Your Daily CatScope for January 13, 2022

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


If your human pals aren’t making sense to you, then you should try to figure them out. It’s not as hard as you’d think — all you have to do is sit quietly and watch as they go about their business.


Spice up your day — it’s easier than you would think! Your happy mood is perfect for trying new things and getting others (kitties or humans) to do the same. Show them how to have fun!


You’re brainier than anyone realizes, though today they may start to see some of your hottest ideas in action. Your brilliance helps your best friends to have fun and stay cool under pressure.


Your living situation feels a bit challenging today — it may have to do with human communication, or maybe there’s been a skipped step in the servants’ routines. You can handle it, though!


You and your friends are in perfect harmony for yet another day, but this time it’s even better — they are actually doing what you want (more or less). It’s a great time to get them to take care of you.


Take a chance today and see if something good comes of it. You don’t have to spend your life under the couch or otherwise hiding out — you may find that you really like adventure!


Show some appreciation for all you’ve got today — your human pals need to hear from you! It’s one of those days when you know you can lift spirits without having to expend much energy.


Your deepest mind is active now, and you can tell that things are getting better in different — and kind of awesome — ways. It’s a good idea for you to just cruise along on autopilot.


Sure, most cats are solitary animals — but you know better! You’d rather hang out with the humans than sulk on your own for now, so find someone who’s willing to give out belly rubs and get close!


You’re the first in line to get things done today, but the humans might think you’re a little crazy. Let them smirk and roll their eyes, because you know what you’re doing and should surprise them.


Even if you ordinarily never meet new people or other critters, today you should run into someone new who seems quite intriguing, if a bit bizarre. You might be fast friends, so get closer!


Let go of everything old today — you need to just keep pushing for the new, even though deep down you may be quite fearful of change. Just let it wash over you and embrace what happens next!

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