Weekly Weather October 24, 2011
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Weekly Weather October 24, 2011

So last week we had a bunch of endings and new beginnings~ Gaddafi killed, the US war in Iraq coming to an end, an earthquake in Turkey, the pipeline between Egypt and Israel starting up again, the elections in Tunisia and Argentina as well as whatever went on in your world ~ as Neptune in Aquarius received a trine from the Sun for the last time in 14 years.

As Saturn moved through the 20th degree of Libra, there were endings and new beginnings around that 20th degree. Saturn will keep moving through the back end of Libra, entering the Gemini decant of communications, writing and siblings as he leaves the group oriented decant of Aquarius where he spent much of the past year. We move from the collective, idealistic and community or group vision to address the local, small town, individual, personal, side by side relationship needs and desires driving each of us. We’ll continue to face choices as Saturn pushes us to define our relationships to our local environment and daily relating needs. The personal becomes the focus. As Tip O’Neil used to say “All politics is local.” When Saturn is in the Gemini decant of Libra, all relationships are local.

This week we start several new cycles with a lovely New Moon at 3 Scorpio with the Sabian Image being “A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle” on Wednesday. We have some fancy dancing in the heavens as asteroids Juno and Pallas Athena change signs while continuing their square asking you to look at the patterns in your relationships and what you choose to partner with. Shift from just accepting the partnership into understanding its deeper role in your life. Delve deeper. Shift from doing it that way because you always have into understanding the why of the behavior from 20,000 feet. Sometimes we partner with things at an earlier time in our life but now they no longer meet our needs. The Ladies shifting this week will ask us to look at who we are partnering with an eye towards understanding WHY we are partnering with them. What does that partnership actually serve? What is our gain? What is the other’s gain? What is our cost? What is the other’s cost?

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Image for the New Moon appears below. We can expect this imagery and energy to appear in our world as the New Moon starts a new cycle in each of our charts.


Commentary: ‘A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle in a Devotional Ritual Gains a Sense of the Great ‘Other World’’. The ‘Candle’ depicts the light that illuminates one’s path and consciousness, and ‘A Youth’ implies a devotee or aspirant on the path. He gains ‘A Sense of The Great ‘Other World’ and there’s a feeling of reverence, possibly awe and ceremony. He may feel that ‘Great Other Worlds’ are opening up to him.

Oracle: Your situation may require a fresh attitude in order to create room for new developments and a renewed sense of vitality. You may be feeling a sense of loneliness and alienation. Any form of light, perhaps a ‘Candle’ or a torch, needs to be shed on the dark corners of one’s mind. Try to focus on those things that bring you a sense of love and fulfillment. A simple ceremony performed with reverence and respect can bring wonderful results. Simple rays of hope, such as things like a ‘Candle’ can bring, will remind you of or give you spiritual and moral strength. Try lighting a candle and affirming your intentions with a youthful attitude and watch things change for the better. Indeed, you may find yourself entering realms that you have only imagined or not truly dreamt possible. You may be ‘Gaining a Sense of the Great Other World’. Proclaiming a level of devotion to a person, situation or task can reaffirm that commitment and take it to deeper levels. If you feel that you are burdened by responsibilities in this situation, take heart and adopt a sincere and uncomplicated attitude to what you have to do. There’s purity of heart and motive available to you.

Keywords: Simple ideals. Ceremonies that are pure and uncomplicated. Affirming intention to the path. The light of consciousness. Shining a light that brings understanding of things on the spiritual level. Spiritualist meetings. Feeling overwhelmed. Enlightenment. Wide-eyed innocence. Sexual experiments leading to transcendence. Potency.

The Caution: Naive reliance on insincere promises. Feeling like someone is too young to be of any worth. False feelings of reverence and enlightenment. Placebos. Hallucinogens.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Chinese Proverb

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. Margaret Fuller

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out. Katherine Dunham

My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But, ah, my foes, and oh, my friends- It gives a lovely light. Edna St. Vincent Millay

We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit. Robert H. Shaffer

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world. William Shakespeare

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. William A. Ward

Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian Symbols appears with her permission. Check her work out at #http://www.sabiansymbols.com

Jupiter trines Pluto, part two, this Friday, October 28, 2011. Back on December 11, 2007, the two big fellows joined in the heavens at 28 Sagittarius starting a new cycle. That conjunction also sextiles the current placement of Neptune in the heavens ~ encouraging us to follow our dreams and work hard to make them come true. On July 7, 2011, Jupiter and Pluto had a harvest of sorts. Now they have part two of the harvest to be followed by the concluding phase of the harvest on March 13, 2012. These trines in earth are highly productive and prolific. Trines offer us easy pickings of ripe fruit that WANT to move. In a few weeks, Mars in Virgo will come to form a Grand Trine in Earth for several months, causing us to create, create, create in form. This week we finalize that creative project. And perhaps we revise it a bit, as Jupiter is retrograde.

Finally we have a very weird Scorpio dance with Venus, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury this week. Mars and Saturn set off on some kind of wild goose chase. Moon and Sun hear about Mars and Saturn’s plans and chuckle to themselves. Then Venus, in high bitch mode, gets in the mix, inserts herself where she doesn’t belong and picks a fight with Mars. Mars in Leo goes off in a huffy pout, angry, frustrated and VERY irritated at Venus. But still Mars attempts to make her happy, even if he has no idea what Venus actually wants. Moon watches this go down. Moon consults with Pluto and argues with Jupiter about what to do. Finally, Moon takes Mercury aside and asks him to go talk to Mad Mars. Mad Mars swings by and has a fight with Moon to only storm off yet again, muttering under his breathe. Moon takes Venus aside and asks her to reconsider the issue that Venus got all bent out of shape about. Meanwhile, Mercury agreed to help Moon so Mercury talks with Mars. Mars finally gets what is going on an d why Venus is upset. Jupiter and Pluto share their separate conversations with Moon with each other and then they tell the Sun what is going on. Moon connects with Saturn to let him in on the drama. Saturn nods sagely. It is all part of his final exam ~ even if no one knew it. Moon gets everyone communicating again on Sunday (or NOT if the relationship is supposed to end or blow up or go bye-bye).

The story described above will appear some place in your life. Look for each character to appear, starting on Tuesday running through Sunday. Name them as they show up ~ you should be able to identify them by the role they play. We rarely have this much “action” of an undercover, Scorpio, intrigues and secrets stuff nature taking place. You might even play a couple of the roles in different stories … you might be Venus the bitch in one story only to become Mercury the negotiator in another story. Notice your role(s).

The point of the HIGH drama is to propel the players into new positions or roles. The second reason for the HIGH drama is to allow Saturn to see where you still need remedial work. So say your boss is a crazy drunk who is driving you crazy and making you want to quit your job and run away to join the circus. This is the week you quit. Say your brother in law stole money from your father, this is when it suddenly matters to your mother and she decides to consult an attorney and call the police. Or you have a tendency to over commit and under deliver ~ good intentioned but not well handled ~ you’ll hear about it and be asked to fix it or else. There are triangles, back channel conversations, negotiations and quite often a bit of foot stamping. No worries. All part of the cosmic game and the chess pieces being shuffled. Remember YOU decide how YOU want to play.

The other way is to think of it as a final exam from Saturn in the life school of relationships as he leaves this degree point for the next 29 years.

The story taking place before you is an OLD story. It is setting off some old bad behavior of yours. Or perhaps an old fear ~ (see Saturn as source of fear). Or maybe a deep longing that feels unmet, unseen, undone, and very, very sad. Stand still. Breathe. You have options. You don’t have to do it the same old way any more. You have choice. You have free will. At the very least, you can sit back and watch the story fly around in front of you and NOT react. Or you may absolutely HAVE to react but do think about what you want the outcome to be. React in a way that supports YOUR agenda and path. Show Saturn how much you’ve grown since 1981-82 and 1952-53. Show Saturn how much you’ve learned in your time on earth. You can do it.

And, early next week, you’ll know what you want to do. So no final decisions until then if you can absolutely avoid it. Be clear when you decide. Let the swirling and high drama subside a bit so you act in YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST. YOU ARE BEING ASKED TO CHANGE YOUR PATTERNS IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Void Moons For the Week

4:47 pm EDT Sunday, October 23 to 11:49 am EDT Monday, October 24

8:19 am EDT Wednesday, October 26 to 11:08 am EDT

7:49 am EDT Friday, October 28 to 10:45 am EDT

9:31 am EDT Sunday, October 20 to 12:39 pm EDT

Moon day, Monday October 24 Moon in Libra has a closing trine to Neptune offering us one more pass at verbalizing our dream for our lives over the next few days. When the New Moon happens in Scorpio on Wednesday we enter this rock and roll period to clarify and crystalize our choices. But today and Tuesday, we are still able to be a bit of a state of bliss. Mercury finishes his Hammer of Thor aspect with Hades and Uranus suggesting Hell is over and you are free with a tiny bit of effort. But the effort requires that you agree to change your outlook on the matter. Mercury in Scorpio sees all and understands the various layers ~ that said he can be a bit paranoid or hard on himself. Just reframe the situation and say it is for your understanding and don’t judge yourself (or the other guy) harshly. It is what it is. No harm, no foul. And if there IS a harm or a foul, invoke the proper authorities as they will step right in to handle the matter. Mars struggles to understand how things work today as he’s not getting something on a spiritual level. Keep at it~ you will figure it out by next Sunday. Sun’s trine to Chiron suggests old habits, wounds and bad behaviors are surfacing and asking you to change. In my case, I over-commit and the least disruption in my schedule/ life ~ say by a head cold combined with medication and subsequently falling asleep to get better ~ causes a cascade of problems down the line. The solution is more space built into my schedule ~ a change easily made. But I have to take action and do it. Similar choices face you~ change your behavior to accommodate what your ego and body needs so you aren’t in a defensive or wounding posture. Mercury has an aspect of brilliance today with Pallas so the idea is inspired. Go for it. Mercury joined with Jupiter by declination brings excellent news. Juno enters Scorpio making you realize just how important partner is and how tied you are to them.

Tuesday Mars Day, October 25 Moon in Libra continues to shine and release things as she moves towards the New Moon on Wednesday. Adjustments are needed so keep making them. You‘ll receive separating news about a man or taking action today. Partnerships that seemed solid are not so proceed with your plans. Hygiea has an aspect to the Nodes so watch out for people with colds or sniffles who want to infect you ~ it seems the entire WORLD is sneezing. Venus connects with the Nodes of Fate this evening so an old beloved or new beloved can appear. Notice the connections that form emotionally. Sun links with Venus by declination offering a warm welcome or hug and an understanding of what you want to move toward.

Mercury’s day, Wednesday, October 26 today is rocking with a New Moon at 3 Scorpio and a bunch of volatile aspects. We start the drama now! There are a series of aspects between today and Sunday involving secret messages from people who “know” things that other people don’t know, as well as intrigues and emotional volatility. Venus in Scorpio is very emotional and a bit over the top. She’s got a bee in her bonnet and is focused on getting what she wants. She’s trying to establish the next 29 years of her life so she’s VERY passionate about it ~ even if she is not subtle. She wants to separate from something and merge with something. At the same time, she doesn’t want to let go of what she already has…. Tough situation for that passionate Venus to negotiate. The potential ending has her a bit crazed. Mars and Saturn have a plan to work together. Mars makes the mistake of mentioning his plans with Saturn to Eris the Goddess of Discord. Suddenly Venus flies in and picks a fight with Mars as she heard about it first from Saturn and verified it with Eris. (You should know that Eris taunted Venus with the news) Pallas notices the connections, patterns and impressions with the Nodes of Fate and makes mention of it to you. Pay attention to what patterns you notice. Mercury doesn’t like what he hears in secret from Pluto and wonders at Pluto‘s motivations for stirring the pot. Pallas enters Aquarius and takes a detached look at the patterns again. Look at the area that you want to change or where you find yourself repeating patterns that are not helpful to you. Change those behaviors.

Jupiter’s day, Thusday, Ocotber 27 Moon in Scorpio continues to feed the passions and dramas around us. Look at how you partner or don’t partner with the pain in your life… it is a choice. So choose differently. Saturn is opposite Eris so the world is a bit crabby and cranky about the structures and relationships he’s built in the world. A sense of not wanting it any more but also not knowing WHAT, exactly, you want to become. You will be incrementally building the new structures over the next year or so. So noticing what is not working for you is the important part. You aren’t supposed to have a “solution” just yet. You don’t have to commit to the things you aren’t sure you want to commit to or to stay committed to things that don’t work for you. Imagine yourself a trapeze artist flying between bars. Let go of the old, fly into the abyss, trust the process ~ the other trapeze bar will meet you halfway. Emotions can feel overwhelming today as Venus dances with Sedna ~ it might FEEL like you are being swamped but it will settle down in a day or so. Mercury has an argument with Eris the Goddess of Discord and tries to adjust in the face of discontent…. Not easy. So keep your mouth closed. Listen. Notice the discontent. Your tongue is very sharp today. Sit in the space of your discontent and explore it. Silently if you can. The time is coming to leave but take your time to clearly get your plan in place and know what you want your exit terms to be. Sun connects to important people or ideas today so notice who you meet even if you are not sure how to proceed exactly. At the end of the day, Moon talks to Mercury and gives him news that blots out everything else in his world ~ then Moon fights with Mars. Emotions can overwhelm today.

Friday, Venus’ day, October 28 Moon goes into Sagittarius at 10:45 am. Today is an amazingly busy day following an active night of dreams. And with that cold it is difficult to get a sound night’s sleep! Mars squares Sedna so the principle of action seems swamped by the forces of emotion. No worries. Think of it as a rip tide ~ just float out with it. No struggling against it. Then when the current dies down, swim to the side and return to shore. Be strategic in the face of overwhelming emotions and waves that threaten to swamp you. Mercury squares Mars so he gets into an argument with Mars too~ he was just trying to help. Mars is SO TOTALLY NOT IN THE MOOD to deal with these people right now. He wants to gallop away and be free. Jupiter trines Pluto bringing us back to fall 2008 when the two joined in a conjunction at the last degrees of Sagittarius. The initial harvest, the early harvest, of ideas and crops from what you planted back then takes place now. Take time to adjust your partnerships and your ideas about how exactly you are going to attain what you want. Tonight Sun is opposite jUpiter which can be really bad or really good ~ it is really SOMETHING of an over the top nature. Then the Sun sextiles Pluto opening you and the other up to transformation if you desire it. Or to power ~ influx or outflow. Or to triangles ~ good or bad ~ open the triangle up so it doesn’t isolate you. There is a bit of a power play going on right now. You can win or lose. Either way, state what you want, without equivocation. Then watch to see what happens. You will know the score based on whether they flinch or man/woman up. And trust what you see. It IS a power play. Own your power. Take responsibility for your choices.

Saturn’s day, Saturday October 29 Moon in Sagittarius continues to expand the Jupiter /Pluto trine that is separating. Astrea enters Virgo making taking care of our health a priority today. Partnering with things that don’t nurture you is NOT a good idea. You need to make adjustments in case this story doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. Moon sextiles Saturn suggesting you be very serious about how you want to proceed.

Sun’s Day, Sun Day October 30 finds Sagittarius Moon leaving with a sextile to Neptune ~ all this world is an illusion designed to help your soul and you understand reality. What IS your reality? What IS the most important thing to you? Stand in that place. Stand up for that world view. Moon is Void in the morning and enters Capricorn for Halloween and a lovely closing sextile to Venus. This could be serious this new thing appearing in your life. Give it room to grow. Venus is opposite Admetos offering an opportunity to change what is not working in your life. Sun’s gift of brilliance from Uranus in Aries suggests you take the leap of faith and worry about the consequences later. After all, when you are no longer here, will this matter? So live your life as an exclamation point not as a question mark. Go for it. Go Forth!

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