Your Daily CatScope for February 12, 2022

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


Something pops up in your life that you didn’t see coming — but you love the unknown! It may be a little weird at first, but you should come to see it as revitalizing by the end of the day.


There’s no telling what you’re feeling today — you keep it all hidden under a dark cloud! It may be protective, to give you some much-needed feline space, or it may be a reflection of your inner turmoil.


You and your big feline brain have a much better read on your human pals today — so much so that they may start to get spooked! You’re always right where they are, no matter how sneaky they think they are.


You can’t decide between two equally appealing options — but that just might mean you’ve got to make the humans decide for you! Your good energy means they should be in a good mood as far as you’re concerned.


Your human and feline friends need your wisdom today, so make sure that you’re nearby to offer assistance when they need it most. A little purr or leg-brush can be all they need to succeed!


Though you may not like it, your heart is in control today. You might embarrass yourself a bit or even reveal too much to the humans you’re closest to, but that’s just fine by them!


Your stuff is important today, so see if you can find a good way for you to deal with everything that can be touched, smelled and played with. Your humans might think you’re crazy, but so what?


What do you want to do most? Your vision of the future puts all the other kitties to shame, and you should be able to make some serious progress before much more time elapses, thanks to your super-mojo.


Now and then, you need to spend some quiet time on your own instead of frolicking with friends and relatives. You aren’t exactly shy, but on days like today you’re just more comfortable under the bed.


Now is a really good time for you to snoop around and see what you can dig up. The humans can’t hide everything so easily, and you might enjoy and extra meal if you’re super-lucky!


You feel as if you’re a circus animal today — which is mostly great! You put on a big show for an appreciative audience, but at the need of the day, you’re wondering why you can’t just relax.


Even though you are feeling pretty sure of yourself, you still need to be a little more careful than usual when dealing with other furballs. They’re all looking out strictly for themselves!

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