Weekly Weather March 2, 2015
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Weekly Weather March 2, 2015   

beach fire 







This is the true joy in life.  The being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live.  I rejoice in life for its own sake.  Life is no “brief candle” for me.  It is a sort of splendid torch, which I have got hold of, for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

–George Bernard Shaw

We enter eclipse season on Thursday after the Full Moon in Virgo ~ the eclipses are coming! The eclipses are coming!  The upcoming Solar eclipse is at the VERY last degree of Pisces ~ 29:27.  The weeks leading up to the New Moon Solar eclipse on March 20 will be full of departures, endings, breakdowns and breakthroughs.  There is oodles and oodles of letting go and being done with it forever energy.  Think about it ~ the very last degree of the very last sign on the very last day of the previous year.  The very last degree of 19 YEARS!  There is a big old pile of dead, finished energy just aching to zoom off into the heavens and be gone from your life.

And right BEHIND the Solar eclipse, a new season, a brand new 19 year cycle, and a huge new chapter arrives!!

First, our week ahead has Jupiter perfecting his trine to Uranus.  I couldn’t figure out why the falls from grace were so fast, fiery and fierce.  I understood that abuse of Power couldn’t stand up to Uranus and that Pluto in Capricorn was going to expose it.  Last week, I finally put the missing puzzle piece in ~ Jupiter is throwing fire balls at Uranus!!!  They are trine to each other in easy flowing energy.  Uranus, in turn, throws the fire balls at Pluto.  Jupiter and Pluto are inconjunct right now and NOT getting along.  So Jupiter is kind of supercharging Uranus to help take Pluto down. Do be careful if you have not been following the rules!  This is a fast hunting energy.

Second Venus in Aries goes through a ring of fire on Wednesday as she waltzes from Jupiter to Uranus and does a fast quickstep to Pluto with a square to him later in the day.  Expect unexpected news about love, money, values and finances.

Third, the Sun rolls through the Finger of God setting things up as he connects with Jupiter, Pluto and then Chiron. If we understand where we are supposed to shine, things get a bit easier.  So go shine in your Leo house… that is the place you are best at expressing yourself any way.

Our week ahead is quite rocking even though we have three weeks until the eclipse.  Jupiter is leaving the Finger of God but Sun comes whistling through and forms a fast couple of days Finger.  Fingers of God remind us of fate as they often bring fated choices.  We have some fateful choices facing us!   Sun’s sextile to Pluto encourages a more connected and disciplined energy around work and career matters.  Allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for ~or make it a point to schedule some serious self-care into your calendar!  Self-care and deep nurturing are called for as a comfort or creative expression of desire and abundance.  Under book your calendar for unanticipated emergencies.

Finally, Mars dives into the Nodes of Destiny ~ Aries South Node ~ and releases a huge amount of energy in to the Dragon’s tail.  This happens the 4th and 6th so expect lots of fireworks, leave taking, hard choices being faced and made.  All of this is for the greater good.  You need to create the space for the new to arrive.

Eclipses mark times when the Nodes of Fate connect the Sun and Moon as they move within 15 degrees of the Nodes.  Eclipses mark times with fated events.  They invite our fate to come look us in the eye.  We are ending a 19 year cycle karmic cycle with the eclipse.  We are beginning a new karmic cycle.  Eclipses are not all bad energies either ~ new beginnings spring out of the endings.

About this Solar eclipse, Bernadette Brady writes in her book, “The Eagle and the Lark”, ‘The issues, with this family of eclipses, are of sudden success in group projects or personal relationship matters.  Happiness in love, thinking of love matters, good news concerning relationships or creative expressions with a group.’

I, as an astrologer, take my own and Bernadette’s advice about this eclipse series!  Back when this New Moon took place 19 years ago, I just started studying astrology and signed up to volunteer for NCGR, a national astrology organization, to maintain their mailing list.  I decided to take my first NCGR certification exam as a baby astrologer to see what I knew.  Now, 19 years later, I am a teacher of astrology and sponsoring for the first time in NYC the ISAR Certification Competency Exam offered by an international astrology organization for my students and other interested astrologers.  The exam takes place the day after the eclipse, March 21.  I am hoping for “good news” and “sudden success in this group project” as my “astrology kids” grow up and become real live certified astrologers.  I should mention a number of my students have taken the NCGR level exams too! I am very ecumenical as far as the astrology organizations are concerned as I belong to and hold various levels of certifications from three of them! So don’t expect it to be all bad news.  Look for the new cycle embedded in the old paradigm that is shifting…

During the build up to the eclipse, Saturn gets to the degree of his retrograde station on March 14, this week.  He’s not moving in the sky so we can anticipate feeling rather blocked, stuck, oppressed, depressed and repressed as Saturn pauses and turns around.

Also prior to the eclipse, we have during the waning Moon, the last of the seven Uranus Pluto squares.  Uranus and Pluto are less than 30 seconds apart from their perfect square on March 16 this week.  We’ll be feeling their dynamic energy and tension build and build.  Expect folks that are abusing their power to continue to hit the mat face first or fall from grace.  Below is a video that kind of sums up the energy of Uranus and Pluto… Remember the goal these next few weeks is to keep moving forward, regardless of the obstacle, provided you see a path.  And expect a rocky road with a few twists and turns!



Uranus and Pluto continue to travel forward together, on the road again, separated by decreasing minutes as they approach their final, seventh square on March 16.  Their energy will continue to be intense.  On any given day, you can be either Pluto or Uranus (or alternate between them) as you and the world bounce along in all this turbulent energy

We enter a period of frequent day long void Moons because Saturn entered Sagittarius.   The last degrees of the various planets are in early degrees in the zodiac. Take the day long void moons and use them to connect with your spiritual purpose on earth.

The week has long void Moons ~ all day Tuesday, Thursday afternoon into all day Friday.  Moon in Leo Monday accelerates the passionate energy as she brings her Fire energy into contact with all the Fire in the heavens.  Void on Tuesday, we catch up with our passions after an exuberant Monday.  Moon in Virgo on Wednesday gets oodles of things accomplished with her excellent closing aspect of a trine to Pluto.  She is void Thursday afternoon and all day Friday in Virgo ~ still accomplishing things but focus on working on existing projects rather than starting new stuff. Moon in Libra Friday night, Saturday and Sunday with a trine to Mercury closing makes the weekend a great time to catch up with friends, relationships and those you love.

These are big departure weeks as Sun in Pisces has action taking Venus and Mars in Aries to do his bidding without questions. Time to leave this mortal coil! Older people, those who are sick or with a tenuous hold on life will continue to leave us.  It is another big suicide and death week as folks can feel quite helpless and hopeless.  Connect and send lots of love to folks who are feeling depressed or suicidal or sad.


Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.


Moon is in Leo Monday, March 2, 2015.

Moon goes void Opposite to Mercury on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 03:48:39 am EST.

Moon is void all day Tuesday.


Moon enters Virgo on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 06:58:40 am EST.

Moon goes void trine to Pluto on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 01:37:35 pm EST.

Moon is void Thursday Afternoon and all day Friday.


Moon enters Libra on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 07:53:09 pm EST.

Moon goes void trine to Mercury on Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 09:25:04 pm EDT.

full moon march 5 2015















The Sabian Image for the Moon in Virgo is A FINE LACE ORNAMENTAL HANDKERCHIEF

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the image is:

Commentary: A ‘Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief’ is a beautiful, soft, lacy image. A ‘Lace Handkerchief’ is an extremely feminine and personal possession associated with perfume, tears and matters of the heart. Since medieval times, women have given their loved ones this small token of their love and commitment before they went into battle or traveled abroad. The scent of the “fabric” and the care and loving that have gone into the crafting of it give a sense of security and being remembered and loved. We are often amazed by how much attention to detail, care and thought goes into making something so beautiful, small and delicate. Even small gifts can bring a sense of love and care; they can become very sentimental. The smallest tokens of our past can bring us a sense of security and joy.

Oracle: At the moment, you may be feeling the want for love and the need for someone in your life. You need to relax a little in order to invite others in. This feeling of being lost and left behind can be relieved with the touch of fabric, a whiff of perfume, etc.; a reminder of people or events past. Warm, sentimental feelings can be expressed, or poured out, showing tenderness and care. Catching your tears on a beautiful lace handkerchief might be a nice way to remind yourself of your true sense of worth and beauty. However, this type of ‘Handkerchief’, being made of ‘Lace’, is not really suited for too many tears, as it can be more of an ornament that a true ‘Handkerchief’. Hence, there can be a sense of false emotion evident with this Symbol. Sometimes we get upset about things that needn’t really upset us, or we put on an emotional show because we feel it’s expected of us. Being wound up and constantly “upset” or demanding emotional attention can put people off. Staying true to your emotions and remembering your self-worth may be very important now.

Keywords: Delicacy of feeling and attention to detail. Winning awards through valor. Hypersensitivity. Looking but not touching. Overdressing. Appearing too delicate to truly enjoy life. Too much make-up and accessories. Fragility. Old things of lace and beauty. Refinement. Small gifts given with deep feeling.

The Caution: The artificial sob story. False sympathy. Asking for love when in reality one doesn’t really want it. Impractical belongings. Things that get shunted aside as irrelevant, unworthy or unusable. Things of little use in today’s world. Mass manufacturing. Things made in sweatshops.

If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life. Oscar Wilde

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Princess of Wales Diana

HANDKERCHIEF, n. A small square of silk or linen, used in various ignoble offices about the face and especially serviceable at funerals to conceal the lack of tears. Ambrose Bierce

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never her age. Robert Frost

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. Oscar Wilde

Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds. Socrates

So, as you go into battle, remember your ancestors and remember your descendants. Publius Cornelius Tacitus

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. St. Ambrose




Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Image is:

Commentary: ‘An Officer Drilling his Men in a Simulated Attack’. Sometimes in life, the danger of things is overstated, exaggerated and overestimated and it looks like all hell is going to break lose at any minute. However, there is wisdom in practicing being on the alert to reduce the chance of error or failure when a real ‘Attack’ comes along. Putting on a show of strength in order to put off threats from the outside can help promote feelings of safety and solidarity.

Oracle: You may need to rehearse or prepare for a difficult upcoming situation. It’s true that if we stay alert to the possibility of ‘Attack’ or confrontation, it helps us to respond when it’s really necessary. However, often the expected ‘Attack’ never eventuates. Sometimes there is more energy expended in the ‘Drilling’ of tactical maneuvers than exists in the actual threat itself. The trick is to be able keep on one’s guard, and to relax in life at the same time. People can be yelled at and commanded to respond in a certain way to the point where they lose their sense of natural spontaneity, fun and lightheartedness of being. There could be provocation and possibly downright bullying, but it probably doesn’t have much substance, especially if you don’t allow it any. Keeping a strong sense of your own authority will ensure a better outcome for all. How prepared are you for what might happen? Are you going over the possible outcomes a little too much, thereby losing the joy that can be found in relaxing or letting down your guard? Is there someone picking on you or telling you what to do, or are you the perpetrator yourself? One exercise for disciplining the mind is to make up some positive commands and apply them to your everyday thoughts. Try allowing only positive thoughts. Witnessing the mind for negative, self-defeating or annoying messages can stop them dead in their tracks.

Keywords: Taking orders to better respond to situations. The higher self training the lower self. Exercises. Marching and going through the motions. The need for defense. Seeing ahead. Planning strategies. Fire drills. Smoke alarms. Being prepared. Issuing orders and expecting them to be followed through. Discipline. Martial arts of all kinds. Going over and over possible outcomes. Safeguards put in place. Gas masks and bomb shelters.

The Caution: Rigid routine for no real or valuable purpose. Feeling that one has always to be on the defensive. Being under attack, whether real or imagined. Overreacting to things. Feelings of unworthiness in the face of battle or confrontation. Victim consciousness. Fearful responses. Getting others to respond through spreading fear. Scare tactics.

It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head. Sally Kempton

It takes 15,000 casualties to train a major general. Ferdinand Foch

We are not ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur. Dan Quayle

Do not touch anything unnecessarily. Beware of pretty girls in dance halls and parks who may be spies, as well as bicycles, revolvers, uniforms, arms, dead horses, and men lying on roads – they are not there accidentally. Soviet infantry manual, issued in the 1930’s

A frightened captain makes a frightened crew. Lister Sinclair

The best armor is to keep out of range. Italian Proverb

Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. Groucho Marx

To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared for surprise is to be educated. James Carse

You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless. Lou Gerstner


Moon day Monday March 2, 2015 Moon in Leo goes void Opposite to Mercury.  Today’s fire Moon gets a great deal accomplished but ends with a bit of sibling rivalry or sad/disappointing news.  Dreams were full of tossing and turning energy as Mars and Chiron held court all night bringing you sad stories like a cat brings an owner a dead mouse.  Venus connects with the South Node of Destiny so people can release or love can leave us now.  There is a firm rebellion against being subservient today ~ kind of mad as hell and not going to take it any more.  No more suffering. No more victim feeling or feeding.  No more, no more.  The end of the day features a whoosh in energy as Moon turbo charges with Uranus and Jupiter!  During the day, Moon moves through Leo and positively aspects all the fire planets in the sky ~ and there are A LOT of fire planets in the sky!  Moon in Leo is full of energy. It is a day of fire, passion, excitement and perhaps a sense that things are spinning a bit too fast or out of control for your taste.  Buckle up and hang on tight.

Mars’s day Tuesday March 3, 2015 Moon in Leo goes void Opposite to Mercury at 03:48:39 am EST.  Moon is void all day Tuesday.  Dreams were active last night and about endings or jealousy or miscommunications.  We’ll continue to process the fall out and energy from yesterday during today’s long void Moon.  Jupiter completes his trine to Uranus and continues to throw fire balls at him as they start to separate.  Jupiter’s pulsing fire and passionate energy at Uranus which gives Uranus a distinct advantage in his current struggle with Pluto.  Uranus is kind of super charged and brimming with fires to make things change!   Health matters swirl in energy.  Clear out things that make you feel bad ~ food, clothing, or old bad memories.  Create space in your life for change to arrive.  There can be a series of brilliant ideas today as Mercury in super smart Aquarius makes oodles of aspects.  Might be some wounding words mid-day as he gets a bit blindsided by Chiron but Mercury quickly flips the story and takes a new approach.  Set some boundaries with them!  Or simply mark it off to jealousy and move along. Tonight home and hearth matters take precedence and invite you to try a new way of doing things.  If a sniffle is approaching, do take time for an early to bed ~ lots of energy coming your way the next few weeks and you can use the extra rest!

Wednesday Mercury’s day March 4, 2015  Moon enters Virgo at 06:58:40 am EST and goes void trine to Pluto. The next few days have an incredibly productive Virgo Moon trine to Pluto and moving towards a Full Moon.  We can get tons of things accomplished and power through our to-do list.  Mercury, finally clear of his retrograde shadow, hits Vesta and gets her organizing papers, piles and details of details of details related to the home.  You know: replacing  the Brita filter, the new oven thermometer, organizing the tax receipts, and clearing out the old to welcome the new. Venus is super busy and quite happy today so it is a great day to handle money matters, desires and follow up on love, alliance or partnership issues.  Venus works with Uranus, and Jupiter, amplifying their fire energy even as she argues with Pluto.  More fire balls from Venus, Jupiter and Uranus thrown at poor old Pluto to get him to change and stop being such a control freak.  Watch if you are Uranus or Pluto today!  Mars dives into the South Node of Fate and releases a big old wallop of angry, action oriented or frustrated energy towards the end of the day.  Be careful around metal, cutting objects and knives today.

Jupiter’s Day Thursday March 5, 2015 Moon is in Virgo and goes void trine to Pluto mid-day. The energy stay productive as Sun rolls through the Finger of God with Jupiter as the Apex ~ take action on that dream of yours.  Dreams are mighty inspiring.  Talk to them and ask questions about what you don’t understand. Pallas adjusts her vision to allow for more sadness from Sedna ~ sometimes the sadness and discouragement have to flow through you or them. Validate their reality if they are feeling rather picked on and besieged by the heavens.  Comb their hair and sing gentle love songs to them…. They so want to be heard, loved and seen. Venus canoodles with Astraea offering healing opportunities for the heart.  A partnership you didn’t seen clearly suddenly swims into view and your understanding of it expands exponentially. Yes, it was always like this.  Now you see it clearly.  Sun’s sextile to Pluto kicks up that Finger of God again… isn’t clarity of sight grand?  The Full Moon today echoes back across time and space to September 5, 2013 and the New Moon then.  The opening square of the Full Moon was June 5, 2014 when the project was tested.  The closing Quarter Moon is on December 3, 2015 when we wrap up and release the story of 14 Virgo!

Friday Venus’s Day March 6, 2015 Moon is void in Virgo.  Moon enters Libra at 07:53:09 pm EST.  Another lovely day long Void Moon in productive Virgo.  Mars echoes  his Karmic Node release as he aspects the Nodes by declination making dreams very turbulent last night.  Today you can also zip through many of those tidy, clear, clean, file, complete, get rid of, organize and do it tasks.  There is an opportunity to let things go forever or say goodbye with Sun’s mid-day aspect to Admetos.  Venus has a fine time in the afternoon as she accelerates the energy into a giant WHOOSH of fire.  Be careful with candles.  Tonight’s Libra Moon with lovely closing aspects is terrific for socializing and laughing.

Saturn’s Day Saturday March 7, 2015 Moon in Libra and goes void trine to Mercury making the next few days all about Relationships, love and connections.  It is a great time to learn new things particularly around partnerships and relationships.  Remember Venus is currently in Aries so she’s direct and very straight forward in her communications.  Neptune has a quintile to Cupido encouraging a new group or family to form and become part of.  Sun argues with Uranus and causes a bit of a stew or dust up ~ perhaps electronic or equipment problems.  Mercury’s sextile to Eris brings a bit of difficulty or jealousy to the surface… It is PRODUCTIVE to use the tension or disagreement to move yourself forward.  Sun’s inconjunct to Zeus kind of super powers over the energy of change and understanding.  Sometimes it just turns out that way!  It is what it is.  Sun links up with Chiron causing emotional wounds to heal and become a source of strength.  Or maybe you just need some serious couch time for yourself and a cozy cup of tea!

Sun’s day Sunday March 8, 2015 Moon is in Libra and goes void trine to Mercury at 09:25:04 pm EDT.  Another pleasant day of emotional processing and getting clear on where you are going with relationships.  Mid-day there can be an emotional break through or break down when Venus links up with Sedna, the emotional goddess of the sea.  No victims here. We have to own our choices and the options presented to us.  Mars semi-square  to Admetos blocks us from ending a situation that is causing us stress. Take a few minutes and think about what you want your vision to be! Sun’s contra parallel to Mars super charges your energy and sends you flying towards next week.  Mercury’s square to Sedna suggests you keep your own counsel about what you’ve heard or figured out. Venus’ sesquiquadrate to Saturn tonight asks you what the value of the whole thing was worth… and don’t just count the financial value. Include what you liked, learned or released.


ADVERTISEMENT:  Reading Relationships Workshop on March 7 & 8, 2015! Heather Roan Robbins, Mark Wolz and I will be teaching a weekend workshop on the astrology of relationships.  Join us and learn about how to read the various relationships in your life and the lives of your clients!  It is a lovely LIBRA MOON that will encourage us to delve deeply!






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Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission.  Check her out at Sabiansymbols.com.


Copyright©, 2015 at   A.C. Ortelee




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