Weekly Weather September 24, 2007
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Weekly Weather September 24, 2007

I know, you are getting tired of all these anxiety filled, emotionally ridden weeks. Well, we have another one ahead of us. Not nearly as emotional as the few we just finished up with but still emotional. Fortunately, these are emotions you can DO something about instead of just talking about them. Actions always make our charts feel better.

Mercury leaves behind talking and planning air based Libra and enters the fixed dark water depths of Scorpio for an up tick in his intensity. Mars leaves behind the airy, undecided, two sides to every story Gemini to move into active flowing cardinal watery Cancer for an up tick in his emotional security needs combined with a reduction in his ability to see both sides of the story. These are not, for the most part, bad shifts. However, combining as they do, in the week ahead of us, together in a sextile dance, means that people are going to be acting out of their emotions and attempting to lock down their security or legacy issues. Folks are not going to be particularly rational. It is all about emotions as we move out of air and into water. Feelings are high and flowing strongly.

Now, if you think back to biology, particularly aquatic ecosystems, when a bunch of brand new fresh water (Cancer) from rain, flood or an upstream water release arrives into a swamp (Scorpio), it stirs up the swamp’s still water. It makes everything in the swamp quite murky and unclear. The swamp is stirred up and does not particularly like it. The muck and mud on the bottom of the swamp moves. And the fixed, unbroken surface of the water breaks open from influx of the fresh Cancer water into it. Scorpios and swamps don’t move much. When the fixed surface of the standing black swamp water breaks open to the air, trust me on this, it makes a VERY, VERY BAD stink! It is called SWAMP GAS. We are going to have a major release of swamp gas in the Scorpio part of every chart this week. A very, very big stink. It is just gas. Hold your nose. Breathe through your mouth. Keep your head about you. It is a gas release, no more, no less. Once the fresh water finishes rushing in, the swamp will settle down and we will see what we will see.

Monday, Mercury says to Pluto, “Hey Pluto, did you see what Mars did last week?” Pluto did see it. Pluto’s pretty steamed too. He understands it, on one level, as people don’t like dealing with him directly. Pluto thrives on triangles and playing one side against the other. Pluto’s really good at it. Mars attempted something similar last week, but got caught, red handed. Mars is in Gemini. He’s not keeping track of who he tells what to. Mars is spinning and spinning, talking, playing for more time. More time for what? It isn’t going to go away. Pluto isn’t going to die and leave Mars alone! The people Mars is talking to are sharing their versions of the story with other people. Word is getting around. Sun has an aspect of brilliance to Jupiter that says, “Why don’t we just make this public and be done with it?” Jupiter is ready to make it public for the entire world to see. It would solve a myriad of issues ~ knocks down all those back door dealings that have been going on for a while behind the scenes. Besides the full moon is coming and promises illumination on the situation and a resolution of sorts. What to do, what to do? Pallas in Pisces has a trine to Juno in Scorpio ~ sometimes people need to be pushed to do the right thing if they are too afraid.

Tuesday finds us with no aspects from the planets but a build of up tension as the full moon in Aries approaches. Expect high emotions as the Moon in Pisces gets ready to change signs and enter Aries tomorrow. Moon is carrying a large emotional charge and extra weight from the eclipse cycle she’s about to finish. Moon’s aspects to Jupiter and Uranus serve to heighten her anxiety. Nerves are a bit tight and quite frayed today.

Wednesday read the full moon report on this site for more information on how to deal with energy of the full moon. There are a number of stressful aspects today as the Sun and the Moon culminate the emotions begun under the eclipses. We officially leave the eclipse cycle today as the lunation is more than 10 degrees from the karmic nodes. The events of the past six weeks served to bring to light something you hadn’t seen before or perhaps had seen but not “SEEN” in quite the same way. Accept the new vision. It isn’t right or wrong. Just assess it for what it is ~ Virgo can criticize too. Assess and adjust to take in the new version of reality. As my friend’s therapist says, “There are many simultaneous versions of reality.” All the versions of the reality before you can be, and are, true. They aren’t mutually exclusive versions of reality. Live with the simultaneous versions. Mercury’s trine to Mars says see the duality in the situation and understand it for what it means.

Thursday, Mercury enters Scorpio at 1:18 pm EDT. The moon is still in Aries so expect a sudden shift in your emotional senses after 1 pm. Suddenly that Aries moon will take on a darker cast of emotions. Communications take on a more serious tone in all areas of your life. Mercury is concerned with the bones of the story ~ the deeper underlying psychological reasons for certain behaviors. Mercury is in the mood to look at the secrets of the deals and structure of the stories. As Mercury shifts into Scorpio, Saturn will become more serious as he, too, is ruled by Mercury, now in traveling in Scorpio. Expect the Saturn folks in your life to express their desire for things to get real, to be counted and accounted for. It is an accounting, Scorpionic version of Saturn in Virgo. We need to account for our behavior when Mercury comes around and asks how we are going to vote. The time for nice speeches is over. Time to get down to the basics and take action to transform the situation. Simultaneously, Sun argues with Pallas about the strategy behind the approach being taken. Pallas is concerned with the long term implications, while Sun is being more practical, or thinks he is at any rate. Sun’s interaction with Neptune says he is not in the mood for a more humanitarian approach. That is what Pallas is advising Sun to do ~ be humanitarian. Sun wants the situation to move forward and be resolved already.

Friday has a harsh aspect to Uranus so the news can be unsettling. Mercury is ready to pull the plug and let the whole thing go down the drain. Mars enters Cancer which means he gets much more security conscious, whiny and rather fearful. Mars does not feel particularly brave when he is in Cancer. He fights with his emotions. Mars in Cancer represents fights with family or arguments and actions taken around security needs. Mars in Cancer acts like a crab ~ he will grab on to what he thinks is his, Mars is willing to lose a claw to not let go of his hold on the beloved object. The security concerns are WAY over blown and not ‘true‘. The security concerns are completely emotionally driven. Mars sees enemies every where he looks. In all honesty, the world isn’t like that ~ it is not a world full of enemies. Well it IS for Mars in Cancer! Mars in Cancer is skittish. Right now, because Mars is in Cancer in the heavens, it FEELS that way for the rest of us too ~ an enemy filled world. Please assess the situations as honestly as you can. What has changed? Is it actually something that is as dire as all that emotion swirling around inside of you? No, not really! You are still alive. You have yourself. You have your life. What more do you actually need? Mars in Cancer can have a clutchy energy to it too. Currently, Mars is holding on to things that aren’t real or aren‘t important. Don‘t lose your claw over it. You are feeling the currents of fear ~ breathe. You are going to be alright.

Saturn’s day brings us a bit of clarity wit
h Sun’s aspect to Juno
. Once you can see a problem, you can take steps to fix it. Gotta see the problem first. You saw the problem over the last few weeks as the eclipse energy took place and brought it to light. The full moon fully illuminated it. So now, apply that lovely Saturn in Virgo energy and get to work fixing the problems on Saturn’s day. Take advantage of Vesta’s aspect of brilliance to Pallas to make yourself a new strategic plan to move forward. A nice long list of what you have to do. All the big steps and some little steps too. Break it down. Into parts. Into pieces. Virgo takes all the pieces of cloth, sews them together to make an out fit. Do the same with your problem. Type your list up. Post it on your bathroom mirror. There, you are organized!

Sunday, Sun has an adjusting aspect to the North Node as Juno trines the North Node. So look at that list from yesterday. What is something you can do today and cross off the list? Do it. You will feel better. Now, having done one thing, pick another thing. Do it. Forward we go. See how easy it is? Now pick something you are a bit afraid of, that Mars in Cancer wants some support. Saturn in Virgo will hold Mars’ hand and help him move forward, slowly, cautiously, carefully, and securely. Saturn in Virgo ruled by Mercury in Scorpio knows there are steps and processes to be followed. Scorpio is the sign of accounting. Get all the facts, receipts and details on the table and then get to work. My friend Tom, the former accountant, always knows the secrets as he sees the money, where it goes, how it is spent or what happened to it. We love accountants. Do the same in your life. Follow the trail. Let that Mercury in Scorpio take you where it wants to go to look at what it wants to look at. Mercury in Scorpio will show you ALL the secrets ~ if you are brave enough to look. Maybe even just a tiny peek out from between your fingers? It is always better if you look! And that is coming from me, a Saturn in Scorpio gal!

Mundane: OJ Simpson (July 9, 1947, 8:08 am, San Francisco, CA) made national news again, as the new moon Virgo eclipse, the building of Mars opposite Pluto triggered his Uranus in the 11th house of groups as transiting Saturn arrived on his relocated Virgo Ascendant in Las Vegas. The break-in, September 13, 2007 at 7:15 pm, reminded me to write about the echoes of energy as another major planet, Pluto, gets ready to leave a sign, Sagittarius, for the next 234 years.

When I first started to study astrology, OJ was in the news, accused of the brutal murder of his ex-wife and her friend. I learned about the luck of Leo risings combined with having your ascendant on the fixed star of kings, Regulus. (In my next life I want that!) I learned about the power of planetary stations to trigger events. The murders took place as Mercury stationed. I learned about fixed stars’ dark sides as his wife’s head was almost cut off as she had her Sun on the fixed star of Algol, the star of beheadings. I learned about the power of retrograde planets as ALL OJ’s trial events happened while Mercury was retrograde, EXCEPT for the liability verdict arriving, which the other side “won”. OJ’s Mercury in Cancer is retrograde and trine to his Moon in Pisces making him charming and sympathetic as well as quite slippery. When he was a football player, NO ONE could catch him as he seemed to fly down the field and knew where the holes would appear magically! Retrograde Mercury in Cancer rules his Mars, North Node and Uranus in Gemini. So the actions taken by Mars and Uranus, were, in a sense, protected, while Mercury was retrograde. He had a magical way of using Mercury’s trickster energy to escape, Houdini like, anything attempting to stick on or to him, or in the rhyme of the bloody glove, if it doesn‘t fit, you must acquit!

Now, as Pluto gets ready to leave Sagittarius until December of 2241, we will each have a summary of our Pluto in Sagittarius lessons. OJ was our first significant Pluto in Sadge lesson as a nation. His South Node at 1 Sadge was set off when Pluto entered Sadge. For better or for worse, we learned new lessons about race, power, justice, media coverage, spin, obsessions, freedom, and our individual beliefs about same. We got Court TV! Reality WAS better than fiction and kept us paying attention. Now, as Pluto gets ready to leave Sadge, you can expect lessons and echoes from 1995 to surface in your life to see what you’ve learned about the Sagittarian area of your life.

Pluto in Sagittarius brought to public consciousness sex abuse by religious authorities, as organized religions are another Sagittarian ruled area. Now news of sex abuse law suit settlements by various dioceses fill the paper. We have another racial situation in Louisiana in the news, and marches to protest it. Of course, our “religious” Sagittarius war with Islam and Iraq will morph into a “business” and profit oriented Capricorn war over the next year or so. And we have a Congress that can condemn a perfectly legal free speech advertisement by Moveon.org but can’t get their act together to give us back our right to habeas corpus or end an illegal war based on lies. I am looking forward to the accountability and conservative nature of Pluto in Capricorn, even if it promises to be a hard slog at the beginning as we get used to the heavy lifting required to move the solid earth of cardinal energy.

So reflect on the Pluto in Sagittarius lesson(s) surfacing in your life during the months ahead. And, as for this particular OJ run in with the law, I think he might actually have to serve time! Saturn, the Lord of Karma and accountability, is on his relocated ascendant of O Virgo. Saturn is about to roll through his first house of personal accountability AND Mercury is not retrograde (although he is in his shadow prior to a retrograde). Now, we have to hope the prosecutor in Vegas pays attention to astrology and Mercury’s retrogrades and avoids scheduling trial dates when the winged messenger can help OJ fly the coop.

Copyright © 2007 Anne Ortelee

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