Weekly Weather October 1, 2012
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Weekly Weather October 1, 2012
Time to feed your dreams and starve your fears!










West Wind

You are young. So you know everything. You leap
into the boat and begin rowing. But listen to me.
Without fanfare, without embarrassment, without
any doubt, I talk directly to your soul. Listen to me.
Lift the oars from the water, let your arms rest, and
your heart, and heart’s little intelligence, and listen to
me. There is life without love. It is not worth a bent
penny, or a scuffed shoe. It is not worth the body of a
dead dog nine days unburied. When you hear, a mile
away and still out of sight, the churn of the water
as it begins to swirl and roil, fretting around the
sharp rocks – when you hear that unmistakable
pounding – when you feel the mist on your mouth
and sense ahead the embattlement, the long falls
plunging and steaming – then row, row for your life
toward it.

~ Mary Oliver ~


Ah, WHAT a week we have before us! Another three page week of aspects, we are moving into some FINE, amazing, evolutionary, challenging and transformative energy. There is lots of activity and happenings this week in the heavens above our heads. And that means we can expect lots of activity and happenings in our lives down here on earth. Plus, I want to know HOW it got to be October?!! Time is simply FLYING by!?


As an appetizer, three planets and the Nodes of Fate station, stop in the sky, grinding their energy into our being because they are stopped dead above our heads ~ Jupiter, Hades, and Kronos station. Hades is kind of super Pluto. Kronos is kind of a super Saturn. Jupiter is usually a jolly, happy fellow but he’s stopped in a sign he doesn’t much like. Super Pluto, Super Saturn and a benched Jupiter ~ those are evolutionary aspects indeed!


As a palate cleanser ~ a touch of sherbet or fennel between courses ~ Mars in Scorpio jumps onto the North Node of the Dragon’s Head encouraging us to take off on our new adventure. The dragon ROARS, breathes fire, flaps his wings and takes off, carrying us with him. No worries ~ you are right where you are supposed to be! Just hang on VERY tight. Riding dragons is fun if a bit scary! So when Mars in the sky joins with the North Node of Fate on Tuesday, you might find yourself breathing fire at someone in your life.



For our main course, five planets change signs. Mercury leaves peaceful, balanced Libra to enter intense, passionate Scorpio. Mars finishes with his favorite energy of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius seeking to take off on new adventures and fly free. Venus leaves loving, playful Leo for work oriented, critical, picky, health conscious Virgo. Athena leaves her shattering, knife intelligence to move retrograde back into emotional, dreamy Pisces. Saturn finishes his three year journey in Libra and DIVES into the let go and trust fate because you can’t do anything else dark, swampy waters of Scorpio.


My Pandora internet radio station delivered again. Our transition song, as Saturn moves from Libra into Scorpio, Jessie Ware sings “Wildest Moments” with her lyrics below. Beyoncé and Sugarland was Saturn in Virgo. Adele, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift were Saturn in Libra. Now here comes Jesse Ware, as Saturn in Scorpio rolls in. Scorpio has an enormous range from greatest to worst of all. Here’s a sample of the Saturn in Scorpio energy arriving in our lives this next week….



You and I, bloodline.
We come together every time.
Two wrongs, no rights.
We lose ourselves at night.

From the outside, from the outside.
Everyone must be wondering why we try.
Why do we try.

Baby in our wildest moments.
We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest.
Baby in our wildest moments.
We could be the worst of all.
Baby in our wildest moments.
We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest.
Baby in our wildest moments.
We could be the worst of all.

Wait on, thunder sky.
Wherever there’s smoke, there’ll soon be fire.
What could bring bad luck.
I’ve been looking at you too much.


In the middle of it.
We walk, we walk the line.
Looking back (on the set)?
Our wildest moments.
Are you thinking what if.
What if we ruined it all?
My wrecking ball.



We’ll start with the Biggie ~ Saturn travels through Scorpio for 36 months, three long years, starting October 5th 2012. Saturn leaves Scorpio on September 17, 2015. As Saturn dives into the murky, cloudy, dark and hidden waters of the fixed sign of the swamp, we each will be asked to evolve, transform and change in ways that are profound. Saturn in Scorpio will ask no less of us than to confront the secrets hidden in our being, souls, psyches, hearts and our charts. Saturn was last in Scorpio from August 24, 1983 to November 16, 1985. Before that, Saturn journeyed through Scorpio in Oct 22, 1953 to May 13, 1956. Those of us born between those days will be having a Saturn return as well as dealing with Saturn’s journey through Scorpio. Think back on those years in your life to get an idea of what you will be working with in the years ahead.


Mars rules Scorpio. As Mars changes signs over the next three years, we will be taken into different kinds of Scorpio energy. Over the past three years, since October 29, 2009, Venus ruled Saturn in Libra. Every time, Venus changed signs, our experience of Saturn in Libra shifted to reflect the goddess’ shifting focus. We’ve learned about our desire nature, relationships, partnerships, and what we want in our lives. I always think of Libra as being in town at the Big Dance on Saturday night, after selling our produce in the Farmer’s Market gathered during the harvest activities of Virgo. In Libra, we’ve cleaned up, scrubbed our fingernails, let down our hair from the practical ponytail of Virgo. We worked in all kinds of relationships all day as people came and went from our booth at the farmer’s market. We’ve gone shopping and chatted up folks all day. We ate dinner and shared laughter with friends. Then we went to the dance. Now, the last song is playing… Saturn moves into Scorpio. Now Mars takes over Saturn. Mars is behind the steering wheel of Saturn. And Mars is a very, very different energy from Venus.


When we get home, Saturn turns in the driver seat to look at us. Are you going to invite Saturn in? And when you do invite him in (Saturn is VERY hard to refuse), what will happen? The day at the farmers’ market, in town and at the dance tonight was fun, related, chatty, air based, about desire, connection, flirting and fun. Now we enter a more private, personal, hidden and deeper realm. We are going behind closed doors with Saturn in Scorpio. Alone together. So what can we expect?


Saturn transits through any sign always reference back to the NATAL position of Saturn. Your Saturn, by sign and house placement, speaks to the developmental tasks of your life time, describes your work, your fears, your problems and the areas where you will meet challenges in your life. Challenges have a way of strengthening us ~ similar to a butterfly pulling itself out of the cocoon or a chick hatching, the process of working out WITH the challenges helps prepare us for the life unfolding before us. Look at your Natal Saturn as well as the aspects to him. Try to understand him thoroughly before you make any conclusions about what he wants from you during Saturn’s passage through Scorpio. Figure out what his journey through Libra meant to you. Natal potential combined with your previous Saturn experiences always holds the most clues about the upcoming Saturn in Scorpio journey inviting you, calling you.


Next notice, which houses Saturn rules in your chart. Look at your Capricorn and Aquarius houses to see the underlying locations where the changes and challenges presented by Saturn in Scorpio will take place. Houses are the action areas of our charts. We combine the natal placement of Saturn with the Capricorn and Aquarius Houses that will reflect the structural changes. Finally, we look at the house where Saturn will be traveling through while in the sign of Scorpio to determine the developmental tasks and challenges Saturn will present to us over the next three years.


In general, the Earth and Water planets will have an easier time with Saturn’s journey through Scorpio. The Air and Fire planets will be stressed and activated as they will receive harsh aspects from Saturn in Scorpio.


Aries Sun and Rising can expect the basic eighth house stories of sex, death, inheritance and taxes from Saturn in Scorpio. They’ve spent the past three years doing deep work about their relationships with partners, enemies and the outside world of the seventh house. Now, Aries come home, throw the keys on the desk top and turn expectantly toward you or their partner, wanting to explore, physically (Mars is always physical) with partner their value, sexuality and unspoken needs, and desires. Expect amazing, transformative, roll you down to your toes and ring your bells exchanges. What else would they want?


Taurus Sun and Rising will be doing deep and intense work about their relationships with partner, enemies and the outside world of the seventh house. They’ve spent the last three years working as a servant, apprenticing, figuring out their talents, skills, habits and routines. They have taken care of others or themselves with health matters. Now Taurus wants to play with partner, get off the farm, get out into the world and dance a bit. Intensely, of course, as Scorpio demands nothing less. Expect intense relationships that transform you down to your toes.


Gemini Sun and Rising will be doing deep and intensive hard work as a servant, caretaker, apprenticing, building and improving their talents, skills habits and routines. They might be taking care of others or themselves with health matters. They’ve spent the past three years playing, being creative, falling in love, and enjoying a structured burst of abundance and joy. Now it is time for Gemini to go back to work and take seriously the tasks and habits that they will use to build their lives for the future. As Scorpio demands a profound transformation of the very essence of life, this can result in profound changes in your physical body that deeply affect your very mind, and soul.


Cancer Sun and Rising will spend the next three years playing, being creative, falling in love and enjoying a structured burst of abundance and joy. Creating children or other delightful and beloved, transformative projects are a distinct possibility. Cancers spent the past three years taking care of their homes and hearths ~ aging parents, household responsibilities, delving into the source of their being, laying the foundation for the next 29 years of life. They left home only to scurry back as soon as possible. Now as they are finally freed of their duties. They are permitted, can or want to leave home for the outer world where they will enter a productive and intense period of creative expression.


Leo Sun and Rising will spend the next three years taking care of their homes and hearths. They will deal with aging parents, household responsibilities, examine the source of their lives, and lay the foundation for the next 29 years of their life. If they leave home, they will scurry back as soon as they can. The past three years were spent reviewing their early childhood experiences, figuring out what they know and why they think in a certain way. Leos had to dealing with their siblings or the local neighborhood. Many of their existing beliefs were challenged as they had to learn new ways of thinking and communicating. Now Leo will retreat to their fourth house and have profoundly transformative experiences around their roots ~ both where they came from and where they will return.


Virgo Sun and Rising will spend the next three years learning how to communicate in an intense new manner. They will review their early childhood experiences to discover the source of their beliefs, what they know and why they think it. There will be intense experiences with their neighbors, siblings, cousins, as well as their unchallenged belief systems that were installed into their brains by memorization, church or experiences between ages 0 to 14. The past three years, Virgo delved deeply into understanding their value to other people, developing relationships skills, and expanding their self and financial worth. Now they are going to practice expressing what they discovered about their new found values in different verbal ways and communicate what became important to them over the past three years. Expect intense communications and conversations about ideas, deep exchanges with siblings and other people who share a side by side relationship.


Libra Sun and Rising will spend the next three years developing and deepening their value to other people and themselves. Saturn traveling through their second house will ask them to expand their self and financial worth as well as put in place the physical structures that help them understand their value to themselves and other people. It is time to explore what roots want to expand and grow while pulling up or releasing previous ways of making money. The past three years, Libra worked extensively to set boundaries, formed or dissolved personal and business partnerships, figured out what they wanted from the other, and learned to say no and not be so quick to do whatever the other person wanted. Now as Saturn moves into their second house, they will focus on creating value and establishing structures in all the important areas of their life.


Scorpio Sun and Rising will spend the next three years setting boundaries, forming or dissolving personal and business partnerships and figuring out who they are. Scorpios will learn to set boundaries, say no, and not be so quick to sting the other person when provoked. It is time to learn about their sensitivity and deep internal mysteries. The past three years, Scorpios have been on a spiritual journey, dissolving past life karma and exploring the hidden mysteries of life. Hidden in plain view, Scorpios retreated from the world and sought to connect with a divine partnership or their inner wisdom. Now they will use that new knowledge and inner strength to form deeper and more profound relationships with the world.


Sagittarius Sun and Rising will spend the next three years on a spiritual quest, journeying deep into their unconscious. They will dissolve past life karma and explore the hidden mysteries of life as they seek to connect with their inner wisdom. Often retreating from the world, Sagittarians will find solitude and intimacy in the silences of intense connection with wordless energy. The past three years, Sagittarians modified or changed the roles they held with many of the groups that were part of their lives. Some of their profound hopes and wishes were let go or restructured to support a different reality. Now as they move towards building new a new life, they let go of the unnecessary, worn out, used up or debt repaid situations in their lives.


Capricorn Sun and Rising will spend the next three years modifying or changing the roles they play in many of the groups or associations in their life. They don’t have “time” to waste any more on hopes, dreams or wishes that are not going to come to fruition. They start to create a different reality that supports what their soul’s purpose is. Activities that don’t contribute to that development are released and spun off. The past three years, Capricorn reached a pinnacle in their career and started asking themselves what it was all for. Was their partnership with their career worth it? Did time expended equal value received? If not, how can the work situation be adjusted to support a more balanced life? Intense determinations of compensation and value are also part of the equation going forward.


Aquarius Sun and Rising will spend the next three years reaching a pinnacle in their careers. They will evaluate the time and effort spent to achieve the results they have obtained. They will stand at the top of their own mountain peak, look around, and begin the long process of descending into the lower parts of the chart. As they achieve mastery, Aquarians will expand their influence out into the world and into influencing other groups as well as assuming a leadership position. The past three years, Aquarius taught, traveled and expanded their knowledge by studying other subjects that were complimentary to their career. The influence of other ideas integrated seamlessly into their relationship with their work. Now as Scorpio asks them to delve deeper, they may very well focus on a particular topic or approach a specialty.


Pisces Sun and Rising will spend the next three years traveling, teaching and expanding their knowledge as they study other subjects that are complimentary to their career path. They will delve deeply into topics, becoming an expert in the matters before them. As an acknowledged expert, they will hold forth and share their integrated wisdom. The past three years, Pisces worked to understand the depths of their psychological and emotional being, especially in their deeply personal exchanges around value, sexuality and unspoken needs, and desires. Now Pisces moves toward freedom with a desire to escape such heaviness and emotional roller coasters.


Saturn in Scorpio will have a very wide, deep and strong range of behaviors and choices. It is going to be challenging for us as adults to work with Saturn in Scorpio. We have to help the children and young people in our lives. We have to inspire them to stand up for their souls and their friends. My friend, Paula Heaphy, is a very, very talented artist and a gentle, kind soul. Over the past few years, Paula’s been working on the stunningly beautiful illustrations for a children’s series on bullying. Her books have been published!


Weird! Dare! and Tough! are parts of the Weird Series, true-to-life stories told from all perspectives: the target, the bystander, and the child doing the bullying. “Weird” is for the bullied child. “Dare” is for the bystander watching. “Tough” is all about the bully.












As Paula worked on her project, we talked about bullies often. Paula asked if I had ever been bullied as a child. I replied that I used to take the bullies on and fight them to defend the weaker person. As a child, I was solid and tall with an exalted Mars. I still take on bullies when the need arises. People who are predators or bullies and brag about it make me absolutely crazy. Predators completely call up and arouse my Shadow side. My Mars comes ROARING out ~ kind of like that fire breathing Dragon in the Harry Potter clip above. My Mars is on my North Node ~ the Dragon’s head. Oh I can roar and breathe fire. It isn’t particularly pretty and it stops bullies dead in their tracks.


However, NOT everyone has an exalted Mars on the Dragon’s Head. As Saturn will be in Scorpio for the next three years and in mutual reception with Pluto in the “dictator” Taurus decant of Capricorn, there will be a noticeable increase in bullies, predators and bullying. We are all going to have to help each other through the predator section ahead. Help the children in your life (and yourself) by getting Paula’s books and spreading the word about them. Paula created it with her best friend, Erin Frankel. October is bullying month! The audience is children ages five and up, parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to create a culture of kindness and put an end to bullying. The books are available at your local bookstore (if you don’t see them, ask!) or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly through Free Spirit Publishing. You can visit Paula at





Saturn goes into Scorpio on Friday October 5 at 4:35 pm EDT. This week is your last chance to connect, modify or adjust things around relationships that blew up or changed into something unwanted or unrecognizable over the past three years while Saturn was in Libra. If you know you want the relationship to end, don’t pick up the phone or answer the email if one arrives this week. If you want another chance, do make the attempt and reach out. Or respond if they reach out to you. The worse that will happen is nothing. Nada. They might be missing you too. It might be possible to reconnect or restructure. After Friday afternoon, we all dive into Scorpio and the world turns irrevocably forward. It is time to go deeper. Saturn in Scorpio awaits us!


Saturn in Scorpio is all about commitment to the next stage. Time to commit. Commitment without controlling the outcome. You take the leap of faith. You dive into the dark waters. No more hesitation. Feed your dreams and starve your fears. Speak what you want! You will be partnering with your soul for the next three years of evolution and growth. Trust the process. Show up for yourself.


This song, I am Yours, by Jason Mraz speaks to moving from the playing around relationship stage and diving deeper into the waters of emotional commitment even if you don’t know how it is going to turn out. No more hesitation about committing.



This song, Over, by Blake Shelton, speaks to feeding your dreams and starving your fears.



This song, Want to, by Sugarland, speaks to stating what you want even if you don’t know how it is going to turn out.



With all the turbulent activity in the heavens, your job is to hang on to the flying dragon, as tight as you possibly can. At the end of the week, you will find yourself in a whole new place, a whole new reality. Check in with the fragile and ill folks in your life… it is a big, big departure and ending week. Talk to the deeply depressed people you know and help them weather this next patch so they don’t decide to take matters in their own hands and leave. After this week, it calms down a bit as Saturn settles into Scorpio and the other planets find their footing and ground. We’ll all adjust to the new Saturn in Scorpio reality and figure out how to best get on with our lives. If someone’s dragon roars and breathes fire at you, know that is their Shadow emerging. They are working on something very deep and profound. You touched a chord in their deepest being. Stand back. If you roar at someone, look at the trigger. Remember your Shadow can operate as your protective device. It acts as kind of a psychic and psyche body guard. Your Shadow shows up and recognizes you are somehow vulnerable. Shadow pushes you aside, steps in front of you and takes on the situation before you that is threatening you. Perhaps you are unable, unwilling or it is too early for you to see the situation clearly. So Shadow handles it for you. Trust if you breathe fire this week, your Shadow is on guard. If you get completely furious with someone over something, your Shadow is telling you to pay attention. Get the hell out of there and go figure out what is happening on the inside.



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday finds the Moon with separating and ending aspects. Thursday and Friday are possible reconciliation days as Moon joins with Jupiter stationing and occulted ~ but under new terms and conditions. Sometimes you HAVE to separate to realize what you lost. If you really want things to end, and they are currently broken down, don’t do anything this week. It is a great week to make final decisions about things…. They WILL be final decisions.


With these major shifts of planets and the stations of others, we can expect dramatic earth events. Going to be a busy news week! Earthquakes, volcanos, eruptions. Possible invasions of sovereign nations ~ Iran perhaps?


Void Moons This Week
6:32 pm EDT October 1 Monday, to 7:27 pm EDT
3:45 am EDT October 4 Thursday to 7:47 am EDT
5:09 pm EDT October 5 Friday to 8:46 pm EDT October 6 Saturday
All Day Void Moon on Saturday.


Moon day, Monday October 1 finds the Moon in Aries pushing us out into the world with the jet thrust from the Aries Full Moon. The closing aspect is separating so folks can be in the mood to end things today. Moon enters Taurus tonight with a separating aspect of an opposition to Mars at the last degrees of Scorpio so Tuesday and Wednesday are separating days too. Deep dreams tonight that are troubling but informative. Venus is square to Admetos… she’s at the last degrees of Leo, near Regulus the Queen/ King star. Relationships can take a dive out of nowhere into the void because it isn’t the definition of Love that Venus desires. Mercury’s trine to Vesta offers improved communication around office and home matters. Venus sees things with a brilliance and clarity ~ while her words or actions might sting a bit; she actually knows what she deeply wants in relationship. Or perhaps she knows what she doesn’t want ~ but that helps define what she DOES want. Speak clearly to your authorities, parents and others in positions of power. Mercury can inadvertently insult them by speaking the truth or about the matter they don’t want to discuss. However, the matter needs to be discussed. Mars is at 25:41 Scorpio.



Mars Day, Tuesday October 2 finds Moon in Taurus with separating aspects. Folks are going to be mighty dug into their bunker positions and incredibly stubborn today and the next few days. Mars goes into the North Node of Fate today so you can find you are a fire breathing dragon. Or you might find a fire breathing dragon at the office or sitting next to you on the bus. Lots of door slamming energy. Staggering out of the craziness, into the light of day, but still a bit winded with the virulence of the fire and the passion below it. It will be a rough energy as the South Node is on Algol, the meanest and nastiest fixed star in the heavens. Folks can lose their heads under this energy ~ literally and figuratively, especially because they are triggered by Mars diving into the North Node of Fate. Saturn argues with the mother principle ~ it is a VERY PRIMAL and nonverbal kind of day. No words can explain the energy. Hades stations, a kind of super Pluto ~ like we need MORE of the dark energy swirling around us~ bringing up all sorts of unfinished business. If you are feeling stress about or around loved ones, take yourself OUT of the situation for a few minutes to calm yourself down and listen to your soul’s whispering. If the Shadow shows up, welcome him in and listen to what he has to say. Mercury is parallel Neptune ~ so the blinders come off and you receive information that you NEED to know even if you don’t WANT to know it. Later in the day, Saturn takes Venus out for a lovely meal to celebrate their successful journey through Libra. Take time tonight to write down what you have learned about relationships since October 2009 to now. Join Saturn and Venus in celebrating how much you have changed and evolved over the past three years in the Libra area of your chart and in your understanding of people and relationships. Perhaps even having a ritual of release with them to thank Saturn and Venus for the wisdom they imparted and taught to you. Mars is at 26:23 Scorpio.



Mercury’s Day Wednesday October 3 we love how the Moon in Taurus continues to dig in her heels and refuses to move forward easily. Sun’s parallel to the Nodes of Fate offers us a choice of how we want to proceed with our lives… take action to repair things. Venus enters Virgo offering us 26 days of her precise attention to detail. The gal is AMAZING at organizing stuff…. Let her rip. Saturn clears up the last bits of unfinished business as Venus hands him a punch list of stuff to accomplish. Mercury hears something he does NOT want to know about a difficult situation in his life. Quite possibly, it will be bad or difficult news around health matters. Start to look for partners to help you in healing. Contact them TOMORROW. Today they will say no. The good news is that it will NOT be as bad as they are saying. Difficult yes, but not as bad. Venus is inconjunct Pallas Athena… so take a bit of time to figure out the larger plan. Again, it is NOT as bad as they are saying. You will likely hear WORSE case scenario. Focus on a different way of thinking about how to use the energy or do things. With Venus biquintile to Uranus you will be inspired and people will offer you help. Accept it. Don’t do it alone. Mars opposition to Admetos is a solid goodbye. Mercury’s inconjunct to Admetos says it is time to adjust your vision of what is going to happen. Pallas enters Pisces, descending from detached brilliance into an emotional soup of a mess. Allow yourself the tears. It is an ending chapter. Things all around you are ending. Venus is opposite Neptune so you can see a beloved or loved one clearly. Hidden health matters can be diagnosed as Venus is in early Virgo. Knowing what is wrong is half of the solution to the problem. There is a dropping of the illusions. You don’t agree to the old relationship terms any more. So negotiate new ones. What is it you want to do? Mercury’s parallel to Uranus offers a creative solution that exists outside of the box. So who cares what they think? From the outside, from the outside everyone must be wondering why we try. Why do we try? From the outside, from the outside, everyone is wondering why you try. Why DO you try? The answer to THAT question is the key to your upcoming journey in Scorpio. Why do you try? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to that question. If you listen to your soul’s whisper you will know why you try. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Mars is at 27:05 Scorpio



Thursday Jupiter’s Day October 4 finds Moon in Gemini with a closing aspect of a conjunction to stationary Jupiter as she also occults him on Friday. We can begin relationships again with these closing aspects. We will have profound revelations over the next two days ~ similar in emotional intensity to an eclipse but around matters of the heart and our deepest relationships. The Nodes station and turn direct ~ calling your attention to planets at the degree of 26:47 Scorpio and amplifying the energy of Mars in the Dragon’s Head… what is calling your heart? Saturn at the last degrees of Libra argues with Pallas Athena at the last degrees of Pisces ~ our habits, our karma and our work in this life time would be so much easier if we just trusted that what is in our heart is our purpose in life. What is in our heart is in our chart. Allowing yourself to TRUST what you feel and see ~ not what you are told. To listen to the inner wisdom that is based in love but not from a place of fear or lack. Venus has a sextile to Ceres offering us a working approach to nutrition and diet. Jupiter stations at 16:22 Gemini and turns retrograde. He’s going back to the degree he was at on July 10, 6:19 Gemini. He is offering a do-over on matters under his domain. This is a great shift and opportunity to commit to a new health regime, mental outlook or some change around how you relate to things of the mind, siblings and communication. Jupiter will go direct again on January 30, 2013. It is time to gracefully exit or leave groups that don’t work for you anymore. Sun has a biquintile to Chiron so you hear of great healing opportunities or methodologies to address the medical issues or healing needs that have surfaced in the past two weeks. Sun in Libra has a stressed out aspect to the choices being faced today ~ choose the one that allows you to leave behind the worry and fear. Sun is in his fall in Libra… right now he’s getting a lot of worry, worry, worry from Venus due to her recent entry into Virgo. If there is something you can do about it, take action. If not, let it go. Trust the process taking place inside of you. Release the worry, worry, worry into the ethers and watch it drift away into the distance. People asking you to partner with them are part of today’s energy. Say yes if you can see how it would enhance your life. The irritation you feel around not being able to express yourself properly in the situation before you is part of what you’ll be working on during Saturn’s journey through Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio feels the passion but doesn’t have the words. It will never be EASY but it will get better. Mars is at 27:47 Scorpio



Venus’ day Friday October 5 finds Moon in Gemini with happy closing aspects of a union with Jupiter. Moon actually is occulted by Jupiter ~ revealing deep emotional truths. Don’t be afraid to learn them. Mercury’s inconjunct to Pallas finds HIM comforting HER about a deep emotional truth she’s realized about herself and her ability to see things. As one of my clients said last week “Consciousness sucks.” It can be difficult if you are the one who sees things and the other person does not. If that is the situation before you, trust that you are right where you are supposed to be, even if it is not particularly fun. The tough stuff is how we figure out things. Mercury, after a restless night of not great sleep, joins with Saturn suggesting you might wake up in a bad or serious mood. Allow the shift to happen. Both Mercury and Saturn are at the very last degrees of Libra. If you didn’t earlier in the week, take an inventory of what you learned while Saturn was traveling through Libra. Mercury’s union to him moments before both of them dive into Scorpio’s dark, murky water is kind of a cosmic shout of “Geronimo!” or “Here we go!” as they both jump from the air into the water. There is a last secret passed. A last spoken word. Perhaps a goodbye and thank you for all that has been done or accomplished. Take time today to process emotions. Mercury dives into the water first ~ he is the messenger after all. He shouts back to Saturn that “Hey the water is fine.” Venus sextiles Hades suggesting you are in serious transformation. Allow the inner wisdom to well up from the depths of your being. Trust the deeper wisdom that this too shall pass. Sun has a stressful aspect to Admetos where he wants to end things. Understand the ending energy is particularly strong today. Call people who are struggling with these energies. Saturn enters Scorpio at 4:34 pm EDT today beginning a new three year cycle. He jumps into the water, forming giant cannonball and creating a splash. Mercury’s trine to Neptune invites us to envision a future for ourselves that matches our heart’s desire. Mercury’s union with Hades suggests we hold onto the vision for our future with a gentle hand and keep whispering it to ourselves. After the towers collapsed on 9-11, my friend Pam walked from her decimated office in the second tower to her apartment on 88th and 1st Avenue ~ over an 8 mile walk. All the way, she kept saying “Walnut Grove” to herself. She’d seen property on Walnut Grove the previous week. She held onto that image to help herself get home to safety. She subsequently bought and retired to the property, far from the streets of New York City. Support yourself the same way Pam did as she walked home covered in dust, leaving the past behind for a new vision of your future. Mars is at 28:29 Scorpio. Saturn is at 0:0 Scorpio.



Saturn’s day Saturday October 6 finds Moon in Gemini and void all day as she processes the week’s events, changes and shifts. Mars and Mercury are active in your dreams tonight pointing out interesting images and ideas as well as bringing you images that will be clearer in the near future. Pallas has recovered from her breakdown in tears yesterday thanks to Mercury’s help. She sees things clearer even if the emotions are still stinging. Pallas, smart pattern seer that she is, knows she has to part from this union or partnership and move forward to the next chapter. There is nothing left here for her. Take the lessons and encourage the expansion and ideas that allow for transformation. All part of the process. It goes by sooooo fast. Allow yourself to stretch, dance and enjoy the energy. Mercury has a trine to Ceres encouraging you and her to start growing the next chapter. The grand trine in Water between Neptune, Mercury, Saturn and Ceres offers a profound creative idea or set of ideas. Pay attention to what rolls through your life inviting you to move creatively forward. It is a rocket ship to your future. Moon enters Cancer at 8:45 pm EDT with a closing aspect of a square to the Sun in Libra, asking you to make a choice. Mars finishes his journey in Scorpio. Mars leaps out of the swamp water and moves over towards the fire and passion of Sagittarius. Mars is at 29:11 Scorpio at the beginning of the day. At day’s end, Mars is finished with Scorpio and has move onto Sagittarius. Keep your Mars spread sheet. We’ll be referencing it as Saturn rolls through Scorpio over the next three years.



Sun’s day Sunday October 7 finds Moon in Cancer where she rolls through the gauntlet of opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto in the morning after a busy night of dreams about love and communications. Mercury’s quite busy today dancing around the early degrees of Scorpio and bringing feelings up from the deep interior of our being. Kronos the Super Saturn stations today and turns retrograde ~ he’s at 7:49 Cancer, part of the struggle between Uranus and Pluto. Kronos asks us to work with consciousness to understand the legacy of relationships and karma in our lives. We have a great deal of work to do in the next three years. And we start, as always, with our selves. The more we can live in right relationship to our being and our soul, the better we can live in right relationship to the rest of our life, our family, our friends and the world. There is a sense of joy today that is not tied to anything tangible but is part of the energy system of the day. Allow it to find expression in your being. Chiron’s square to Juno suggests partnerships are feeling they are caring some heavy burdens. Allow them to lighten or release difficult energies. Venus is pulling or pushing away from Neptune ~ seeking to shake herself loose of the false promises that no longer work for him. Have a conversation about shared and not shared view of the future. No right or wrong here… just express what you need today. Venus’ opposition to Chiron suggests that love hurts even as it feels so good. Or, “Hurts So Good” to quote John Mellencamp. For those of you old enough to remember the LAST time Saturn was in Scorpio, I close my column this week with that version Saturn. You gotta love the internet. Was I EVER really that young? And yet, this song summons up memories of my earlier life and hot summers on Fire Island.



Keep your Mars in Scorpio spread sheet. We’ll be referencing it as Saturn rolls through Scorpio over the next three years. Saturn is at 0:10 Scorpio which is the equivalent of August 23, 2012.



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