Your Daily CatScope for December 24, 2021

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You’re kind of ignoring your human friends today, but everyone knows that it’s temporary. See if you can just get them to chill out for a bit so you can do your important kitty business.


You can count on the universe to help you out a little today — your big feline plans should work without a hitch! You may need to share your good energy with someone less deserving.


You’ve got more going on down deep than the humans can recognize today, but you know you can’t always communicate clearly with them. It’s time for you to storm off for the time being.


You’re caught between two extremes, and that might make you feel strangely excited — but it’s still hard for you to deal with your human friends. Run around the house or get outside, if you can.


You’ve got too much self-respect to wear that outfit or dance at the humans’ command — but they’re probably smart enough to see that. It’s a good day for you to kick back and enjoy what you’ve got.


You need to deal with something that might seem pretty tough — maybe a neighborhood bully, maybe an empty food dish — but your hard work and good energy conspire to ensure that you win big!


Your past comes back to haunt you today — even though your memory isn’t exactly razor-sharp! Maybe you run into a human or another kitty you once used to live with, or maybe an old nemesis returns.


You’re in charge around here — even if nobody else realizes it yet! You may need to stalk around the house or the yard like you own it until the humans and other critters nearby understand the truth.


You’re overly concerned with food and shelter today — despite knowing full well that the humans have it all under control! Some part of your genetic makeup insists on checking it out for yourself.


Someone singles you out for a reward or treat — and of course you deserve it! You may find that your human buddies are especially grateful for a service that only you can provide.


Your human pals are communicating over your head, and that’s making you kind of angry. The good news is that what they’re saying doesn’t really concern you, but the disrespect is still uncool!


Life is easier than ever for you today — so kick back and enjoy the ride! Maybe you’re catching a rare autumn sunbeam, or maybe you’re just being especially catered to by your human servants.

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