Weekly Weather June 30, 2014
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Weekly Weather June 30, 2014 








Happy Birthday America!!



The theme for the week is Laughing and Skipping Through Life.

Mercury stations and turns direct this week on Tuesday morning, in Gemini the sign of playful creativity.  Expect lots of reversals, changes in direction, and unexpected news, as the planet of communication, the messenger of mischief, the trickster, and the oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-you-said-that guy pivots on his winged heels and retraces his steps through the heavens, for the third time.

Mercury in Gemini is in charge of our favorite gal Venus, currently traveling in Gemini.  Mercury and Venus are transmitting and transferring all sorts of ideas back and forth.  When Mercury changes direction, Venus’ ideas change direction too.  Venus is in charge of Mars in Libra.  Mars in Libra is retracing HIS steps for the third time through the heavens.  Mars in Libra rules Saturn in Scorpio, who is retracing his steps for the second time through the heavens.  Saturn will soon shift directions  ~ towards the end of the month ~ on July 20.  Saturn rules Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars also rules Uranus in Aries.  ALL OF THEM are going to change direction or their minds when Mercury shifts direction on Tuesday.  Yes, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are all changing or revising their plans when the merry, tricky messenger pivots and reverses!

The entire heavens are changing direction because Mercury is changing direction.  Quite a few clients and friends have noted that this was a pretty strenuous and active Mercury retrograde.  Partially, it was so active because Mercury has been in charge of so much stuff (see the list above noticing his backwards motion.) Plus he’s been going backwards….so those planets are reversing or reconsidering their plans.  Many areas in our life felt like they were in retreat, or are not moving forward as quickly as we would like.  Deals fell apart, negotiations stalled, projects failed or were discontinued, reorganizations were made, relationships were terminated (or begun).

Now, as Mercury pivots and heads forward, expect everything that took place during the month of June to be adjusted in some way, shape, or form, into the next iteration or vision.  So what to do?  Back to my opening line: skip merrily through the week.  Watch as things fall apart before your eyes.  Watch as things suddenly take off and launch into the stratosphere, seemingly overnight.


There isn’t a darn thing you can do about it except move forward.  And I recommend SKIPPING forward.

If the deal you carefully negotiated falls apart, shout NEXT and go onto the next deal.

If the deal that fell apart suddenly comes together, shout OKAY and move forward.

If the relationship you ended comes back again, asking for a second chance, say okay.

If you got back together and NOW decide you don’t like them anymore, dump them and move on (or vice versa).

The goal is to keep on walking, laughing, giggling – and don’t look back.

Your focus should be on the future right now, and the possibilities that await you.

No looking back and moaning about what didn’t happen, what you wish had happened or why you are or they are a horrible person, situation or thing.  Say NEXT!  Move on.

Focus on what you can do next.

Show them your stuff.

Keep moving forward towards your dream.

Often during weeks like this, the companion we’ve travelled with for a while decides they can’t do it anymore – work on the project, stay partnered with us, continue developing things etc.  That is completely okay!  They got you this far.

For the next little patch (through July 20), we may feel that we walk alone.  But like the famous song says You Never Walk Alone.



You aren’t walking alone.  You’re walking (or skipping) forward to your next chapter.  Don’t look back.  Keep going forward.

Because there is a lot of Neptune in the air, you may find you’re extra emotional.  Totally cool.  CRY while you’re skipping, but keep moving forward.

If you find your plans accelerate really rapidly, after a period of being stalled, again no worries.  The acceleration is the result of Mercury being released from captivity.  He’s back on the scene directing everything.  Expect speedy and quick resolutions to problems.

Have a great week!

The Week’s Planetary Highlights 

Sun goes from 8 Cancer to 14 Cancer.  Sun opposes Pluto on the Fourth of July, setting off the Eclipses from April one last time and inviting you – over the next two weeks – to be very clear on an ego basis about what you want to emotionally create.  Oppositions are problematic because they appear like a separation, but actually they are asking you to unite disparate forces.  In this case you are asked to unite the emotional ego’s desire to nurture and create with the transformative and evolutionary force of Pluto.  Pluto asks you to annihilate or release structures that don’t work for you anymore.  Watch for triangles and work with them in HEALTHY ways!

Mercury stations and turns direct this week, on July 1 at 8:49 am EDT.  He travels from 24:25 Gemini to 25:24 Gemini.  Essentially, he is PARKED in the sky, stimulating a single degree.  On July 4, he offers you a choice around partnership and how to proceed when he aspects the Nodes of Destiny.  It’s a fated choice.  Choose wisely and say yes!

Venus goes from 8:19 Gemini to 15:29 Gemini.  Moving rapidly, our Gal Pal in the Heavens is NOT in the mood to commit this week.  She is arguing with pretty much everybody about something – in a pleasant, delightful, flirty, and flirtatious way.  When people say to you, “You need to do THIS,” you can say “Thank you!” and smile, and then don’t do it!  I remember learning once, when I employed someone who smiled at me when I asked them to do things.  Then she proceeded NOT to do what I asked.  I learned from her that a smile can mean NO.  Take the nos you hear this week or the smiles without follow up action, and dance away to other projects, ideas, and dreams.  Venus has LOTS of options this week.

Mars is quiet this week.  He moves from 18:10 Libra to 20:38 Libra.

Jupiter is quiet this week.  He moves from 26:30 to 27:48 Cancer.

Saturn is quiet this week.  He moves retrograde from 16:58 to 16:49 Scorpio.

Uranus is quiet this week.  He moves from 16:19 to 16:25 Aries.

Neptune squares Juno on June 30.  You will get an invitation to new partnership or relationship that will serve your dreams in the short term, while Neptune is retrograde till November.  Neptune is traveling from 7:29 to 7:25 Pisces.

Pluto is quiet except for his arguments with the Sun and Venus.  He’s going retrograde from 12:23 to 12:14 Capricorn.  He’s back at the degrees of the Eclipses from April, inviting you to use all the information you’ve received since last November to figure out how you want to transform and change your life.  As Pluto is in a structural sign, this may involve the physical moving of your house, office, or environment, to accommodate and help create a new chapter in life.

 Chiron is quiet this week.

 Vesta meets up with Ceres on July 5.  She asks you to start nurturing yourself on the home-front or office-front in a new way.  This is an excellent time to begin a diet, start a new health regimen, or launch a creative project or program.

 Pallas Athena is quiet.

 Juno stresses out early in the week and wants to change partnerships or relationships on July 4.  She’s in Gemini, so she doesn’t actually know HOW she wants things to change just yet.  It can be frustrating, trying to express your relationship needs this week so skip away from deep conversations and allow your thoughts and feelings to float like a butterfly or sting like a bee.

Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon is in Leo on June 30 with a closing aspect of a sextile to Mercury on Tuesday, July 1 at 6:01 am EDT.

Moon enters Virgo on Tuesday, July 1 at 5:28 pm EDT, making the Moon Void all day Tuesday.

Friday, July 4, the Virgo Moon goes Void sextile to Jupiter at 12:22 am EDT and enters Libra at 5:44 am EDT.

Moon goes Void on Sunday, July 6 at 11:31 am EDT and enters Scorpio on Sunday, July 6 at 3:34 pm EDT.  Scorpio Moon has a closing aspect of a trine to Jupiter.


Personal Note:  I had my first two outings last week!  I left the house after two months ~ first to get my hair colored and cut (I had ROOTS!) and second to see the musical “tick, tick, BOOM!”  I start rehab this week on Wednesday with a lovely Virgo moon and great closing aspects.  Keep the prayers, white light and reikii coming! Healing proceeds!


Moon day Monday June 30, 2014   Moon in Leo with a lovely closing aspect of a sextile to Mercury.  Today is a great day for creative projects to be launched and to be seen in the world.  In the early morning, dreams are particularly active around messages from the heavens about what you do with relationships and partnership.  Neptune square Juno invites you to redefine partnerships and relationships so they serve a higher spiritual purpose and don’t drag you down in the muck and the mire.  You always have a choice, higher or lower with planetary energy.  Choose the high road. Choose the love path over the fear path.  Venus’s contraparallel to Pluto suggests you say no to triangles that are controlling, difficult, or manipulative.  Just laugh and walk away.  You’re going to get a NO around 3:00 pm EDT as the Moon squares Saturn, but you hear YES on either side of it, when the Moon sextiles Uranus and Mars.  The isosceles triangle in the sky – formed between the Moon, Mars, and Uranus – promotes creative flow, with a little bit of work.  The no in the middle promotes structure… don’t take it personally.  Allow for the future to unfold the way it wants to.


Mars day Tuesday July 1, 2014  Mercury stations and turns direct at 8:50 am at  24:25 Gemini.  The Moon Void during the day.  Don’t plan on going anywhere.  Mercury is the God of transportation and travel and he’s STOPPED dead in the sky.  There was a big solar flare yesterday that will affect earth today ~ screwing up communications and satellites.  Mercury’s station often shows up as big storms or electronic problems, stalled traffic and blockage.  Plan a day of relaxed creative activities, as the Leo Moon’s aspects are pleasant if void.  Tonight when the Moon enters Virgo at 5:24 pm EDT, you have THREE days of high productivity following today’s creative planning.  There’s a bit of stress today as the world stops.  Important information comes through, so pay attention to it, even though you’re parked and stopped.  Tonight at 6:05 pm EDT, after the Moon starts to move, Venus has a hard and stressful aspect to the Nodes of Destiny.  A smile can mean no!  Laugh, toss your hair, and don’t commit!  Skip on down the road.


Wednesday Mercury’s day July 2, 2014.  Moon in Virgo has an incredibly productive closing aspect of a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer.  That means the next two days you get a great deal accomplished and moved along in process. With these rocking aspects, after a delightful and productive night of dreams, you leap out of bed and get an enormous amount finished. This is one of those power-through-your- to-do list days.  Aspects between Earth and Water planets make for fertile earth ~ growing things that are creative in an active and happy manner.  Venus has a hissy fit (a minor one) around 3:50 pm EDT which can includes a little foot-stamping and drama.  Let Venus have her tantrum  – she’s had a hard week.  Just keep on doing the work and let her cry in the corner.  Soon enough, she’ll pull herself together.


Jupiter’s Day Thursday July 3, 2014 A Moon in Virgo creates another very productive day full of completions, competencies and getting things done.  Venus has two hissy fits today, around 2:17 pm EDT and 4:14pm EDT.  The girl’s just not getting what she wants, or is being asked to do things she doesn’t want to do, and isn’t clear how to get out of it.  Venus is at 12 – think of your teenage or preteen daughter, not quite a girl, not yet a woman – allow Venus her space and don’t force the issue.  Once Venus calms down at the end of the week, she’ll feel better.  Let Venus have her drama.  She needs it right now.  She’ll come to her senses and go back to being the lovely Venus you know and love.  When we’re having problems with Venus, they can show up as money or love problems.  Somehow, we’re not getting what we desire.  Tonight around 7:00 pm EDT, you get news that is disturbing but important to pay attention to.  In the meantime, take today to power through your to do list.








Friday Venus’s Day July 4, 2014  Happy birthday, America!  Independence Day dawns with an overdoing aspect of a Moon in Libra square to Jupiter. Expect to attend lots of parties where people are getting fat and drunk all weekend!  It’s nice to have the Moon in Libra on a holiday weekend, because everybody gets along and peace is in the air.  The Sun opposes Pluto on the US’s birthday, indicating a year of POWER STRUGGLES in our country’s Solar Return chart as we come to a new understanding of power and Pluto dynamics in our country.  For the rest of us, today offers us a welcome opportunity to escape from the struggles we face in our lives.  Dreams were violent, volatile or dramatic last night, causing you to wake a bit out of breath from the volume and vivid imagery.  Juno has a stressful aspect to the North Node of Fate around relationship and partnership, suggesting that this will be a day when you make some choices about who you are in relationship with and more importantly WHY you are in relationship.  Mercury aspects the Nodes of Fate at 5:05 pm EDT so pay attention to who you meet, get their contact info, and say yes to deals and proposals.  Mercury has a fabulous aspect and is ready to get things rolling.  There can be a bit of a health issue today.  Pay attention and take care of it.


Saturn’s Day Saturday July 5, 2014  Today dawns bright and early with an overdoing aspect of Moon in Libra square to Jupiter.  Again, expect an overwhelming night of dreams, tossing and turning, but the balance of the day is positive as the Moon aspects Sun, Venus, and Mars in a positive way – inviting you to collaborate, laugh, and have a grand old time getting things done, partying, connecting, eating and drinking.  There can be a little TOO much fun today.  Watch for overeating, which causes stomach aches.  Around 1:46 pm EDT, Moon opposes Uranus for a little emotional drama or a small accident involving a bit of blood.  Careful with fireworks or running at this time.  It will probably not be major, but it warrants looking out for.  (I’m very careful with these aspects since I slipped in cat vomit!)  Around 4:31 pm EDT, Sun has a semisquare to Admetos, suggesting that someone is unhappy and wants to leave.  Let them go.  They’re stressed and unable to deal emotionally with the situation right now.  Mars occults the Moon at 9:30 pm EDT, making it a passionate night for love-making, relationships, and merging deeply with partner.  Profound emotional connections are open and waiting for you to say yes.  Great night for baby making!


Sun’s day Sunday July 6, 2014 Moon in Libra goes void with a square to Jupiter at 11:30 am EDT and Moon enters Scorpio at 3:34 pm EDT with a closing aspect of a trine to Jupiter, making today a very productive and creative day.  This morning, you hear important news that you need to pay attention to, even if you aren’t sure how you want to handle it.  Mercury is chatting up people, now that he’s gone direct. He’s spilling the secrets! He’s telling you the plans for the future. THIS plan WILL happen, so pay attention.  At 8:55 pm EDT, Pallas Athena parallels Juno.  Now that you’ve had an abundant and joy-filled holiday weekend, this parallel invites you to partner in a new way going forward – including changing your diet after a few too many hot dogs, barbeques and pina coladas or mojitos this weekend.  Venus’s square to Pallas tonight allows the gals to sit down and plan the rest of the summer and how it’s going to proceed. Have a safe drive home and get ready for a rocking new month.  We are going to be flying forward!


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