Weekly Weather March 14, 2011
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Weekly Weather March 14, 2011

In honor of Uranus moving from Pisces to Aries on Friday, I am moving the Mundane section (world predictive section) of my column to the top for this week. Many thoughts and heart prayers for all the citizens of Japan who lost their lives, families, friends and homes in last week’s earthquake and tsunami.

Mundane: A number of you wrote to me after last week’s earthquake, tsunami and apparent nuclear power plant explosion and meltdown in Japan. Yes that WAS Uranus, explosions and chaos, leaving Pisces, the sign of the ever changing ocean and entering Aries the sign of starting, initiating Fire. As I wrote last week, “we have a once in a life time event taking place this week.” Often as planets leave a sign, they remind us of their entry into the sign. Shortly after Uranus entered Pisces ~ wild and crazy ocean water ~ and Sedna, the Ocean Goddess dwarf planet was discovered and named, we had the earthquake and subsequent tsunami arrive on Indonesia’s and Thailand‘s shores killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, as Uranus exited the sign of Pisces, another tsunami arrived on Japan‘s coastline. For all those “did my zodiac sign change?” questions raised a few months ago by the media, this event is the “synchronicity” that 29 Pisces still ends at 29 Pisces! We just saw Uranus exit 29 Pisces in a wave of whooshing slam and crash of explosive energy. As Uranus entered Aries to begin a new 84 year journey, the explosive fire of melting down nuclear power plants appeared in our world.

The good and bad part about Uranus is it is unpredictable. So while we can apply key words, we don’t always know HOW the events will appear. And Uranus always throws a twist in EVEN if you THINK you CAN predict it. Uranus likes the unpredictable! We were able to see with his entry into fire, that we could expect an explosion of fire. And right on cue, Uranus brought a partial meltdown and explosion of nuclear power plants affected by the tsunami and earthquake. Uranus rules earthquakes. Here in New York, 14 people were decapitated on I-95 in a bus crash ~ Uranus rules severing and Aries rules the head ~ where the bus tipped over and slid sideways into a sign pole that sliced through the bus at “head” level, slicing off the passenger heads and top of the bus. Uranus has a crooked rotation, rotating sideways through the heavens and the bus slid sideways. You can’t make this stuff up! And if you did, no one would believe you! At times like this, I am totally in awe of astrology and its symbolic representation of what we are experiencing here on earth. As above, so below, as without, so within.

Back in 1927 when Uranus entered Aries the LAST time, we didn’t HAVE nuclear power plants to explode or meltdown. However, that part of the world was quite active in 1927 with March’s Earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale striking Tango, Japan, April’s Shanghai Massacre, a large scale purge of communists led by Gen Chiang Kai-shek beginning a counter revolution in China, and May’s 8.3 earthquake in Nan-Shan, China, with 200,000 killed. One of the first skirmishes of what was to become World War 2 happened when the Nazis had bloody battles with the Communists in Berlin. And the Middle East was active with Spain routing 20,000 soldiers to Morocco and Saudi Arabia becoming independent of Great Britain. There was also a “Black Friday” on Berlin Stock Exchange.

We STILL have some MORE rocking and rolling to do astrologically in the heavens which we can expect to see echoed down here on earth as we approach a very loaded Full Moon at the end of this week. Mars and Sun dance over Uranus on the World axis and at the same declination at the end of the month. Neptune enters Pisces on April 4 to mark a 164 year cycle as he shifts into the sign of his ruler ship. Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847 to 1862 ~ the lead up to the Civil War and the end of slavery (ruled by Pisces) as well as the California Gold Rush which ran from 1848–1855. The gold rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill, in Coloma, California. It led to a large global migration as people poured into California to find their fortune following their dream of becoming rich ~ Neptune IS the planet of dreams after all.

Uranus’ cycle is only 84 years long. Pluto, who entered Capricorn in January 2008 and signaled the economic collapse was last in Capricorn 248 years ago. So Neptune changing signs next month, awaking a 164 year old sleeping planet, is something to watch for.

Notice the last sentence three paragraphs up~ We have the last pass of the possible stock market “crash” energies in the weeks ahead of us ~ particularly the last week of March and first week of April. Once we get through this month and next, we are in the clear ~ at least as relates to major market crashes for a while. Obviously the hot spots of the Middle East and the earthquake’s economic devastation of Japan are two areas to watch as they impact the global economy. Plus Mars and the Sun both roll over the earthquake point, triggering it, the eclipses from December 21, to perhaps set off “companion” earthquakes some where else in the “Ring of Fire” that circles the Pacific Ocean. March and April are the most astrologically active months this year.

The Regular Weekly Weather Report:

Our week ahead has a great deal of energy flowing through the heavens which will reflect in our lives down here on earth too.

There is a “SuperMoon” in the Full Moon taking place on Saturday at 28 Virgo. For the past six full moons, since October, we’ve had full moons at the last degrees of the signs, encouraging us to “release, release, release!”. This Full Moon is a bit more special. The Moon will be very near to earth ~ perigree ~ which makes it have a larger effect on the ocean’s tides, the fluid in our bodies (we are 55% to 78% water), the surface of the earth’s crust as it “floats” on our moving core of fire, and the fluid in the atmosphere. We can expect extreme coastal tides, severe storms, powerful earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions as the natural world responds to the closeness of the Moon’s gravitational pull on earth and we line up with the Sun and her. We can expect extreme emotional responses in ourselves as well as we feel the Moon’s pull on our body’s water.

The three days on either side of the Full Moon are when we can expect action! The Moon will set off and square the Nodes of Destiny, last week’s transition of Uranus into Aries and square the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010. The next day, the Sun is smack on the equator as it crosses into Aries and sets off the world’s axis by declination. The day before the Sun enters Aries, the Sun sets off and squares the Nodes of Destiny, the transition of Uranus into Aries and squares the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010.

I think of SuperMoons or their technical name ~ perigee-syzygy ~ as opportunities to get emotionally clear about a host of topics in the house that the moon falls in. This Full Moon falls in the last degrees of your Virgo house, adding an energy asking you to change your habits.

We human beings aren’t big on change. We like our routines and the rituals that support us. We like to think the world is a safe, predictable place. We like to know that our coffee will have enough half &half, our shower will be hot, our cell phone will ring and our computer will sign on to the internet. Sure, we can go without, but we tend to get cranky pretty fast if we have to go TOO long without our routines.

The end of the week we will each be asked to release, probably in a VERY emotional manner, something that is finished and isn’t going forward with us on our journey. And it might be something that you’ve formed a bit of a habit with. Or are comfortably habituated to. Or think of as part and parcel of your daily routine. Virgo rules our work, our pets, our daily routines, our co-workers, our employees, our bodies, our diets and a host of mundane, life enhancing and habit supporting things. Stuff like our tooth paste and luggage are part of Virgo’s realm.

Remember, part of the energy of the past year and a half has been very much to get us ready for a major FORWARD evolutionary push of ourselves and the rest of humanity. It is exceptionally rare to have six major outer planets changing signs at the same time AND entering the “angles”, the action section, of the anima mundi or world chart. If you think about the changes you’ve experienced in your own, your friends’ and family’s lives, they’ve been designed to help you evolve and move forward.

The energy of the week wants us to emotionally process and CHANGE OUR HABITS. Release those bad old habits. Release the habits that no longer serve you. Add in some good habits. Focus on what you CAN change and change those things. Change those habits.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is rather active this week. First he squares Pluto in Capricorn on Monday so people are in the mood for power struggles with words. Then he joins with Jupiter on Tuesday in fire breathing Aries. Be very careful what you say. Or what you send in an email. Or what you type in your text messages. Folks can be VERY sharp tongued under this energy. Scissor mouth is my fond term for this aspect. Other people OR YOU can be VERY sharp tongued. Razor blade mouth works too. Words spoken in haste are repented in leisure! If you speak sharply to someone, the person will likely process and walk away, hurt and wounded. And then on Friday, they will end the relationship. Or they will come back and have a fight with you under the full moon when all that nasty energy is squaring the Nodes of Destiny. You don’t have to go there. I suggest you don’t. And if someone wants to fight with you, I recommend you smile and walk away. That will make them absolutely crazy and be much more effective (and relationship preserving) than fighting. If YOU feel like ripping someone’s head off, these are the aspects that permanently end relationships. Be warned.

Of course, the reason the Universe offers us these aspects is that there are times when we HAVE to or NEED to end relationships. So we get offered a sharp, quick, fast spoken way to end things.

The caveat to this energy is people do tend to overdo it. It is all the frigging Aries fire flying around. So if someone ends a relationship with you and says a WHOLE LOT OF MEAN STUFF, take all the mean stuff and talk about it to someone else who has a clearer perspective on it than you do. This is PROJECTING energy ~ meaning the person will be projecting THEIR stuff ~ their inner yucky, smelly, nasty bits on YOU! It isn‘t your stuff, it is their stuff. However, as the kitchen sink comes flying at you, full of detritus, Mars hits Chiron as does Mercury by declination so something in that mess of words is going to REALLY hurt your feelings and possibly cut you to the quick. So be kind. Be patient. Walk away if you can. Let them sit with all their anger, hate and hurting energy. Don’t take it on.

Instead of fighting with the Aries energy, use the fire energy productively to power through the stuff you’ve been meaning to get to one of these days. This is a GREAT week to climb mountains of paper, clear out closets, wrap things up and release things. It isn’t a great week for new beginnings like to send off your book to the editor (not for a couple more weeks until Mars gets out of Pisces) but it is a great week to redo you edits, double check your indexes, confirm the spelling on your acknowledgements, cast your movie, finalize the financing, approve, pay outstanding bills, do your taxes. The stuff that you postponed will find you have enormous energy to accomplish it right now.

In fact, the best possible way to use the wrapping up energy of Mars in late Pisces while Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are in Aries is to focus on what needs to be wrapped up. In a few weeks, when Mars goes into Aries, is the time to work on the NEW projects. Right now wrap up the old ones and clear the decks, desks, shelves, closets, garage and storage unit of whatever you no longer love. Use that Mars in final, finishing Pisces to hug those belongings you are ready to part with and to part with them.

Moon’s day, Monday March 14 Moon in Cancer has lovely closing aspects of a trine to the Sun in Pisces, allowing us to work well with others and ourselves. We will be emotionally processing things all week. Mars is in a crabby aspect to Saturn so we can find ourselves frustrated and unable to take forward motion without adjustments. Moon in Cancer goes through a series of emotions today designed to clarify what you want as she aspects Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Cancer moon is sensitive so while it ultimately works out, today will be a processing HOW it is going to work out. You will feel you have to adjust your expectations or actions as there’s an element of frustration involved. It is a good day to negotiate for money or with partners about what is of value to you. Mars is still in sensitive Pisces so he’s not feeling assertive but rather emotionally swamped and perhaps abandoned. It is not a bad day to pull the covers over your head early and go to bed to forget the world. Venus trines Saturn at days end, offering us a sense of solidness about what we’ve accomplished and an ability to get what we want. Make sure to communicate or demonstrate your willingness to work in partnership towards a shared goal.

Mars’ day, Tuesday March 15 Moon in cancer goes void in the morning, giving us a long void moon, until 3:33 pm EDT. The early part of the day is good to follow up on the mundane chores on your desk or in your life. The closing aspect is good and offers the ability to file, sort, clear out or release stuff. Moon enters Leo at 3:33 pm EDT with separating closing aspects so folks will feel like parting due to emotional reasons. Mercury in Fire is arguing with the oceanic forces of death, transformation and emotional contents of Scorpio’s passions. People are going to be a bit wild today. Mercury squared Pluto on Sunday so the anger or frustration which started then, launches into all out war when Mercury joins with Jupiter. Mercury also sesquiquadrates Admetos so folks are in the mood to throw word bombs like Molotov cocktails ~ words thrown around can end things, permanently. It is not a great idea to have a relationship chat today, unless you want to end the relationship. People aren’t listening well and are very emotional

Mercury’s day, Wednesday March 16 Mercury enters his shadow heralding the beginning of his upcoming retrograde journey. What ever surfaces today is what you are going to be working on during Mercury’s retrograde from March 30th to April 23rd . As Mercury is in Aries and has a fire hot red razor sharp tongue right now, be careful about what you say and to whom. And be careful what you write and to whom. Emails get forwarded. Words get twisted when repeated. Mercury aspects Chiron, Zeus, Mars and Hygeia ~ so words can wound, be expanded like a rocket into the stratosphere, cut through things, kill, and heal after you get through the stress of dealing with what was said. On these kind of days it is good to run any hurtful words you hear past someone else to get a second opinion. Words spoken today can enter your soul (or the other guy’s soul) and reverberate in there for YEARS if we don’t catch them before they go in too far or too deep. Jupiter is opposite Saturn by declination so we can feel that things are truly over as the two big guys mark a turning point in their relationship. Back to June 2000 when they last joined, so now they will start to part to travel separate paths for the next 10 years. An era ends. The nurturing you’ve done moves you to a new level. Sun is finishing up his last degrees of Pisces and getting ready to turn out the lights. The party is over.

Jupiter’s day, Thursday March 17 Moon in Leo continues to separate as he moves to opposed Neptune after a restless night of dreams. We approach a full moon that will be a high tide moment of emotional clarity. Ceres invites us to examine our dreams for their meaning and encourages us to take a collective or community approach as we move through the weeks ahead. What is for the greater good of all? What is for the greater good of you as connect to the greater good of the collective? Where do you link and share values? Spend time in that shared space today. No, we can’t change the world. But we can send light and love and prayers to those we know who are hurting or in need right now. Communications are full of misunderstanding today as Mercury is in a selfish sign but being asked to see how his actions affect others. Mercury doesn’t WANT to see or be told what to do. So don’t go there. Telling folks what to do today is really quite pointless. They are not in the mood to listen. However, if you are silent or say “I am sure you will do the right thing for you and your soul.”, they are able to pause a bit to hear their own inner voice whisper in their ear. For your part, use the extra Mercury energy to get the paper work out the door or off your desk and finished so you can move on to the next part of your journey. And if you are being told what to do, don’t go arguing with who ever is telling you what to do. Everyone thinks THEY are right today so smile, nod, and go do your own thing. It is a day to choose who is part of your tribe and who is no longer traveling with you so honor the partnerships and groups that you have been part of. Goodbyes can be expected if paperwork is signed.

Venus’ day, Friday March 18 Moon in Virgo has separating aspects so people separate today as the Super Full Moon tomorrow makes partings particularly emotional. Mercury is opposite Saturn so we finish working or speak the words that make us know we are leaving a relationship. Mars joins with Zeus so we will have super human energy ~ or enormous anger ~ that boils over. There is an adjustment between humble and being proud of what you’ve accomplished. And today is one of those bittersweet days when you are aware that endings remind you of the journey you’ve been on. Emotions can be quite high today. Also watch that health of yours ~ all this emotion flying around in Pisces can bring on a good solid cold. Early to bed with you tonight. A relationship is permanently adjusted or ended today. And, yes, it HAS to change. It is time for something else. Mars joins with Chiron so there can be a very deep sadness this evening or a very profound healing of a deep wound. Sun squares the Nodes of Destiny, suggesting you are at a crossroad. I keep getting the image of Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz when she is saying goodbye to all her friends right before she taps those ruby red heels together that take her back to Kansas. Make sure to say what you need to say, even if it makes you cry. Life goes by so fast… And a crossroad is here! Time to part. Merry Meet, Merry Part only to Merry meet again. You shared special times that will always be a part of your soul.

Saturn’s day, March 19 The Moon is extra close, perigee, to earth so the Full Moon taking place today has heightened emotions as well as a stimulating impact on the earth‘s crust, ocean tides and atmosphere. Mars has an aspect of brilliance to Pluto so follow the steps that the Lord of actions suggests to make your transformations. Great day to begin an exercise program or to start a new health regime ~ frame it as releasing bad health habits. Sun asks us to reflect on the past few weeks as he gets ready to stimulate the last degrees of Pisces. Sun realizes everything ends today as he squares Hades and approaches a new cycle with him. So many things in our world are changing. Mars wants to separate from partnerships that no longer work for you or where you no longer work for them. Expect lots of relationship ending news as we approach the full moon later today. Sun exalts in his new found freedom as he joins with Uranus by declination and squares the nodes of Destiny. Time to choose the new direction and path. Time to pack your suitcase and roll on down the road toward the future. Kronos stations and turns direct at 4:58 Cancer reminding us about time and how fleeting it is. Focus on how you want to be spending your time. Moon goes into Libra at 4:03 pm EDT, saying the new partnership energy is entering.

Sun’s day, March 20 Sun arrives at the Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and Fall Equinox for the Southern Hemisphere at 7:21 pm EDT. As the Sun enters Aries, he gets a burst of energy. All day long, he’s listening to the Moon in Libra as she says so long to Pluto, argues with Jupiter and hugs the curmudgeonly Saturn. The energy from last summer, early August in particular, is back up and dancing around your living room. Venus is tussling with difficult dreams all night so make sure to notice what is irritating you upon awakening. Neptune joins with Ceres at late Aquarius ~ the deep symbolic depths of our beings are waking. Connect to your spirit place and feel your heart sing to your soul. Meditation or quiet time is called for under this energy. You can be in the mood to fight with your family of choice or origin today as they don’t understand what you are trying to do. Perhaps it is better to keep your plans to yourself until you get a bit further down the road towards completing them. Words can wound today so be cautious around them. And yet, within it all, we can feel the new season of our life beginning. Move forward to your life! Announce to the heavens your plan ~ your soul and your heart are listening even if you aren’t talking about it to the other people you know. Hey, secret plans are part of the energy right now. Once Mars gets out of Pisces, you will be able to act on them.

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