Weekly Weather March 18, 2013
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Weekly Weather March 18, 2012









We can expect oodles of changes in the week ahead…. Non linear time stops for our Egos and Desires as Sun and Venus move from Pisces into Aries. Communication improves as Mercury stations and turns direct. Communications are still a bit cloudy and cluttered as Mercury is still in Pisces but at least we know what we WANT rather than what we DON’T WANT. When Mercury was retrograde in Pisces it was like living in a double negative world…. The nuns never liked those double negatives when you were writing or diagramming a sentence. Yes, you get to positive eventually but it is quite a pain in the process.

We have an explosion of fire over the NEXT week and through the weekend that rocks our socks off, quite literally, and shakes up the rest of us too. The fire and explosions continue all the following week too. Be very careful and aware around fire energies as Mars joins with Uranus to start a new two year cycle of fire, passionate and action based changes in the Aries part of our charts as of Friday. No unattended lighted candles. No leaving the room even for a minute when cooking. Watch those volatile substances. Be very careful with gasoline. Wet your fire place ashes and matches before disposing. Uranus with such an aspect to Fire is often volcanoes erupting… or earthquakes that cause fires like San Francisco 1906 where 3,000 people died and 80% of the city was burned to the ground or the Chicago fire of 1871 which killed hundreds and burned 3.3 square miles. You get the idea.

Eruptions, explosions and fires can take place in your Aries house ~ the early degrees. Explosions of Fire as Sun and Venus come out of Pisces into Aries ~ think of Sun and Venus staggering out of the bar (Pisces) in a kind of non-linear fashion and marching smack into a knife fight (Aries). Sun and Venus will hop into the fight and mix it up too as they are there and have an opinion on the matter. Mars and Uranus will not be handling this one alone.

I know that sounds so negative doesn’t it? We can expect some rocking and rolling in the world around us. This Aries energy is all taking place on the world axis. Perhaps, the New Pope gets inaugurated and says he’s going to give away tons of the church’s money to the poor like his namesake St. Francis of Assisi did? Maybe Cyprus financially melts down and takes the European Union with it because their banks took/stole 10% or 20% of every citizen’s money from their bank accounts last week? Huge runs on banks causing financial panics because the basic trust is broken? Volcanos erupting? Earthquakes shaking? And the coming to be rather regular shooting of unarmed citizens by armed others ~ except it will be bigger than usual if it is a shooting. Unfortunately, because of the concentration and location of all the fire energy, whatever it is will be a bit more dramatic as we are dealing with the World’s cardinal axis where the entire world stops, turns and watches, mouth agape.

The video is Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings which is a terrific piece of music for connecting to and releasing the deep sadness within. It is conducted by Leonard Slatkin and played by the BBC Orchestra on September 15 2001 in honor of those who lost their lives a few days prior.

Expect ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Watch for the heroes. This energy invites heroics from each of us. And if it is a fire or explosion in your life, expect your inner hero to rise up and make a statement about what you can do. If it is a firm ending, walk away and don’t look back. If a statement of change is needed in a shaky relationship that you want to keep, make the statement clearly (as clearly as Mercury in Pisces will permit) and ask for what you want. If you don’t know what you want if someone makes a statement to YOU, say you don’t know and that you will get back to them. Allow the intense Fire energy to clearly and concisely burn away all that is extraneous, unneeded or superfluous.

The video above was made by my friend Eddie Rosenstein. It is a documentary on the heroic Boatlift of 9-11 where over 500,000 civilians were evacuated by boats off Manhattan in under nine hours by ordinary citizens showing up to help. We all have a hero in us

I always love how astrology reflects the energy we experience down here on earth. So much is going on it will be hard to keep up with it all. The idea during weeks like the next two weeks is to stay as present as possible and trust the process that what is going on is for your greater good. Or if it is hard to see the good at the particular moment in time when it happens, know that at the very least, it is moving you down the road toward your future.

For the past few months, I’ve been writing “release, release, release” and do the responsible thing for your soul’s evolution. The Finger of God/ Goddess moved from the degrees of 4 to 11, waking up very old and early stories in your being corresponding to those ages between December 4 and now. The Finger is pointing to structures in each of our lives that need to be let go of for our deeper soul’s transformation and evolution to take place.

Fingers don’t much care what we think or want or desire. The Finger in the heavens above our head is moving us, directing us and pointing toward where we are headed. We WILL get there, willingly or unwillingly, as Fingers of God/Goddess are never denied. When thwarted or opposed, Fingers go “NOPE, not that!” and pick you up like a mama cat carries her kittens to safety away from the dog. Fingers block you from going down the wrong road, like a very effective sheep dog herds sheep…. Nope, NO, NOPE, block, head off, herd. You get the idea.

When a person has a Finger of God/Goddess in their natal chart, I will often say to them that they came in with a cosmic global positioning satellite that takes over when they go off the path their soul wanted them to follow in this life time. They ASKED for a Finger when they were born to keep them on the right track. And if they go OFF track, the Finger will either block them or correct them, getting them back on course. Fingers also work the magic ~ carrying the person to who they are supposed to work with or be with. Other astrologers are not so kind. Essentially, they will say the person completely screwed up their last life (or lifetimes) in the area described by the Finger so the Finger acts like a bridle and halter or a stun gun (on a bad day) to keep them on the straight and narrow path in this lifetime. Defy it if you dare.

Right now, we ALL have a temporary Finger of God/Goddess in each of our charts asking us to evolve to the next level. Trust me on this, you don’t want to deny or defy it. You want to evolve. Evolve, baby, evolve.

Transits take place on four levels ~ always, always ~ spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical. This Finger of God is taking place on all four levels in your chart. You have to do the work on ALL FOUR LEVELS to evolve successfully and get the proper message from the heavens. The Finger wants you to evolve and will keep pushing to get you there.

For example, I try to take my own astrological advice ~ I’ve been releasing lots of stuff and working on my personal evolution. The Finger’s apex, Jupiter in Gemini, is in my fourth house so I’ve been clearing things out of my physical home and releasing things around early childhood stuff ~ papers, photographs, and books. I’ve been looking at the early childhood conditioning I received with Gemini ruling my fourth house where I was TOLD one thing but SAW something completely different with Mercury in my eighth house. I was told to ignore what I saw. Tough for a Virgo child to do… we are the ones forever saying “That is not fair!” or asking “Why?” Okay, I was on point with that one. I am clearing out my house.

Transiting Saturn is at the edge of my ninth house and about to drop back into eight house so I’ve been doing very deep psychological and spiritual work with my trusted advisors as I simultaneously have my second Saturn return. I am digging in the Scorpio stuff! Dig. Dig. Dig. Rinse it off and look at it! It’s the murky, swampy, mucky, psychological eighth house, so you do the best you can. Eventually you figure it out. I felt reasonably confident that Saturn would pat me on the head for a job well done. I was showing up and doing the work for Saturn and me.

Transiting Pluto is coming into my North Node of Fate as it moved off my Capricorn Mars in the 11th house of astrology so my work pace and client load has been extremely intense and extremely profound over the past few months. I’ve been working my butt off! I felt pretty self-confident about how effectively I was handling the Pluto part of the Finger. Every hour of the day had something booked into it, or a plan of what to do if I had an idle moment… The Lord of the Underworld shouldn’t be able to find a fault with my work ethic!

However, I wasn’t paying much attention to Mercury. As Mercury is my Sun’s ruler, THAT was a mistake! And Mercury rules that Jupiter in Gemini so he came calling. Mercury started playing with me when he moved into Pisces before going retrograde ~ the land phone line in my home went out in early February ~ a cable failure in the street with 22 apartments in my building without service or with very static service. Called Verizon and complained alot. Kept the client load the same and punted with the various communication methods ~ either the cell, skype or gotomeeting.com… every time a new adventure. The house phone might or might not ring. No machine to take messages. Drove me crazy. A lot crazy but I held on ~ Mercury in his fall. Then in came a really nasty cold/flu that attacked my throat as Mercury was opposite my Sun in mid-February. I cancelled 2 days of appointments and did half days for 2 days. Still I was moving… energy up and down like a series of touch and go landing sessions in a small airplane. I was staggering through. Then last week, Mercury GOT MEAN. A stabbing chest pain and extreme shortness of breath which resulted in a diagnosis of walking pneumonia and antibiotics. I officially gave up, cancelled five days of appointments and crawled into bed. What started as spiritual, intellectual and emotional transit had moved right into physical. Silence girlfriend! Old Annie-pan wasn’t paying attention to Mercury. He took me out, literally. Silencio! Silencio!


Mercury in Pisces is silence. First ~ no phone. Then~ no voice. Then ~ no energy. Anne will you hush up, sit down and listen? Then ~ no lungs. Try and do anything with no lungs. Of course, taking a Virgo’s busy, busy work projects away means as client Lisa said “I want to claw out my eyes!” Sitting quietly is quite a challenge! Silence is a challenge. Silence. Really? Silence?

It is amazing how vivifying and clarifying five silent days spent mostly in bed with walking pneumonia is! Last week, as retrograde Mercury stationed on my Moon while a pile of other planets sat on key points in my chart, I cancelled a week of life and went to bed with the three cats. The cats were very happy!

Flowing through my very vivid and intense day and night dreams were visions of new popes dancing (I have a special relationship with St. Francis), recurring 9-11 images, a huge, soft lion’s paw on my head and right shoulder as well as three wild and crazy guys who kept breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night, standing in my bedroom door and shouting at me that they wanted astrology readings. As a possible dream trigger, I will admit I watched Saturday Night Live last week ~ I am a Justin Timberlake fan. There were two sets of wild and crazy guys ~ Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg combined with Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd in a dating game skit. One of the wild and crazy guys didn’t make it into my dreams but the three others did! And as I have a huge crush on Andy Samberg ~ those cancer rising lips of his ~ I would have noticed if he was there! I would have gotten out of my sick bed to do a reading for Andy! I finally listened, really listened, to Mercury. Silence! Silencio!

My recurring 9-11 dreams caused me to look up the chart for that day again. You forget charts if you don’t look at them. My office was two blocks from the WTC. The attack happened on my birthday, which I always take off, so I was completely safe in my apartment instead of captured like my office mates downtown with a bird’s eye view of death and destruction. My father completely freaked out about me going back to work downtown after they declared it was safe. “It’s not safe Anne.” “Dad, the government said it IS safe.” “The government LIES, Anne.” My Aries Sun, Leo Moon and rising Father, rather conservative and quite republican, said THAT? Hmmm. Stubborn gal that I am, I went to work AND did volunteer work down there. They attacked MY city, MY HOME! However, Dad was right. The government lied. The air clearly wasn’t safe. Tears would just flow, flow, flow down your cheeks from the various smells ~so very acrid and burning.

Every time my lungs get crazy (like last week), I remember that conversation and those days. After about four weeks of being a stubborn idiot in the fall of 2001, I quit the corporate world. I went out on my own, fulltime, as an astrologer. I followed the dream of my heart. I was just too chicken to give myself permission to go for my dream full out before. However, if you can go to work one morning and DIE drinking your coffee, what the heck was I waiting for? Being an astrologer was my heart dream at the time. That is why I say to clients, “If it is in your heart, it is in your chart.” Our heart is always in our chart!

So I looked at the charts. Sure enough, transiting Pluto NOW was exactly opposite Jupiter in the 9-11 chart as the transiting Finger of God NOW set off the Saturn/Vesta in the 9-11 chart. (First Plane into WTC, September 11, 2001, 8:46 am, NY, NY). Back in 2001, Jupiter was diving into my South Node, taking me away from my old computer career and into another career from a past life. Jupiter rules my Sagittarius mid-heaven and Pisces Moon. The WTC attack signified a career and life change for many of us. The week between my flu and my pneumonia, I read for a woman whose husband had been a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald and was late to work on that day to be one of the few employees that survived from his firm. Now transiting Pluto is coming into my North Node, opposite the WTC Jupiter, so Pluto is asking me to go the next level in my astrology career that became fulltime in 2001. Pluto lives in my 7th house of clients and the public. My job is to work with people as they go through their profound transformations, very often their Pluto transformations. When I installed computer systems, I transformed offices and work for people. Now as I read charts, I help people with their personal life transformations.


However, I apparently needed to be quiet this past week ~silent, listening, taken out of space and time. I had to get silent to listen to Mercury whispering in my ear and talking to me in and through my dreams. Mercury has other plans about how I am supposed to evolve than I did. Take time this week to stop working and listen to the inner voice, the inner urging, the soul whispers from Mercury near the dream of Neptune and ruling the apex of the Finger of God/Goddess. Mercury is moving direct this week, retracing his steps. Listen to his wisdom.

So in addition to the Finger of God/Goddess asking you to evolve, make sure to take time to LISTEN carefully as Mercury moves forward, pulling, pushing and pointing that Jupiter in Gemini toward true north in your chart and the charts of your friends and family members. Encourage them to listen to the quiet voice of their hearts. Mercury will be in Pisces, whispering the dreams into your ears and dancing right through your nights between now and April 13, the day after Pluto stations to go retrograde at 11:35 Capricorn. If it is in your heart, it is in your chart. And Mercury is talking to you about it if you listen to him. Jupiter on 9-11-2001 was at 11:35 Cancer ~ just across the sky from where Pluto is for the next few months. You know how much the events of 9-11 changed the world and perhaps your world. The events taking place in your life NOW, while perhaps much more personal, will change you just as deeply and profoundly as 9-11 did.

So in addition to the wild and crazy week we have ahead of us with all the fire energy, take time to reflect on the changes in your life since 9-11-2001. Take time to listen to how and what Mercury is whispering in your ear. Listen. Be still and listen. It might just be a teeny tiny little voice. Or it might be three wild and crazy guys stopping by to make you laugh as you order them out of your bedroom because you need your sleep. The messages of evolution will be coming from your heart! And I promise, because it is in your heart, it is in your chart!



Void Moons This Week

Moon goes Void Square to the Sun on Tuesday Mar 19 2013 at 01:27:41 pm EDT. Moon enters Cancer on Tuesday Mar 19 2013 at 02:56:15 pm EDT.

Moon goes Void Trine Venus on Wednesday Mar 21 2013 at 11:16:16 pm EDT. Moon enters Leo on Friday Mar 22 2013 at 02:50:49 am EDT.
Moon is Void all Day Thursday.

Moon goes void Square Saturn on Friday Mar 22 2013 at 11:28:54 pm EDT. Moon enters Virgo on Saturday Mar 24 2013 at 11:50:08 am EDT.
Moon is Void all Day Saturday.

Moon Day Monday March 18, 2013 finds Moon in Gemini full of arguments as he squares the Sun in the last degrees of Pisces. Yes buts… yes but! Or NO and furthermore! Mercury is moving forward but still pretty stationary as he just turned direct Sunday. Mercury will be in Pisces for another 27 days as he starts to speed up. He’s communicating through images, ideas and dreams. Listen and pay attention. It is a day of few aspects so not too much tension. Venus has a few of minor arguments with Saturn and Chiron later in the day… just setting the record straight kind of stuff. She’s in the mood to clarify relationships and set some ground rules for the future. There is a fundamental change in your groups and dreams starting to take root.

Mars Day Tuesday March 19, 2013 finds Moon in Gemini in the morning and entering Cancer around 3 pm EDT. Things under the Gemini moon will end in arguments or disappointment. That doesn’t mean don’t do them, just allow for it not to work out quite the way you think it will. Moon argues with desire to suggest you can’t have what you want. Maybe not from THIS person but you can have what you want if you shift your focus. It is a focus shift. Venus is very active in dreams last night and awakes a bit exhausted from it all. There is an emotional breakthrough at mid-day when Venus links up with Uranus by declination. Expect fireworks. Ego needs to adjust its grandiosity. Just take it down a notch or two. Not to say you “can’t” but do you actually “want to?” Hygeia has stressful aspects with the nodes of fate so health matters shift and turn today. Expect difficult communications from Mars as Mercury falls in his blind spot. No you didn’t see it coming but on some level, part of you always knew that it was true. Vesta aspects the Nodes encouraging a shift in your home or nest. Saturn links up with lots of deep emotions and profound feelings…. Tears are a distinct possibility.

Mercury’s Day Wednesday March 20, 2013 finds Moon in Cancer stimulating the Finger of God /Goddess as well as arguing with Mars and Uranus. Emotions boil over the pot and rise to the surface. Sun enters Aries and crosses the equator today. Spring begins. A new year commences. Lots of rockets and fire today. Passions are running high. Pace yourself. Mars squares Kronos breaking up an old energy, resentment or story. Saturn is squabbling with Ceres. Nurturing has a limit. Today it is perfectly fine to say to someone that you are no longer interested in doing things the way they have always been done. Time for a change! You are ready. They might not be but you are ready. Venus fights with Mars ~by declination ~ war over money or desires or loves. A passionate day but not a pleasant day ~ you know the kind. Exhausting passion that doesn’t go anywhere. Venus is on the fixed star, Scheat, and not feeling the love right now. In fact, she’s feeling pretty shitty or uninspired. Kronos stations and turns direct so the weight of the world and all its difficulties can feel like they are riding on your shoulders right now. Focus on what you can actually DO. If you can’t DO anything, then let go. And sometimes all you can do is clean. Or cry. Or sit silently as a witness. Chiron, in that annoying way he has, points out the obvious pattern to you. Things change. People change. Endings happen. It is part of life. Sometimes there is no ceremony to mark the ending. If that is the case here, take the time today to have a ritual of release for yourself of the old to make room for the new! Moon goes void at around 2 pm EDT with an opposition to Pluto… separation from difficult power struggles is part of the journey of today.













Jupiter’s Day Thursday March 21, 2013 finds Moon void all day long in Caner. This gives you plenty of time to process what exactly went on yesterday. Void moons mean the Moon is off and you should take time off too. She’s not working so you should do restorative activities in your life. Besides, Sun’s square to Hades in the wee hours of the night offered you a toss and turning night of little to no sleep so restore your energy. There’s a profound ending taking place right now. You need time and space to honor it. Saturn trines Chiron for the second of five times, at 10:44 of Scorpio and Pisces. The first trine was November 16, 2012 at 4:58 Scorpio/Pisces. Think back to the 10 or 11 year old you and notice how the wound of the father, patriarchy, or authority figures is vibrating right now. The opening conjunction of the cycle closing up and disseminating with these closing trines was April 12, 1966 at 23:51 Pisces. That 23 degree is remarkably close to last week’s New Moon at 21:24 Pisces. We are clearing some mighty old energy around the father wounds in each of our souls. Saturn meets up with Chiron again on June 8, 2028 to start a new 62 year cycle. If you are younger than 1966 models, talk to your family members about what was going on with your parents in April 1966. It was the 1st B-52 bombing on North Vietnam. Words of endings, departures and farewells take place today. You need to or they need to say goodbye or end it so you both can move on. It can really make you cry. It’s yesterday once more. Pallas works productively with the nurturing energy of Ceres suggesting you take two approaches to how you want to proceed: Plan A and Plan B. Allow space for surprises. Venus enters Aries, the sign of her detriment, at 11:15 pm tonight. Venus is not happy in Aries ~ a bit of a warrior goddess instead of a love goddess. She’s in Aries for 25 days. She’s clear but she’s not happy. Listen to the heart’s desire. Allow it to vent if need be. The feminine is not going along quietly or willingly. People are feeling incredibly tense, explosive and irritated as Mars approaches his union with Uranus.

Venus’s Day Friday March 22, 2013 finds a busy day with the Moon in Leo with yet another harsh aspect of a psychological closing square to Saturn. This is going to be a very difficult and stressful day. Some days are just filled with drama and tension. Mars joins with Uranus by both declination and zodiac conjunction. Mars is war. Uranus is explosions. Both are in Fire signs. Both are very volatile when alone but amplify each other when together. People are incredibly tense, sensitive and volatile. Moon in Leo stimulates the fire energy by adding emotional volatility as it is all about MOI! ME! ME! You can practically hear the planets shouting off the page. To the best of your ability, take the energy and direct it someplace productive. Channel it towards what you want to accomplish or do. Venus’ square to Hades offers a harsh no to whatever else is going on right now. Sun and Venus sit on opposite sides of the equator suggesting Ego’s desire is not being met… Moon’s closing square to Saturn asks you to take a moment or three to process all that went on today.

Saturn’s Day Saturday March 23, 2013 finds the Moon void all day in Leo. Another day of an all day Void moon which gives you plenty of time to process what exactly went on yesterday. Void moons mean the Moon is off and you should take time off too. She’s not working so you should do restorative activities in your life and to integrate the swirling energies. Sun argues with the Nodes of Fate implying that even as you KNOW you SHOULD do something, you don’t WANT to. Allow yourself some space. Give yourself a break. Stop being so mean. These things happen. You see it now. You didn’t see it before. That is why we call it life. It is not about perfection. It is about process. Mars wants to fight back against the wound even if nothing can really be done. Again, try to deploy that energy in the direction you really want to head rather than staying and fighting a losing battle. If you must fight, do. But think of it as the Finger of God/Goddess suggesting you move along now. Nothing to see here. Move along now. Pallas knows it is finishing. She’s seen this pattern before. Cupido stations to go retrograde. Gather up your own tribe. Make your own circle. Create your own group or family that matches your spiritual and personal evolution. When we clear out something that needs to go, we get some space for the new. My friend Cathy talks about creating spaciousness in our lives to allow the new to grow. Allow spaciousness to take root in your life. Sun invites you to partner in ways you hadn’t thought of before. Jupiter has an adjusting aspect to Saturn today, his second of two. The earlier one was December 22, 2012. Back on May 28, 2000, Jupiter joined with Saturn to start a 20 year cycle. Now we are doing the psychological process from that cycle as we deal with the closing, Scorpio type of inconjunct. Adjust and release. Remember the charts never lie. People do.

Sun’s Day Sunday March 24, 2013 finds Moon in Virgo mid-day with a closing aspect of a trine to Pluto. That makes today a very strong power day. Take advantage of the energy to get things out the door. Venus struggles with the Nodes suggesting a difficult night of dreaming so sleep in during the morning if you can. Ceres faces endings as the nurturing energy leaves you and moves out to a new job. You are going to be okay. Find someone or something to partner with tonight to help you not feel so alone. Life is hard at times. There can be tears tonight as Moon opposes Neptune ~ or at least a deep sadness. Next week will be stressful too so get to bed early tonight for a decent night’s sleep.



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Anne’s Weekly Weather: Non-linear time continues to end. Sun and Venus both move out of Pisces into Aries. Mercury in Pisces is moving forward to retrace his retrograde steps one more time. And he rules Jupiter so he is playing with us and the Finger of God. We continue to dry out. A new season begins on Wednesday. And after that, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the world seems to be on fire. Watch out for all the Fire!!


Scorpios Talking: Michael and Anne worked on soul wounds. How to hang out with them! They are not going any place any time soon!


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Venus Unplugged: Llorraine Neithardt continues to enthrall… Venus arises!! For Jungians, dreamers, poets and visionaries this teaching myth is encoded with the process toward mature Femininity. As the tale unfold Psyche has betrayed Eros (Cupid), been banished from Paradise, destitute and terrified, Suicidal, and clueless. Next (as if this wasn’t enough) Psyche must face the Tyranny of Venus, Complete the four tasks of The Trial of The Seeds, Gathering the Hair of the Golden Fleece, Obtaining Sacred Waters of Styx And























Learn Palmistry with Anne Ortelee
Weekend Workshop April 26-28, 2013
Manchester, Vermont



Palmistry is both an art and a science. It is based on scientific principles that can be learned by anyone. The hand is called ‘God’s Road Map’. The hand is one of the most valuable tools we have for guidance. Knowing Palmistry will enrich the lives of all you meet as they understand the knowledge and wisdom in their hands.


Palmistry’s use as a means of psychological insight and divination dates back thousands of years. Because the hand changes as you change, it is an up to the minute report from your own Higher Self. The hand reports on many areas of your life, including health, financial security, talents, strengths and weaknesses. It shows the best choices for creating a fulfilling life. It reflects YOU, the unique individual. Your hand is a mirror of your soul.
The weekend workshop in Palmistry will cover every aspect of the hand, the shapes, the lines, fingers, and the seven planetary archetypes. We will practice reading hands, as well as learn how to synthesize and communicate the information we find.


Anne Ortelee was trained as a Palmist by The School of Oracles. The School of Oracles is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating Palmistry, a sacred art, in a manner that does honor to the wisdom, healing and illumination it brings to humanity.


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Look at Alec Baldwin’s HUGE MARS MOUND!!!  You can’t make this stuff up!























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