend) my body stores those extra calories as fat. I am fat. To become thinner, I have to change something about what or how I eat. The change in my habit of eating makes my body change. Our food choices determine our body’s shape. That was easy enough. We have a bit more difficulty seeing it when we apply the same logic to our children or our partner or our careers or our mortgage or debts or dogs or friends or money or our boss or our parents or our car or our computer or communication or hopes and wishes or sex life or taxes. Same options ~ a set of choices made ~ and oops we have what we call “fate” if we keep making the same set of choices. It isn’t FATE ~ it is choices leading to fate. Even karma is attributed to the choices made in previous lifetimes! What goes around comes around. You will reap what you have sown today. I hope it was a good crop. If you do not like it, fear not and get ready to plant again, taking the wisdom you have gained as Saturn traveled through Leo.

Sunday, the Sun talks with Jupiter and they get to laughing over the story of your life and how you‘ve done it so far. I will quote Teresa of Avila, “Would it not be a sign of great ignorance if a person were asked who he was, and could not say, and had not an idea who his father and his mother was or from what country he came? Though that is a great stupidity, our own is incomparably greater if we make no attempt to discover what we are, and only know that we are living in these bodies and have a vague idea because we have heard it that we posses souls”. You are so cute. And you make it so difficult for yourself sometimes. That is why the Sun and Jupiter were laughing. The universe has been watching you and educating you on what makes your soul happy over the past few years. Time to learn to work skillfully with the gift of yours, your Saturn, your soul. Follow your happy hum and the music of your soul will lead you to where you are supposed to go (yes, Virginia there is fate!) Go, go, go ~ go to where your chart calls your soul to dance with the joy inherent in your being.

Mundane: Scooter Libby’s 30 months in jail sentence was commuted by President Bush. Scooter escapes jail time for being a traitor and putting politics of his Republican tribe above love of his country and her citizens. Thus begins the ending of Pluto’s journey through Sagittarius. It ain’t over for a while yet but that was NOT a good sign to my mind. Sagittarius rules the law, the other tribes (races), publishing as well as universities and organized religions. The beginning of Pluto in Sagittarius was the O.J. Simpson trial. During O.J.’s trip through the judicial system, we learned that a good, expensive legal defense team, with appropriate over the top media coverage, cute sayings “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” can offset a fairly solid murder case by playing the race card. The racist cop at the center was neutralized. Now, as Pluto in Sagittarius goes through the last degrees, we learned how friends in high places, abetted by the press lying (Pluto in Sagittarius ~ a lying, not free, corporate controlled press) could get your country into an illegal war by chanting about “weapons of mass destruction” and “we‘ll get them over there so they don‘t get us here” and never mention that we get their oil too! The leader of your tribe can help you out of jail when you betray your country. Scooter goes free for helping to kill thousands of American and Iraqi people and spending billions of our tax dollars on a war based on lies while Martha went to jail for selling a stock loser at the advice of her stock broker to avoid losing her personal money? Well, Martha WAS a big Democratic campaign contributor and fundraiser! The tribe that rules has the power. And don’t you forget it!

Every year, when the Sun returns to the place it was at the time of birth, astrologers cast a chart for that moment. Called the solar return chart, it describes, in a snapshot version, the upcoming year for the person or entity. It is where the phrase “many happy returns” comes from ~ many happy returns of the sun to the place where it was at the time of your birth ~ thus ensuring a long life. I am a bit too depressed by the Scooter story to read our USA Solar Return chart with anything but a very jaded eye. That is not good ~ a jaded eye that is ~ for an astrologer’s predictive skills. My nostrils are flaring. So maybe next week when I am a bit calmer. Take good care and watch out for Mars in Taurus!

Copyright © 2007 Anne Ortelee

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