Weekly Weather October 28, 2013
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Weekly Weather October 28, 2013


In March of 2012, when I first looked at the upcoming week, I wondered HOW I could possibly write and describe it. Now that the week has actually arrived, I still have absolutely no clue what to say about it except WOWSA!


I am going to let Rabbit in the video clip below do some of the talking for me. Faced with becoming Rabbit Pie (listen to the words of the song) on Friday, look at how our intrepid Rabbit approaches his life and proves his worth. Rabbit knows when to run and when to stand his ground. We are Rabbits this week!  Take a similar tack! Follow Rabbit’s guidance ~ Mars IS in the sign of small domestic animals ~ Rabbits included!  Stand your ground when you need to, even if you face a crowd of folks who are bigger or stronger than you. Run. Chase your dreams. Do your job. Sleep in the sun. What else is there?  Be a plucky little Rabbit!

Run rabbit, run rabbit! Run, Run, Run!

So, I STILL have to write the column, even with Rabbit’s help.  So, in true Virgo fashion, I’ll break it down into pieces and hope that accomplishes the task. Quite a week ~ a WOWSA WEEK ahead of us!  We have 14 major events/aspect configurations with 12 planets aspecting the Nodes of Fate. Our lives will not be the same after this week! Choose wisely and towards your greatest good.  Be kind to yourself. No harsh judgments!  And with apologies to Thea, I am VERY long winded this week…. hard to fit it all into a bunch of concise bits…. it will be shorter next week, I promise!

First ~ The eclipses are here!  The eclipses are here!

The Moon wans, decreasing in light and energy, from Full to New, so we can expect lots of departures, endings and conclusions to the various stories going on in our lives. We have a New Moon Solar Eclipse next Sunday at 7:50 am EST.  The part of the earth without the Sun’s light is where the eclipses are active over the next six months.  The Sun’s light is being put out so we are being set free to see our lives in a new way.  Expect eruptions, explosions, outbursts, and solutions to problems to present themselves.



Second ~ Square Four out of Seven squares of Uranus and Pluto takes place on November 1, 2013 at 6:30 am EDT.  The Uranus Pluto square is the whole struggle and push for change and freedom from power over or abuse of power.  Egypt, Syria, Greece, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, Supreme Court rulings, bad laws and government shutdowns… the Uranus Pluto square is the imagery governing all these situation. The square is taking place somewhere in your chart too!  We’ve had 3 squares already. We have square Four this week with three more squares to go.

The Uranus Pluto square is in a locomotive chart, the square at 9:25 Aries Capricorn and takes place two days before a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Jupiter in his exaltation and in the 9th house squares the Ascendant offering wisdom and the ability to see in a new way.  Pluto and Uranus are in unstable houses 3 and 6, changing, shifting and adjusting. The Balsamic Moon in Libra in the 12th house forms a T-square with Uranus retrograde and Pluto direct so Pluto or power wins this square.

The stellium of Scorpio planets in the first house suggest the transformation(s) taking place support Pluto as the Scorpio planets sextile Pluto in Capricorn in the third house. The Ascendant is near the same degree of Libra as stationing Saturn was in the first Uranus Pluto square on June 24, 2012 when their dance began. Venus the ruler of the chart is out of bounds offering an over the top reaction to events under this square.  Mars, the highest planet in the chart, is in back in Virgo, while Vesta and Ceres sit at the degree of the first chart’s Mars.

We realize the changes we had hoped for under the first square in 2012 are NOT going to happen in quite the manner we anticipated.  But isn’t that ALWAYS how Pluto and Uranus behave?  We THINK we know how they are going to manifest and they go do whatever they darn well please.

In Square Four, Thor’s hammer has Pallas Athena at 26 Leo taking over the job as the handle with Pluto and Uranus working out their story at the business end of the Hammer. The handle and the dispatching of Thor’s wishes, anger and wisdom belongs to the strategic thinker, the Father’s Daughter, the wise one, Pallas Athena.  With the eclipse about to take place, the balsamic moon in the 12th house and the high powered energy of the locomotive shaped chart, this will probably be the most dramatic of the seven squares with correlating events. 



The Week’s Planetary Highlights 



We are in the middle of a major and very profound Eclipse season going towards a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This week as the light of the Moon wanes, there will be many “endings”. Endings mark new beginnings but as beloved people and animals who are hanging on by their fingertips or claws pass away you will probably notice the endings more than the beginnings.  Michele emailed this EXCELLENT link from Susan Miller’s site on working with eclipse energy that I encourage you to take time to read.  It will help you process all that is going on and to help your friends and family work with the energy productively.


Expect sudden reversals in fortune and MAJOR changes in life direction to take place.  These are mighty powerful eclipses as they incorporate both Saturn and Mercury on the North Node of Destiny and incorporate the Grand Earth trine with Pluto and Mars. The solar eclipse takes place on Sunday Nov 3, 2013 at 07:49:56 am EDT.

Uranus squares Pluto on Nov 1, 2013 at 06:30:04 am EDT, the fourth of seven squares stretching across five years. The Uranus Pluto square will bring profound changes to our world as it brings change to the power structures in our world.  Square Four is the most powerful of the seven, with a hammer of Thor, Balsamic Moon and arriving just before the Solar eclipse. Read my article about the Uranus Pluto square on my website. https://anneortelee.com/?page_id=2954

Third, Mercury is retrograde until November 11. Mercury meets Saturn on October 29 for the second of three important commitments and conversations. Talk to your ghosts when they reappear in your life. If you don’t’ want to take their phone call, review the relationship again in your head. My friend received a few calls from her ex from 25 years ago! Mercury retrograde returns things from our past for us to look at. We are talking some mighty old and dusty ghosts and perhaps some difficult memories or conversations. Important information is heard!  Mercury is exceptionally active this week, including aspects to the Nodes of Fate. Sit silently and pay attention to all that is swirling around you.

Fourth, Sun is exceptionally active this week with many, many aspects, including a Solar Eclipse as well as aspects to the Nodes of Destiny. Self-illumination, consciousness and understanding takes place even if our ego needs are NOT met by the folks we are currently interacting with.  We figure out very important things about ourselves and our journey.  Be gentle with the information. Be kind. It’s a WOWSA kind of week.

Fifth, Mars in Virgo aspects the Nodes of Fate this week making it a great week to turn in the direction you want to head towards. Mars is intense, focused and very, very process oriented. He releases pain, gains power or control and adjusts his relationship to crazy or out of control energies and people.

Sixth, Venus aspects the Nodes of Fate stress-fully this week ~ feel the stress and do Venus stuff any way!  No FEAR!  She’s OUT OF BOUNDS in Sagittarius. Venus will NOT follow the rules!  She’s answering to Jupiter exalted in Cancer so expect the unexpected around love, desire and similar areas ruled by her.  She works productively with jealousy, envy and patterns this week.

Seventh, Ceres enters Libra on Nov 3, 2013 at 09:13:10 am EDT for 229 days. The principle of nurturing and caretaking is looking to partner with you in a new way.  Expand your approach to taking good care of yourself and your relationships.  Ceres has a large retrograde section while in Libra. She enters Scorpio on February 3 and re-enters Libra between March 22 and August 6, 2014. She stations on February 27 and June 1. That gives her ample opportunity to try out all sorts of new approaches to taking care of you and your world.

We are RELEASING over the next week, so focus on letting go of the problems or problem areas in your life.  Things want to leave so it won’t take much effort or energy. Just let go.

Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes Void trine to Venus on Monday Oct 28 2013 at 08:26:39 am EDT and enters Virgo at 11:45:40 pm EDT. Moon is void all day Monday.  These are productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire.

Moon goes void square to Venus on Wednesday Oct 30 2013 at 10:49:30 pm EDT and enters Libra on Thursday Oct 31 2013 at 08:22:43 am EDT. Moon is void all Wednesday night and the very early morning hours of Thursday with challenging aspects between nurturing and desire.

Moon goes void sextile Venus on Saturday Nov 2 2013 at 08:47:44 am EDT and enters Scorpio at 01:36:06 pm EDT. Moon is void Saturday morning. These days have productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire.

Moon goes void trine to Jupiter on Sunday Nov 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm EST with a productive closing aspect between nurturing and relationships with the greater world.











Eighth, Saturn is in brand new territory.  Right now and through November 27th, Saturn is passing through this particular section of sky JUST ONCE.  The Scorpio degrees between 11:32 and 16:38 are one shot deals! Saturn won’t be in this section of sky again until 29 years from now.

Saturn will go through ONCE which means the things that you commit to between now and November 27th will be PERMANENT and FINAL. No changing your mind once Saturn moves past November 27th.  Commitments to Saturn and your karma will be noted in your chart and your life. We enter new territory with Saturn in Scorpio as we dive headfirst into the eclipse energy. That means it is extra important to PAY ATTENTION to what is going on in your life these next few weeks.

Invariably, when I write “Permanent and Final” “commitment” and “Saturn” in the same sentence, I hear from my clients with commitment issues.  “Permanent?  Final? Forever? REAaaaaaaally? ” they type, as anxiety pours out of their emails. Yes. Permanent. Final. Forever. That said, focus on WHAT you are committing to.  Parse it. Look at what is between 11:32 and 16:38 in your chart. LOOK AT ALL THE PLANETS. You only are being asked to commit to those planets between 11:32 and 16:38. For example, let’s say you are having a wild and passionate affair with an inappropriate someone. You aren’t interested in committing to the inappropriate someone much less introducing them to your friends and family BUT you ARE interested in having MORE PASSION in your life and exploring that sexuality you’ve always held at bay or denied or directed into your career. Commit to passion!  Parse your commitment. Saturn gets it. Mars is in Virgo, the sign of parsing and editing. Mars is ruling Saturn right now.  OWN YOUR SCORPIO PLANETS!  OWN THE ENERGY OF ALL THE PLANETS between 11:32 and 16:38 in your chart because Saturn is talking to them.  Saturn is asking those planets to make a commitment and go forward with him.  And he’s settling some energy in your SCORPIO house between 11:32 and 16:38 into concrete.

Ninth ~ it is a three page week.  Whenever there are three pages of aspects we are running rapidly ~ like that Rabbit did ~ LOTS of activity. Lots of choices. Lots of lots of.  WOWSA!

Tenth ~ in addition to the Eclipse stimulating the Nodes of Fate, 12 other planets aspect the nodes too!  Lots of Fated or Fateful moments this week from Mars, Juno, Venus, Vesta, Sun (2 times), Moon (2 times), Astraea, Athena, and Mercury (2 times).  In ALL cases, make your best attempt to choose towards your greater good and wisely.  When in doubt, sit silently and watch.  Quiet yourself and tune into your heart center for guidance. I outline each of the nodal encounters in the individual days below.

Eleventh ~ Mars is in a Finger of God with Uranus as the Apex and Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Node of Fate as the other leg.  We can expect all sorts of chaotic, surprising, unusual, challenging, fun and even difficult events from this configuration. Mars answers to retrograde Mercury in Scorpio and rules the various Scorpio planets (Sun, Saturn, Node of Fate, and Mercury) as well as Uranus and Eris in Aries. Mars in Virgo is all about the process and how things get done.  It can present unusual surprises.  It can be completely mundane and just do its job. The Finger of God shows up with Mercury the trickster ruling Mars while he’s retrograde and forming part of the eclipse, you can be sure you will not forget the story that takes place in the Aries part of your chart any time soon!  Prepare to be surprise, shocked, amazed and struck silent in awe.

Twelfth  ~ Pluto, Juno and Neptune are near the eclipse degree and are also triggered by Uranus, Mars, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun. So much to keep track of… just let it all wash over you.

Thirteenth ~ it’s Daylight Savings time ~ we fall back Saturday night to get an extra hour of sleep!

Fourteenth ~ the Solar eclipse is actually a New Moon so it has a Sabian Image ~ A BRILLIANT ASSEMBLY OF DIGNITARIES AT AN OFFICIAL EMBASSY BALL  ~ which seems to fit the imbroglio brewing about the USA NSA tapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phones as well as other world leaders ~ since 2002 and the Bush Administration.  Obama denies knowing. The German papers report Obama was briefed on the spying in 2010. Snowdon strikes again. You can’t make this astrology stuff up!













Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the Sabian image is:

Commentary: ‘A Brilliant Assembly of Dignitaries’ is shown at an ‘Official Embassy Ball’. Everyone is expected to be dressed-up, have good manners and follow certain, established codes of behavior. As it is a ‘Brilliant Assembly of Dignitaries’, we can be sure that some of the people here have worked long and hard at getting themselves into a position of power and prestige. They must really be “someone” in order to be invited. If they weren’t special in some way – powerful, political, influential or somehow well connected, they probably wouldn’t be at the ‘Ball’. Those that are invited range from the jaded consulate of some country who’s tired of the social whirl all the way down to someone who’s “on their way up”. The younger and possibly more naive of those present are probably excited about being allowed to participate in the splendor and finery of the evening. To be invited to the ‘Official Embassy Ball’ is quite important or special to some people, whilst others may take it for granted. Others wouldn’t care to go if their life depended on it because of the perceived stuffiness and formality of the occasion.

Oracle: This Symbol speaks of a pleasant, almost party-like atmosphere, but one that is often caged in somewhat strict protocol and rules of behavior. The rules and manners of society can be rather limiting, but there are often good reasons for them. Without codes of ethics and manners, societies, business dealings and relationships can fall apart. Look at yourself and observe whether you are being true to your natural sense of self. Do you have to put on a false show in order to belong to the group? Do you have to put on “airs” and impress people in order to be accepted? Would you rather be in a less stuffy, less formal atmosphere? Listen and learn from those around you. Some interesting and useful information can come

Keywords: Political game playing. Manners and protocol. The importance of dressing and looking right. Who knows who and what it’s worth. Social and political standing. The Cinderella story. How one approaches people. Knowing etiquette. Looking for social connections and outcomes that are not necessarily immediate. International relations. The “My Fair Lady” story. Social engineering.

The Caution: The habit of role-playing. Not being taught how to behave in “polite society”. Having to learn how to fit in without having instruction. Dining, drinking and enjoying life whilst others can “eat cake”. Diplomatic standoffs. A failure of diplomacy. Gate crashing and feeling out of one’s depth. Political point to light. Put on your best face and behavior as connections with “the right people” can be made. scoring that ignores the human dimension.

This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around.” David Byrne

You can get through life with bad manners, but it’s easier with good manners. Lillian Gish

Politeness: The most acceptable hypocrisy. Ambrose Bierce

Etiquette can be at the same time a means of approaching people and of staying clear of them. David Riesman

You can’t be truly rude until you understand good manners. Rita Mae Brown

Never speak disrespectfully of Society. Only people who can’t get into it do that. Oscar Wilde

It is sometimes necessary to lie damnably in the interests of the nation. Hilaire Belloc

It is very vulgar to talk about one’s business. Only people like stockbrokers do that, and then merely at dinner parties. Oscar Wilde

The true definition of a snob is one who craves for what separates men rather than for what unites them. John Buchan



Moon’s day Monday October 28, 2013 Moon goes Void trine to Venus on Monday Oct 28 2013 at 08:26:39 am EDT and enters Virgo at 11:45:40 pm EDT. Moon is void all day Monday.  These are productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire. Turbulent dreams pointing out patterns have you tossing and turning last night. Upon awakening you get harsh news about change or illness. Emotions about old patterns swell as you take action to adjust your partnerships and relationships. Venus’ trine to Eris encourages you to use envy or desire to direct your actions in a productive manner. Mars in Virgo works productively with the Nodes of Fate mid- morning allowing you to take steps in any direction you desire.  Excellent aspects for changing up your behavior.  Juno’s square to the Nodes of Fate test whether you want to continue with the relationship or not ~ leave it the same or change and evolve it?  Your call. Your choice. There’s a new understanding of how your patterns support the changes you are trying to make ~deviate towards your dream.  Vesta’s inconjunct with Eris later in the day invites you to adjust your home or environment to address a jealousy or envy of another person’s situation or space. Finally Venus has an aspect with the Nodes of Fate ~ Venus is out of Bounds so this might represent an overreaction or over doing on your or the other person’s part. Go with it any way. Encourage Love, Money, Passion and Desire to speak loudly and clearly in your life or at least have them talk to the Nodes of Fate!  Later in the week those Nodes, loaded up with 11 planets energy point and pivot your life in a new direction as the eclipse sets them off. Today Mars, Juno and Venus loaded the Nodes with Action, Partnership and Desire.  Three down, eight planets to go!

Mars day Tuesday October 29, 2013 Moon is in Virgo with productive if slightly over the top closing aspects between nurturing and desire as she squares Venus while closing. Lots of energy today as many aspects take place. Moon in Virgo is process oriented and attentive to detail. Moon wakes up with an opposition to Neptune ~ could it be possible that she’s not been paying attention to something important in her life?  Watch the self-criticism today.  You did what you did. You didn’t do anything “wrong” or “irreparable”. Now, you might focus on changing it up so it works a bit better for you.  Gentle correction is all that is needed.  Health matters can flare today as Hygeia is activated by several planets today.  Eclipses bring out colds and amplify illnesses as the body attempts to detox. That said, NO FOOLING around with health matters…. Take symptoms very seriously. GO TO A DOCTOR!  Mars sextile to Kronos means longstanding problems can rapidly deteriorate and shift. Mercury joins with Saturn  while moving retrograde for his second of three conjunctions. Conversations and ideas are very serious. Commitments are being negotiated and researched. Give honest feedback when asked even if it feels a bit harsh. Vesta adds her energy to the Nodes of Fate ~ where do you want to live? Does the location, office, space or home that you’ve created satisfy your dreams?  If not, where would you like to live?  What would your ideal hearth look like? Mercury’s stressed aspect to Ceres invites your inner critic or harsh mother voice to yell at you. Peace. Quiet. You are living your own life, not your mother’s life. Or your father’s, sister’s, brother’s or child’s.  Part of what eclipses do is help us grow up. Time for that inner you to support and take care of you. Moon in Virgo sets off all the upcoming eclipse points as she closing sextiles and activates the Grand Trine in Earth. Ground it into practicality. Bury the difficult parts.

Wednesday Mercury’s day October 30, 2013 Moon goes void square to Venus at 10:49:30 pm EDT. Moon is void all Wednesday night and the very early morning hours of Thursday with challenging aspects between nurturing and desire. Moon in Virgo makes today quite productive too after a night of teaching dreams that are instructing you on your future path. Sun’s union with Saturn by declination can take the wind out of your sails a bit but it invites serious consideration of your path and your work. You have a limited time on this green and blue ball spinning in the heavens ~ what do you want to partner with and dedicate the next chapter of your life to?  Lots of health aspects today so wash your hand and use those Lysol wipes to keep germs at bay.  Flush your system with lots of water to keep everything moving along. Eclipses act as system detox herbs ~ amazing what all wants to escape and leave.  Sun meets up with Nodes by both declination and zodiacal degree… double loading those Nodes with excess energy.  Pay attention to who you meet today. They are important for your future. Pay attention to who leaves your life today, your karma with them is finished. You did your job and they did theirs. Off they go… express appreciation for your loved ones today.

Jupiter’s day Thursday October 31, 2013 Moon enters Libra at 08:22:43 am EDT. Moon goes void sextile Venus on Saturday Nov 2 2013 at 08:47:44 am EDT and enters Scorpio at 01:36:06 pm EDT. Moon is void Saturday morning. These days have productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire. A relatively productive yet quiet day, Mars trines Pluto bringing extra energy to any fight, war, disagreement or discussion about power. Hygeia joins with the South Node so healing begins by releasing and letting go. Mars opposition to Chiron kicks up the opportunity to understand where the soft, juicy center lies as well as what hurts it. Dreams had a toss and turn quality last night as the Nodes were activated.  Vesta sesquiquadrates Juno and encourages us to not feel overly stressed about the day’s events. Mars inconjunct to Uranus as the Apex of a Finger of God encourages us to move forward toward our fate.  When the Finger points, it is time for us to move!  Sun’s trine to Kronos invites you finish up an old and outstanding project so you can move onto new pastures. Or with the Sun’s square to Juno, let the idea or old project go so you are free to embrace your next direction. Time to do it or pull the plug on it. Mercury’s retrograde to Venus probably will ask for one more pass to try and get it right ~ so go ahead and go for it. Just do it already!  (that was said in the nicest possible way).

Today and tomorrow the veils between the worlds of the living and dead are very thin as Samhain takes place. On the cross quarter day between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice, Samhain is a Gaelic festival that marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter or dark part of the year. We also celebrate Halloween with All Saint’s Day tomorrow. Today the souls that didn’t cross over earlier in the year when they died, leave in a rowdy cattle drive toward the light. Spend time talking with your dead relatives today if you are not going trick or treating… they can reach through the veils and talk to you!  In “Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer,” J. Philip Newell, says “Celtic spirituality is marked by the belief that what is deepest in us is the image of God. Sin has distorted and obscured that image but not erased it.” He suggests we reject the “tendency to define ourselves in terms of the ugliness of our failings instead of the beauty of our origins.” Here is a prayer from his book that I find quite inspiring.

Glory be to you, O God,

for the gift of life unfolding

through those who have gone before me.

Glory be to you, O God,

for your life planted within my soul

and in every soul coming into the world.

Glory be to you, O God,

for the grace of new beginnings

placed before me in every moment

and encounter of life.

Glory, glory, glory

for the grace of new beginnings

in every moment of life.

Friday Venus’ day November 1, 2013 Moon is in Libra. The days have productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire with the closing aspect being a sextile to out of bounds Venus.  You can spend more than you mean to! LOTS of aspects today, most of them taking place while you sleep. More of those DREAMS!  Mercury’s union with Pallas invites a frank discussion of patterns that work and those that don’t work so well any more. Uranus makes his fourth square to Pluto at 9:25 in your Aries and Capricorn houses… change arrives. Evolution happens. Mercury’s in a productive aspect to Mars so this is a day you can LEAP out of bed with energy. Venus rules the Moon and she’s out of bounds and quite frisky. Lots of aspects today make it rock and roll.  Sun forms the other leg of the Finger of God with Uranus at the Apex as he perfects his inconjunct. Fated choices are before you! Sun sextiles Pluto and Trines Chiron today forming a Minor Grand Trine in productive earth and water ~ take time to figure out what you want to plant and grow in your life ~ on Sunday we’ll use the New Moon Eclipse energy to get them off to a fine start. In the meanwhile, on this balsamic moon, symbolic and actual releases count and really work.  Let go of whatever you no longer want in your life. It will be taken away. Venus’ trine to Pallas encourages creative leaps of faith, fate and ideas. Let the Sun shine in ~ rest in the Sun and focus on the future you want to head toward. Sun meets up with Mercury so people think they are right ~ don’t even try to get them to change their minds. Mercury turns into a morning star.  Mercury repeats the Sun’s aspects with Pluto, Uranus Poseidon and Chiron. First we see it with the Sun’s light, then we intellectualize it and tell ourselves the new story.  Time for a new story ~ or the next chapter of the story. Turn the page. Pay attention to health matters ~ go to the doctor if you are having weird symptoms! Powerful energies are at work.

Saturday Saturn’s day November 2, 2013 Moon goes void sextile Venus at 08:47:44 am EDT and enters Scorpio at 01:36:06 pm EDT. Moon is void Saturday morning. The next few days have productive closing aspects between nurturing and desire particularly in your wider relationships as Moon trines Jupiter. Mercury, Saturn and Sun are all working out partnership issues today. Be clear. Use your “I” words precisely. See your patterns and own them. No beating yourself up over them… they are your patterns for a reason. You might not need them anymore. Or maybe you do but for a different reason or in a different way.  Based on all that has gone on lately, there is a real opportunity for relationship healing today. Invite change in! Invite a new vision of what you want to create in! Extreme emotional reactions are quite possible tonight. The eclipse energy is building. The balsamic moon is releasing. The Finger of God is pointing. The Uranus Pluto square is demanding evolution. Follow the dream imagery. Envision  dead, fallen leaves blowing across the land under a dark, star filled sky… You get an extra hour of dream time tonight ~ set your clocks back for daylight savings time.

Sunday Sun’s day November 3, 2013 Moon is in Scorpio. Moon goes void trine to Jupiter on Sunday Nov 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm with productive closing aspects between nurturing and relationships with the greater world.  Mercury loads the nodes with energy twice today. Venus encourages expansion while dreaming. Think about the energy of change when you wake up. Adjust to the ending before you of something you thought you had to have. Sun’s sextile to Mars encourages the Finger of God to provide clear and precise directions. Listen and watch for guidance. Mercury’s declination conjunction with Saturn echoes the conjunction on Tuesday. Talk to any ghosts that appear. Mercury’s connection with partnership oriented Juno asks you to describe what you are willing (and not willing) to partner with going forward. What is the vision?  The dream? The Idea? The next? As the poem says, “the grace of new beginnings…”  Begin again. You aren’t too old or too fat or too out of shape or too tired or too any excuse you want to use here. Begin again. It is that easy.  Baby steps until you get the hang of it. The Solar eclipse is bright and early at 7:49 am, rolling across the Atlantic Ocean and across Africa. Ceres enters Libra for 229 days with a long retrograde in the middle ~ nurture the relationships and partnerships you are looking forward to.  A mid-day nap will help that cold sniffling around your edges… early to bed.  So much energetic stress is hard on a body.  The exhaustion you feel is part of profound shifts taking place beneath the surface of your life. WOWSA what a week!


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Lynda Hill’s work appears with her permission. Check it out at Sabiansymbols.com


Copyright© 2013 A.C. Ortelee



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