Weekly Weather May 8, 2011
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Weekly Weather May 9, 2011

Eris, the Goddess of Discord is busy sowing discord again! But only at the beginning of the week. Mercury and Venus have a potentially nasty run in with Eris at the beginning of the week. Then the two pals play, happily, with each other for the balance of the week, skipping along through the back part of Aries and entering Taurus on Sunday night. It should be a pretty good week here on planet earth as the energy is lighthearted and cheerful.

Venus and Mercury are a fun pair. They gossip. They giggle. They laugh. They do impersonations of the other planets behind their backs. Then they drop deep into a serious conversation or three about the state of the world, the purpose of reality and their roles in it.

Venus loves Mercury’s mischievousness. She gets quite funny and frolics happily when he is around telling jokes and making her laugh. Mercury loves being with Venus as he’s allowed to let down his “manly” role that the other masculine planets expect of him. Mercury becomes Peter Pan-like, the eternal youth, joyful messenger and playful buddy. He can talk fashion, celebrity gossip, makeup, eyebrow shapes, new hot restaurants and plastic surgery options with Venus while the other planets are none the wiser that he is EVEN informed about these areas. They have SUCH a good time together.

So Monday, Eris, the Goddess of Discord, is going to pick a fight with Venus about SOME THING. Venus is going to talk to Mercury about it. Mercury is going to encourage Venus to ignore Eris’ provocations and not take it personally. Eris kind of HAS to provoke. Eris loves getting people’s knickers in a twist. And while you might want to slap Eris, she has her reasons for what she says and does. Shrug it off and go play with Mercury for the rest of the week. It is a playful, get a lot accomplished kind of week. Why let that meanie spoil what will other wise be a fun time? Don’t take it personally!

Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow this week, on Wednesday. As he leaves it, he bumps up into Jupiter so expect lots of interesting news about your future projects and path on Wednesday. Venus also meets up with Jupiter on Wednesday and Mars enters Taurus so watch what and who you hear from. The news is VERY important.

Also with Venus and Mercury dancing with each other all week, you will hear things twice. Whenever that happens, please, please, please, pay attention. One person will say “I read a great book…” and within an hour or perhaps a day or so some one else will say “There is this great book you should read…” So GO GET THE BOOK! And read it. Or follow up on the recommendation of a concert or a show or a movie or a whatever. When ever you hear, see or read doubles or triples of something, go get it or do it or try it. Mercury, Venus and Mars are talking to you! The universe is talking to each of us this week about our paths. And we will hear it twice or maybe three times. So do it, take action, move on it, when you hear it more than once!

My flight was cancelled last week. The cab driver on my second trip to the airport a day later recommended a book ~ which he was reading. He held it up over the glass partition and passed it back to me. He told me to read it for the ½ hour it took to get to JFK airport. I did. I always pay attention to my Mercury clues! Cab driver, cab, trip, airport, book, two flights, two days apart ~ how much more Mercury can you get? When I got to the airport, my first stop after clearing security was the Borders Bookstore where a copy of the book waited for me. It was right on the shelf at the front of the store. No clerk require to find it. Mercury again! It is a great book! And, here, for you, is a mention of it this week ~ “I think you should read this book by Mark Booth, entitled “The Secret History of the World””. Booth writes about the interconnections of spirit and matter and that we live in a conscious, breathing and dynamic world. So go get it already. Or wait for your second prompting. But do pay attention to those promptings…

Mars, Venus and Mercury all change signs this week. They leave fire and enter earth solid reliable Taurus. The shouting I AM Aries passion fire energy will subside into the comfortable I HAVE earthy energy of Taurus. Taurus is all about building and growing things. He wants to create some thing with a lasting legacy and value. Taurus planets want love, music, flowers, relationships, butter, clotted cream, chocolate and bacon. All delicious things appeal to Taurus! So the forward motion visionary ideas of all things are possible with Aries is shifting into lets establish some thing solid and put down roots Taurus energy. Lets create something that can grow and become practical, reliable, beloved and beautiful!

Mercury and Venus play chase, laughing and dancing, with each other for the next couple of weeks making the time pass quickly and lightheartedly. This week, Venus passes Mercury and catches up with the other planets before he does. Next week, Mercury passes Venus and catches up with the other planets before she does. They keep giggling and fooling around like only the best of friends can. It is a great couple of weeks to reach out to folks that make you smile or laugh and play with them. You can see Venus and Mercury dancing back and forth with each other if you get up before sunrise. In fact, there is a chain of energetic planets rising before the Sun does. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all rise before the Sun, heralding his arrival and announcing new beginnings for each of us.

The three personal planets, Venus, Mercury and Mars are hurrying to catch up with the Sun in Taurus. They are quite friendly and companionably chatting amongst themselves about what they are all going to be building for you and your life. Focus your Taurus energy on what YOU want to create for yourself. It is time to ground that vision of yours full of ideas into practical, solid reality. So take practical, one two three, organized steps to get things done and accomplished.

The outer planets are pretty quiet so we’ll be productive and relatively content working on our personal goals, projects and issues as the energy moves from fire to earth this week. During the week, Wednesday and Sunday stand out as the super busy days with lots of aspects so plan on getting a lot done those days.

After all the turbulence of the past few months it is nice to have a couple of plain old fashioned, normal energy weeks. We head into eclipse season in a couple of weeks with powerful eclipses colliding with the stationing Saturn marking the true beginning of the next chapter of our lives. It is time to move forward. So enjoy this week and next. Kick back a bit. Have fun. Get rested. Settle into all the new energy. Stretch your arms and wiggle your toes. Enjoy your life.

Not too many long void moons this week as Mercury, Venus and Mars are at the back end of Aries.

Void Moons
0:52 am to 9:59 am EDT Wednesday May 11
10:52 pm EDT Thursday May12 to 11:56 am EDT May 13
12:01 pm to 12:32 pm EDT Sunday May 15.

Monday, Moon’s Day May 9 Moon in Leo has lovely and quite productive closing aspects of a trine to Jupiter so push all sorts of things out the door today and tomorrow. Mercury and Venus meet up with Eris and have a bit of a power struggle with her bright and early in the morning. Moving from that irritation into serious stress or emotions, Mercury and Venus eventually decide to ignore her or not take it personally and laugh the matter off. No more disrespect or craziness. Moon works with Uranus in a productive manner producing a change of heart or mind. Give into the shift and changes. They are all good as a trine in Fire has a clear vision of where all this is leading ~ even if YOU are not 100% clear. Mercury meets up with Venus and they start to laugh. And play. When was the last time you played and laughed? Give yourself a bit of fun play time today. Enjoy the positive and happy energy. Just focus on what you can do and spend time there. There is a brilliant idea that will roll in around 7:30 pm Edt. Make sure to DO IT! Or Act on it. There can be minor health aspects that need adjusting today with Venus inconjunct to Hygeia. Take care of yourself.

More to come

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