Weekly Weather October 29, 2007
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Weekly Weather October 29, 2007

We have LOTS of cosmic activity in the week ahead as we move away from Saturn and Venus diving into the Virgo South Node of Karma. We know what we are going to be working with or on for the next few years based on the story that appeared in our lives from the eclipse in August and the events of last week. It is a two page week ~ when I print out the aspects sometimes, not often, there are two pages of aspects. The week ahead is a two page week with lots of aspects.

So, forward we go into Saturn in Virgo land with the rest of our lives expanding before us! Two page weeks often act as white water rapids in our lives and the world around us. There is not much to do but hold on to the raft and note what is going on around you as the raft and water move by. Hang on and paddle for all you are worth. Try and keep the raft heading straight down the river. If you fall out of the raft into the water, remember knees to nose and point your feet downstream. We will pass rather quickly through this set of rapid activity. Up ahead (November 9) we will pull over onto a sunny beach for lunch, and then have a LONG drying off patch once Mars stations to goes retrograde for several months. So, one more week of bumps and roller coasters and the heavens calm down a bit.

First up, Mars gets to his station degree and is slowing down in the heavens. Mars stopping in the sky is an indicator that the Mars energy in the world will be digging into their situations, creating fox holes, getting a bit of a bunker mentality and being cranky, crabby and irritated. Mars is in a wide but getting tighter grand WATER trine to the Sun and Uranus. Mars, who normally doesn’t HAVE feelings ~ or at least he doesn’t REACT with feelings (you can’t be emotional and nurturing if one of your jobs is to kill people) is feeling his feelings right now. Mars is thin skinned and VERY sensitive. Mars is emotional. Mars is even teary (although THAT is embarrassing to him). Mars is also out of bounds, meaning he’s not going to react the way he traditionally does. Mars is not going to be bound by the situations or societal norms or any sort of rules. Mars is lawless to a certain extent AND he likes it like that! So be aware of the overwhelming desire to do things you don’t normally do or take actions you wouldn’t normally take based on your or their emotional reactions, especially around security, family or nurturing issues. Mars does not particularly LIKE being in Cancer as he can’t be direct and straightforward ~ there is a sidling up sideways kind of energy to his approach. You don’t always see Mars coming if he sneaks up behind or beside you. Mars is going to sneak up on you too ~ causing sudden outbursts of emotions that you had NO IDEA were inside you.

Second, Neptune stations to go direct ~ at last! The last few illusions fall, dissolve and disappear as we officially complete the Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius journey of last year. Remember? The dissolving structures business where certain parts of your life seemed to melt away like plaster walls do when encountering water? Those structures in your life that dissolved, disappeared or shifted are finishing up their story this week as Neptune starts to move forward again. Back in early February 2007, Neptune was at the degree that he is stationing at now. Expect those February folks or stories to show back up in your life to continue or resolve what ever went on and seemed to pause or disappear when Neptune stationed May 25, 2007. You will be working with them or their stories until February 19, 2008 when they will either disappear forever or resolve into a brand new and permanent structure in your life. I know, it seems like a long time to have to deal with the vagueness of Neptune. Take heart. Besides, Mars is going to be retrograde anyway so you are not going to get much of any place any way. Might as well settle in and figure out what those Neptune folks are doing in your life. They do represent some dream of yours ~ whether a new or old dream ~ that is one of their purposes.

Mercury stations to go direct. YEAH! This Mercury retrograde seemed to have slightly more difficult or disturbing news than others ~ maybe because Mercury was in Scorpio for part of the journey? Or perhaps because it is Mercury is who is in charge of Saturn for two years so the messages seemed sterner? I thought the lessons and redos had a bit of a harsh quality to them ~ kind of a get over it and get on with it. But then, Virgo can have a critical quality to her voice even if she‘s trying to help you.

Pallas, an asteroid in charge of strategy and wisdom is also stationing to go direct. Pallas recognizes patterns and notices the repetitive nature of human and other animal or nature behavior while most of the rest of us miss it. Pallas uses her wisdom around patterns and repetitions to help her craft strategy to achieve her goals. She‘s been retrograde, re-doing, re-crafting and re-understanding strategies that previously were perhaps hidden or difficult to understand. Now she‘s actually ready to go forward with a plan. Use her energy to help you get organized and structured this week. She’s seeing things clearly ~ especially since Neptune’s fog is clearing with his station direct.

So, three VERY IMPORTANT bodies, Neptune, Mercury and Pallas, are shifting in the sky to start moving forward again~ our mind, our dreams and our strategies. Expect to hear and listen for your dreams or wisdoms from the world around you and take action on them (even if you think they are impossible dreams). Remember all creation began and begins with “the Word” or an idea ~ Mercury ~ to get us moving toward what we believe we would like to create. Mars is getting ready to stop so the moving forward energy will stall a bit as the thoughts and idea energy will move forward to create the vision of what is coming. First up is the word: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

We also have a number of illumination and expansive aspects in the week ahead as well as the final closing sextile of Jupiter to Neptune. Jupiter and Neptune began their current cycle in January of 1997 at 27 Capricorn. Jupiter and Neptune are what I call dream or fairy tale planets ~ the planets involved with making your dreams come true. Now, once we actually get those dreams of ours in our hot little hands or created in our lives, we may not actually LIKE what we’ve dreamed we wanted to have. Or our dream is a momentary success and then back we go to doing the laundry and washing the dishes.

Happily ever after ~ what an interesting and persistent concept in our culture. So as this aspect takes place, what is YOUR concept of happily ever after? Make sure to be clear about it to your self and to the universe. You are seeding the next big cycle about to start up when Jupiter joins with Neptune again. In the meantime, what you’ve planted as your version of happily ever after since 1997 will ripen in your life in the weeks ahead. Remember the astrological and farming phrase of “You reap what you sow.” So notice what you’ve reaped. If you don’t like it, start sowing different seeds. If you like it, plant some more of the same seeds and decide what ELSE you would like to plant in your dream garden. This is a great time to make one of those treasure maps or visual aids to help you see and acknowledge where you wish to go. Balsamic approach of Jupiter to Neptune ~ like Balsamic vinegar ~it is the ends of things but it makes a wonderfully tasty dish if sprinkled in the proper proportions.

So, now that you have your paddle, helmet, knees to nose firmly in your brain in case you fall out of the raft and know about the future lunch and leisurely sun time promised around the bend, get ready to push off. Have a great week! If you fall out of the raft, not to worry ~ right around the corner up ther
e it gets calm again. Kn
ees to nose
and feet downstream.

Monday has oodles of aspects making it a very busy, bustle day! Venus squares Jupiter, trines Ceres and is inconjunct to Neptune. WATCH for VENUS things ~ love, money, values and desires in aspect to over-expansion or excess, ease of creativity and nurturing and adjustment to hopes, dreams and illusions. Sun has an opening sextile to Saturn ~ so think back to August 21, 2007 to see the very initial results of the project begun then. Neptune also squares Ceres ~ so often we feel we have to work hard to nurture things when in fact they simply appear before us fully grown or available to our being if we are quiet and pay attention. Jupiter sextiles Neptune helping to make you see how your dreams can come true (with a bit of work of course ~ you have to work those sextiles). In this case, it is a closing sextile so think back to January of 1997 and your Capricorn house to see the dream that is unfolding and finishing up before you now. When a day has as many aspects as today does, it often takes a bit of time to process all the things that go on.

Tuesday Mercury aspects Juno and Ceres by declination as Vesta aspects the Nodes. The energy speaks to understanding the process of creation and transformation as the moon has oodles of aspects in Cancer to the Sun, Mars and Uranus ~ setting off that Grand Trine in Water. It can be an emotional day, a very emotional day. There is finishing quality to the energy today. Perhaps a ceremony of closure would help. Or maybe a special box that holds the memory, a photo or remembrance card of times past. Emotions flow. There is energy of endings but also the energy of life continuing to flow around and swell even without you. It brings to mind a song by Jonathan Larson, Without You

Without You
the ground thaws
the rain falls
the grass grows

Without You
the seeds root
the flowers bloom
the children play

the stars gleam
the poets dream
the eagles fly
Without You

the earth turns
the sun burns
But I Die
Without You

Without You
the breeze warms
the girl smiles
the cloud moves

Without You
the tides change
the boys run
the oceans crash

the crowds roar
the days soar
the babies cry
Without You

the moon glows
the river flows
But I Die
Without You

The world revives
colors renew
But I know blue
only blue
lonely blue
within me, blue
Without You

Without You
the hand gropes
the ear hears
the pulse beats

Without You
the eyes gaze
the legs walk
the lungs breathe

the mind churns
the heart yearns
the tears dry
Without You

Life Goes On
But I’m Gone
Cause I Die
Without You

The inevitable movement of life, like the tides of the oceans, remind us that while loss can take place, life continues.

Wednesday, Neptune and Pallas station to begin moving direct as there are moments of love, clarity and kindness breaking through when the Moon aspects Venus and Mercury stopped dead in the sky. I am reminded of a night I spent on a houseboat anchored in the middle of a bay watching the stars rise over the horizon. At about 3 in the morning, the tide shifted directions. Suddenly, as if lifted by a giant hand, the houseboat swirled around into a new position pushed by the energy of the sea, the movement caused by the luminous moon on the ocean tides. While we had been warned to expect the tide shift by the captain of the houseboat, it was unlike anything I had ever experience before. Life will shift for you today or tomorrow or perhaps yesterday just like that. You’ll be able to begin to move forward again. There is a cosmic pivot in the heavens. Be brave. It is as it is supposed to be for right now. You are almost through the changes. You are exactly in the right place for your chart. Be brave. No fear. Focus instead with love. Listen for the wisdom of your heart and soul. It is in there, speaking to you. Or perhaps singing softly, this too shall pass.

Thursday, Mercury stations direct. Remember, part of the reason this particular Mercury retrograde has been so stressful is because Mercury rules Virgo where Saturn is currently found. While many Mercury retrogrades remind us of our past and communication stories, this Mercury retrograde speaks to us about our karma as our soul attempts to speak to us and offer us guidance on our path. Mercury is stationing in a trine to Neptune who was stationing yesterday ~ think cosmic fog lifting, life pivoting, movement being able to take place again, a giant cosmic swing into a new position, space or energy. Like a couple of ballet dancers leaping across the stage, Neptune and Mercury stop dead still, pivot and spin on the tips of their toes, only one day apart, only one beat apart, to begin moving in a new direction, forward again, retracing their steps.

Friday, Venus has a gift of brilliance she shares with Mars as Mercury speaks to her about his recent retrograde journey. Ah, so there IS a purpose to all this backward and forwards, side to side, slip sliding across the stage of life energy! What idea, gift or vision of service comes into your life today? What situation becomes clearer now that Mercury and Neptune are dancing forward together? Saturn and Vesta in Virgo and Capricorn sigh with relief and start to truly partner with each other to create and move forward. Mercury having shifted his energy and focus is ready to get cracking and have Saturn get things, procedures, processes and stuff in place to support Pluto in Capricorns upcoming journey.

Saturn’s day, Sun squares Chiron so your wounds are illuminated by your soul‘s purpose. One of my favorite parts of astrology readings is figuring out how the past or current events in a client’s chart contribute to where they are as well as why they are here on earth. It helps if you think of your chart as a training vehicle for your soul. It does mean you can’t complain about it as much. Back when you were sitting on the cloud before you incarnated, you gave whoever is in charge of these things a list of the stuff you and your soul wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. That list is described by your chart. All the experiences in your life support your soul’s learning those lessons or experiencing that karma. Looking at your chart as a tool that is trying to teach you something makes it ever so much more manageable and understandable. Take the recent experiences (the ones that arrived in your life since the last week of August) and see if you can figure out what they are trying to teach your soul and you.

Sunday, Venus has a gift of brilliance aspect to Neptune. What did you dream last night? What did you learn? What message is Neptune whispering in your ear? Sun has aspects to Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Illumination can be harsh sometimes. But it is part and parcel of being alive. Remember, this too shall pass. But quickly, before it goes, what did you learn from it? Hold that lesson tightly to your soul so you always remember it.

Mundane: The fires, the fires, the fires. Why such fierce and profound fires in Southern California? Both Neptune and Mercury are in Air signs, moving retrograde. They are forming hard working, very productive sextile aspects, on either side, to Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, a wild bonfire kind of fire energy. In this case, hard working and very productive aspects are NOT a good thing! The Santa Ana winds, big Air Energy, large, fierce winds, blow the wrong way (retrograde) down the canyons, focusing and carrying the heat of the desert out to the sea. The Santa Anas blow from east to west or retrograde or backwards. Think about weather maps and how the winds blow from west to east normally. The Santa Anas preheat every thing in their path like a giant bellows does in a blast furnace. And then a spark, from the wild
mutable energy of Sagittarius or a downed power line and an enormous fire simply erupts and explodes before the winds. The fires are fed by the bursts of air through the tunnels of the canyons. Add to that Saturn found in a dry, barren and dusty earth sign so Mother Earth’s foliage ~ the plants, shrubs, trees and brush are dry, barren and dusty too. And, for the past two years, Saturn was in Leo ~ heat, hot, dry and fire so California experienced a fairly significant drought, making the land even more fire prone. Mother Earth’s foliage is ready to ignite like kindling does when struck by a match.

Right now, Pluto and Jupiter approach each other, ending a 13 year cycle. Over the past 13 years, quite a bit of building has taken place in the areas that were historically prone to fires. Like river beds that flood or beaches that experience hurricanes and storms, desert canyons have fires. Sure, the building codes include fire breaks and ceramic roofs but Mother Nature will have her fires. The profound magnitude of the loss is Saturn and Venus on the South Node of Virgo ruling daily routines and the things we take for granted as always being there ~ things like our homes and our community. Saturn and Venus’ journey into the South Node last week takes away valuable structures that support people‘s lives. The expansive and explosive wildness and nature of the fires is Jupiter joining with Pluto in mutable Sagittarius. The enormous NUMBER of fires ~ again Jupiter and Pluto ~ lots of! Mars in Cancer, not a great position to fight from as it tends to be overwhelmed or undermanned, is the California National Guard not home where they are supposed to be guarding the nation or helping during disasters by fighting fires. Instead they are deployed, with all of their equipment, to a foreign country fighting a war for oil and profits. Maybe NOW we can take our people and bring them home? At times like this, I hate astrology! Prayers to all who have lost property or lives or livelihoods or pets to these fires.

Copyright © 2007 Anne Ortelee

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