Weekly Weather September 2, 2013
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Weekly Weather September 2, 2013

Keep on working that Star of David!  We have until September 17, when Jupiter pulls away from it and breaks it up. The next option for these three powerful water planets creating emotionally in our lives is 132 years from now, in September of 2145. We have a VERY unique time standing before us, asking and offering assistance. Use it to push your life forward.









Taking place at the New Moon September 5, 2013, this week marks the start of the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah ~New Years.  Next week is Yom Kippur ~ the Day of Atonement and Forgiveness. I find that holidays hold special energy as millions of people for hundreds of years celebrate them. Although raised Roman Catholic, my Aquarius rising enjoys diving into the universal energies created by millions of people joining their cultural or religious focus in a particular direction. Holidays have a pulse and a life force which any of us can connect with energetically. Consider starting a New Year for yourself ~ a new chapter, a new book, a new beginning. Let the old year go. On Yom Kippur, next week, take time between now and then to chronicle or remember where you didn’t make the best choice, act as you hoped, or would like to make amends with yourself or others. Bless that choice you didn’t like and RELEASE IT ~ Atone for it and LET IT GO.  FORGIVE IT. Forgive YOURSELF! I particularly like Yom Kippur ~ confession, atonement and forgiveness is good for the soul!

As a Catholic child, growing up, we had a sacrament called confession. Every few weeks, my mother would load us all into the station wagon for a trip to the confessional box at our parish church. I would enter a small, dank, warm room placed along the side walls of the church with a priest on the other side of the grid work dividing wall. I would kneel, confess my sins, get a penance, exit to the church proper, kneel again to say the prayers required by the penance and wait for my siblings and mother to finish up. On occasion, I KNEW I forgot some of what I had done so I would “add” a few sins (just to be covered) and then confess to yet another lie ~ the lie I just told the priest about my fake sins to get extra penance to be “covered”.  Driving home, my mother would inquire about each of our penances (not the sins, mind you, but the prayers to get RID of the sins). She would comment if we’d received a big penance ~ “Ah, you must have been bad…”









Later in life, when I studied various world religions, I found that each religion offered a way to ameliorate the sins, problems or places where we might not have lived quite the life we’d hoped for ourselves. There is always an opportunity to change for the better. Redemption. Resurrection. Renewal. Improvement. Reclamation. Restoration. Transformation. Recovery. Revitalization. Salvation. Deliverance. Liberation. Emancipation. Release.

Back as a Catholic child, it seemed SO easy: Confess, Say Penance and Go Forth to Sin No More. Done! (Except for the admitting your penance to your mother part….)

As an astrologer, I often find part of my work is helping people release and change the stuck areas of their lives. How do they approach and change where they didn’t quite live up to their own personal or other people’s expectations. It is kind of like confession. I explain the stuck areas as energy choices ~higher or lower choices ~ rather than sins.  I use words like Saturn and Pluto transits. I suggest penance in the form of solutions to the situation they find themselves in. I can tell them when it will be over and done with. I can tell them when they will be tempted to slip and fall back.

But the real work of forgiveness? The real work of atonement? The kneeling down part (Saturn rules KNEES), doing penance and receiving release from what owns you? That is up to the person. Each of us decides how long we are going to stay there.

So take time this week to answer the following questions. Figure out where you need to make changes in your life. Then DO the PENANCE and set yourself free from the problems in your past.  Go forth to live your best life.

Where do you seek Redemption?

What needs to be Resurrected in your life?

How can you Renew yourself?

Is there a list of Improvements you’d like to make?

Any area of your life desiring Reclamation?

Is Restoring to original (or better condition) possible?

Think about Transformation as a process of incrementally shifting towards the better?

How can you Recover?

Revitalization of your Life ~ what does it look like?

Use these words in positive statements to describe your upcoming life chapter:

Salvation. Deliverance. Liberation. Emancipation. Release.












Void Moons in the Week Ahead: When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns. Kick back, let life flow and center yourself. Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon goes void sextile to Venus on Tuesday Sept 3, 2013 at 01:53:25 pm EDT and enters Virgo on Wednesday Sep 4, 2013 at 06:44:35 am EDT.  Moon is void Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Moon goes void joined to Mercury on Friday, Sep 6, 2013 at 06:10:40 am EDT and enters Libra on Friday Sep 6, 2013 at 03:13:34 pm EDT. Moon is void most of Friday.

Moon goes void joined to Venus on Sunday Sep 8, 2013 at 04:46:57 pm EDT and enters Scorpio on Sunday Sep 8, 2013 at 09:45:07 pm EDT.  Moon is void Sunday early evening.

The balance of the column will be posted later Monday. Today I am off to the US Open to celebrate Labor Day!









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