Weekly Weather September 5, 2011
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Weekly Weather September 5, 2011

Our week ahead finishes up Mercury’s recent retrograde journey and brings to our attention what we are going to be working on for the nine months coming between November 2011 and July 2012. We are in planning and preparation mode!

We get to process the events of the past few weeks of the Mercury Retrograde and specifically the past two weeks when the Hammer of Thor knocked about in our charts. We had the debt ceiling debates. Next were three earthquakes, Mercury stationed going direct then Hurricane Irene. This week we have the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. All these events are happening as Saturn returns to the place he was when our founding fathers declared independence from Britain in July 1776.

Last Sunday, as Hurricane Irene bathed 11 of the 13 colonies in large volumes of wind and water, we had our 8th Saturn return as a country. The Hammer of Thor sits on the ascendant of the 8th Saturn return, announcing we are going to be working with a fairly intense energy for the next 29 years.

I want you to consider the past few weeks as a collective lump of energy. It doesn’t want to be parsed into days ~ it wants to be a lump of energy. Maybe it is Neptune at the end of Aquarius opposing Mercury inviting us to think of the currents enveloping us as a gestalt picture of energy swirling around us.

I was talking with a very “together” Aries client of mine who remarked that she had totally lost it during the hurricane. She felt brought to her knees with unspeakable feelings swirling through and around her based on the behavior of someone she loved. I found myself in a similar situation as a major leak from the roof of my apartment building soaked an unexpected part of my home, depositing over a gallon of water into my brand new rug and causing a plaster wall to disintegrate and paint to peel off my walls and ceiling like giant stickers, exposing soaked dry wall that wasn’t dry at all.

The point of the energy this week is to get you to envision what you want your future to be. First, the energy dissolves your reality. Then once the reality is nice, soft and malleable, it asks you what or how you want to proceed. It seems every thing is focused on remembrances of 10 years ago when a bright blue morning shifted before our eyes into smoke, flames and death.

In an instant our lives can change. In an instant your life can change… But to truly, deeply change, you need a vision of what and where you want to go. The energy this week supports remembering where you’ve been and what you’ve done. It asks you to focus on where you are going. The energy of the last few weeks was to summon up your history and have you look at in new ways. See it with a differing set of eyes. Be clear about what was important to you.

Now that you are all nice and soft and malleable, what is the new vision? If the dry wall in your life crumbled, what is the structure behind it like? How does it support you and your future? There are no right or wrong answers here. There are remembrances and understandings that lead to new conclusions or directions. There is your life as it is right now. There is your dream of your life about where you want it to go.

Mercury is exceptionally busy this week, moving from 25 Leo through 5 Virgo and aspecting a huge PILE of planets. All of our sky energy is pushing us towards consciousness.
Mercury makes aspects by declination and zodiacal to the separating t-square, suggesting the stock markets will continue to dance crazily as we evaluate the choices that have led us to where we are now in our lives. Mercury in Leo defends his ego’s decisions ~ he speaks for the Sun and what the Sun wants. Once Mercury moves into Virgo on September 9, he‘ll bring our attention back to early August when he stationed to go retrograde all month. Mercury moves forward in Virgo and talks to us about the practical reality of the decisions we made in service of our ego.

While we often WANT what we WANT ~ the extra slice of pie, the adoration of the beloved, the big pay check, the shiny new car ~ the REALITY of the consequences of what we want flies in this week as Mercury enters Virgo. If we REALLY WANT that, then we have to… If we REALLY WANT that, then we will need to… If we REALLY WANT that, then our nature and our behavior needs to shift and change to support activities to get what we say we want.

While Mercury is talking about what we need to do to get there, Venus is sitting and going “You want me to do WHAT?” Sun is listening and kind of chuckling quietly to himself as he listens to Venus and Mercury bicker about who has to do what exactly. Its that kind of week.

We are also going to be reviewing in our collective just where we are, exactly, 10 years after 9-11 and as Dick Cheney makes the rounds selling his version of history. We’ll also be brought back to that earlier time in our life to review what we’ve learned about our selves and our relationship to the world. On 9-11, both the Ascendant and Mercury of the first plane flying into the Trade Towers were at the degree Saturn is at now ~ 14 Libra. We review our history and remember, with the passage of time, our lives and the events from then and our past. Saturn on Mercury and the Trade Center Ascendant encourages us to sit and remember, to write, in concrete terms where we are and where we are planning on going.

When I was in Sales, in an earlier part of my life, we had to write a GOSPA every year. Monthly or quarterly, we sat down with our managers to review where we were and where we were going. Now, I do it for myself every year as my birthday approaches, outlining my life desires and a vision of what I want to create in the year ahead. I’ve been working on it this week as my birthday is Sunday, September 11.

I offer this GOSPA process as a tool you might employ in your life to help focus your energies in the week ahead for the patch of your life soon to arrive. You don’t have to do it for your WHOLE life. Just do it for the part of your life that got all soft and mushy over the past few weeks. Do it for the part that wants to focus but doesn’t really know how to do it. If you try it, on a teeny tiny piece of your life, you’ll probably want to move it to other parts too! It is great! I promise! If you don’t want to do it and your life is going just great, skip the next section and scroll down to the days of the week.

GOSPA, a lovely life tracking device, consists of five things ~ in finer and finer levels of activity/ detail. This week as Neptune and Mercury chat about your dreams and as Sun and Venus form a grand trine in earth with Jupiter and Pluto to help ground things in reality, the heavens and the world encourage you to assess where you are and where you want to go.

GOSPA consists of Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Plans and Activities. So first to the G~ Goal ~ that is the mother hood and apple pie part ~ the dream written down. In my case, back in 2001, it was “I want to be a full time astrologer who helps people, using the tool of astrology, create their best lives and understand themselves.” I can remember writing that the night before the towers were attacked. And shortly after the attacks, when my office two blocks from the twin towers’ smoking, destroyed carcasses was filled with the indescribable smell of cooked human flesh combined with burnt plastic and melted office mementos and anthrax was in the mail, I left corporate America to strike out on my own as an astrologer. After all, you could go to your office on a shiny fall day in September and die ~ That reality got my chicken Virgo butt over the fear factor of leaving what I knew and a paycheck to move out the door to what I didn‘t know. That and the horrible, horrible smell.

O~ Objective ~ quantifiable and trackable, measured with dates and amounts. Back in 2001, my goal was to have enough clients and bill enough to cover my basic bills. Each year, I’ve made that number. Every year I set it a bit higher.

S ~ Strategy ~ how are you going to actually DO it? What is your strategy to bill enough? How are you going to become your dream? Or in plain language, how are you going to meet your dream with practical reality? What is your strategic approach?

These days I have three ~ strategies ~ Revenue Generating, Outreach and Credentials /Competency. The Revenue Generating part is pretty straight forward ~ what to do to get money in the door ~ where you say you want to go to find income ~ clients, classes, teaching, and lectures in my case. Outreach is the web stuff, twitter, writing the column, the radio shows, lectures (some free and others revenue generating ~ so things helping you reach your differing strategies can be on more than one list.) Credentials / Competency is what I am going to do to improve myself or learn new things that help me. Last year I was Reiki certified and did a few past life regressions on sticky parts in my psyche. This year I am taking courses at the Jung Institute on Death and Loss, writing a book (which hopefully will do some revenue stuff) and taking workshops on things other than astrology which blend and support me being an astrologer.

Each of the items supporting Strategy have a number of Plans and Activities to get them accomplished. So under seeing clients to generate revenue ~ which is a Page in my Plan section ~ I know how many clients I need to see weekly to meet my goals. When it is a bigger plan ~ such as when I coordinated ISAR’s counseling training course for my students last February ~ there are a whole SERIES of activities to get that accomplished from advertising to room rental to coordinating the hotel to printing the course curriculum at Staples. The Plans and Activities supporting the Plan becomes your to-do list of activities.

I put the whole business in a binder with sub-divisions and scribble in it at regular intervals. And, once I’ve done something like coordinate a weekend workshop, I have an idea of what is involved and how to go about it ~ the plans are completely reusable.

GOSPA is a fast and simple system to implement, very adaptable and easy to adjust. If you find you are consistently NOT doing a thing on your Plan list, just mentally delete it rather than beating yourself up. So last year, I thought I would be writing a fictional book about relationships with a couple of co-authors. That didn’t happen. It is still a Plan for 2011. Instead I’ve been writing a book with another astrologer. A new Plan was added and life adjusted. Forward.

One of my 2011 year’s plans is to travel more and teach. So, advertising plug, I am teaching my very first weekend workshop on “Introduction to Astrology” at Amelia Island, Florida in October 14, 15 &16. It costs $333 which includes meals and snacks and a solid, take home booklet of what you‘ve learned. It will be an intensive weekend where you will be able to “speak” astrology by the end of the three days. Amelia Island is near Jacksonville, Florida. Held at the lovely Blue Ray of Hope, you can find more information here: http://bluerayofhope.com/event.php

Void Moon Days

8:31 pm EDT Monday, September 5 to 10:03 pm EDT

4:35 pm EDT Wednesday September 7 to 5:42 am EDT Thursday September 8

1:32 pm EDT Saturday September 10 to 3:26 pm EDT

Moon’s day, Monday September 5 Happy Labor Day! A holiday in the states, we actually will celebrate the lack of work this year with record unemployment and under employment. No jobs. Bad unemployment report last week. Time for us to revision that work life business… what is your dream of what you want your work life to be like? Where did that dream come from? How has it changed? Moon in Sagittarius makes it a playful day where we are out and about. Venus wants us to look at who we choose to be with and why. Do those choices still work for us? Does that old group of yours still meet your needs? Often we kind of out grow people or situations we find ourselves in. We don’t have to get rid of them forever but maybe we want to adjust how much time we spend with them? Do they still serve your higher purpose or greater good? Or do you find yourself slipping back into bad old behaviors? Sun in Virgo joins with the Nodes of Destiny so see what you see instead of what you are accustomed to seeing. Look with new eyes. Mercury is contraparallel with Neptune so the blinders are about to come off… Remember, just because you SEE it, doesn’t mean you HAVE to change it. But you do have to see it as the Sun with his adjusting aspect to Pallas in late Capricorn advises. See it.

Mars day, Tuesday September 6 Moon in Capricorn is depressive and as she is ruling Mars, the world is not working quite right today. OR there is a HUGE burst of figuring things out energy that comes with Moon and Mars switching signs by mutual reception. But you are going to have to harness that energy to get it to shift. Moon and Mars fight and oppose each other suggesting you will be asked to change or adjust your habits to fix things or accommodate others. Venus in Virgo squares the Nodes of Fate so this is when she starts arguing with Mercury about what his grand old plans are for her. She doesn’t want it. Or maybe she DOES want it but doesn’t want to pay the costs associated with it. Either way, the principle of desire and love has to face a choice today. Mars square to Eris produces a bit of discord or argumentativeness towards the end of the day.

Mercury’s day, Wednesday September 7 Moon in Capricorn still fixing to swap energies with Mars in Cancer ~ so again either a depressed day or one where you can get a great deal accomplished. There can be a bit of illness today or catching a cold from someone else as Astraea struggles with her connections. Take efforts on behalf of your health. Partnerships want to take off and explore new options so feel free to discuss what ever needs to be cleared up to get the partnership moving forward. Dreams upon awaking this morning can feel harsh. Know that the universe is asking you to change up how you think about things and the people you consider you clan. Enhancing? Keep them? Or shift your focus to another direction. Work on seeing the repetitive patterns ~ maybe it is YOU instead of THEM? A great day for projecting your stuff on others. Or for others to say you did it when you didn’t. Mars works with Neptune suggesting it is all about illusion. Lady Gaga is appearing without makeup or artifice in Harpers ~ she says it is all about the inner world. How is your inner world? Solitary pursuits are encouraged.

Jupiter’s day, Thursday September 8 Moon in Aquarius wants to take a more magnanimous approach to the world. Sign up and say you are IN!! Again bits of a cold or flu sniffle around your being. Give yourself extra rest. Mercury opposes Neptune today seeing the world with a whole new sense of clarity as he passes out of the fog. Pay attention to messages today, particularly ones from early August that resurface now with extra information. Ah!!!!! THAT makes it make sense. The hidden things always come out eventually. It is time to renegotiate what you are looking for in partnerships and relationships. You don’t have to necessarily TELL the other person but you DO have to get clear in your OWN head what your new policy is going to be. You AND the other are BOTH in the relationship. Stop going places you don’t want to go. Venus has an adjusting aspect with Eris. Here she goes, getting crabby. Lately many clients have been saying “I want him/her to change!” IT ain’t going to happen. You see it today that they are who they are. Enjoy them for what and who they are. Gentle encouragement goes much further than criticism. Standing back and offering space for them to adjust. People do what they do because it works for them. Offer other opportunities or ideas that might work for them. Or better yet, role model those great ideas yourself! Be the change, be the leader, do your Saturn and get them to do their Saturn.

Venus’ day, Friday September 9 Moon in Aquarius continues to make us take a strategic, big picture approach to the world and the groups we are members of. Think about your hopes and dreams. Work on your GOSPA. Get that vision thing focused. Mercury shifts in Virgo and wants to attend to details, pay attention and write lists. Sun understands that a bit of discord helps clarify vision. So notice the discord and figure out how to move it towards what you want. Minor shift. Baby steps. Mercury has a great idea about how to let something go. So listen to his plan about releasing…. It is good. Last day of the cold and sniffle energy as Neptune squares Hygeia. Allergies should calm down.
Enough with the talking, just take some steps and DO the darn thing!

Saturn’s day Saturday September 10 Moon spends half her day in Aquarius and shifts into Pisces mid-day making it a very distinctive energy shift from detached big picture into emotionally interconnected world view. You will realize that part of you doesn’t really want what you think or say you want. No worries. It is your life. You get to change your mind. Give yourself permission to shift things up. Come up with what you do want to nurture. Where do you want to spend your life’s energy? Mercury’s opposition to Chiron can bring harsh words that make you want to disappear rather than stay. Or break up rather than break through. Or move away from. No worries. It is part of getting clear on what you need. Now you are clear. Mercury connects with Venus to point out how doing it isn’t really that hard after all. She just worries a lot when she is in Virgo. Next week, when she goes into Libra, she’ll be clearer on the plan and what she wants to do. Not today. Today she’s stressing and anxious. She’s looking at it as a whole lot of work and not much fun! Make important connects to help you with the ideas you have about moving forward. Once she realizes it WILL be fun, she’s in. It is a good day to make choices about what you want to do.

Sun’s Day Sunday September 11 10 years ago, planes flew into buildings which then collapsed before our eyes. One of my take aways from that day, also my birthday, was to focus on how it can all change in a flash. I realized my life was passing me by and I wasn’t giving myself permission to do what I wanted to do ~ be a full time astrologer. I wasn‘t giving myself permission to leave what I had built ~ a career as a computer person. In thinking about it, I realized that there was no right and wrong… there was just my life ~ lived or not lived according to my choices made ~ consciously or unconsciously. I fondly remember arguing with my therapist about what a pain in the ass it was to be conscious and think about things rather than just doing them or reacting to them. Owning and honoring those reactions and taking responsibility for them. Being able to be proud and excited about how I spend the days of my life. Looking back, it has been a great ride. Today as the airwaves, newspapers and world reflects on the road taken since 2001, think back on your own choices. See how they’ve gotten you to here. See where you didn’t go. Mercury is SO busy today talking to the choices made and not made. He was angular, on the ascendant, when that plane flew into the first building and caused us all to go “Wow”. When the second plane hit, there was a moment of realization about what was taking place before your eyes. An “ah-ha”. Think back on that “ah-ha”. Notice how it shifted and moved in your being over the past 10 years. That is the power of Mercury. Now, today, consciously apply the same Mercury energy to the life you are living. Look at the life and see the “wow” then shift to the “ah-ha”. Mercury is setting up the story you are going to be building for nine months this fall when his buddy Mars gets into Virgo. But right now, is the idea. The spark. The this is what I want to do. The this is what I don’t want to do. Adjust. Adjust. Venus works with Mars to get him ready for his efforts down the road. He tells her it won’t be all that hard to do. And Mars odes have a plan. Make your own plan. Take the time today to do your own GOSPA for the dream uncovered over the past few weeks. It only happens if you work on it. Watch for important connections today as Sun squares the Nodes of fate and destiny. Give yourself permission to say yes to your life. It goes by so fast. It can change in an instant. On a bright blue, cloudless day, your world can change in an instant. It did once. Now control the change, and make the magic happen again!

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